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    Newbie Discpriest

    There is prolly alot of theese threads already and Ive tried reading up on it but Im still uncertain about some stuff.

    My armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Miep/advanced Yes Im lacking 2 Enchants, Im working on the headenchant from Mount Hyjal, I havent done Hyjal so I havent unlocked Molten Front, Ill do that someday when i have a day off. Lacking enchant on my bracers just because I havent noticed.

    So Ive just started activly playing on my priest, Shes really cute and all, Normal Heroics I swoop by in but when it comes to Troll heroics I have my Banes, Dragonhawk and Pantherboss are those that I just hit a wall with, No matter if I say that Im new to healing and hoping that people will do it the easy way, not releasing all the adds at the same time and such.

    I feel like I cant keep up with the DPS taking damage as I try ad focus on the tank, Some Retpala complained that he had to use LoH like twice in an instance, and I just feel like I need more AoE healing, or a faster way to heal people.

    I use healbot and Grid.

    TLDR Hints and tips, mostly for OH SHIT EVERYONE IS TAKING DAMAGE situations!

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    Two quick things about your glyphs. Replace Holy Nova with Prayer of Mending and Power Word: Barrier with Prayer of Healing. You'll get a lot more use out of the PoH glyph than barrier on fights that involve a fair amount of movement.

    Reforge mastery and crit to haste. It'll let you land heals faster. Going mastery is only superior if you are shield spamming. Plus crit and mastery only effect part of your healing done.

    For Dragonhawk: You can dispel the flame buffet that it applies and will dispel the whole stack. This reduces the tank damage considerably. Also consider syncing your pain suppression on the tank during the first hawk releases (once a fair amount are out) and then use Power Infusion/Barrier on the second. Fade if you get aggro on the hawks. Sometimes the dps can be really stupid here, and stand in the flame breath, which is the only thing that will cause significant damage out side the hawks as most people know to evade the bombs.

    For Panther: Dispel the debuff immediately. Make sure people are interrupting tears of blood. Keep PoM on CD during this fight. Consider using your Pain Suppression, Barrier, and Power Infusion per panther release to help cope with damage.

    For those oh shit situations: Make sure any nasty debuffs are dispelled. For the most part disc's healing doesn't really change in oh shit situations. For tank healing, You should still shield (on the debuff) , PoM (on CD) ,penance (on CD) and greater heal the tank. You should only Flash heal if you know the tank is going to die before a greater heal is going to land (rarely should this happen, I'll use maybe use 10 Flash heals through out an entire raid). When the entire group is taking damage, keep on Shielding and PoM'ing the tank then start PoH'ing. The highest throughput you can do is PoM on CD and spam PoH if need be.

    However to cope with those high damage situations, your first thought should be: What cool down should I use? Lots of tank damage? Pain Suppression. Lots of group damage? Power Infusion and possibly Barrier. Someone standing where they should not be? Leap of Faith.

    Your best bet as disc is predict damage and know the high damage/low damage parts of a fight and react accordingly.

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    Hi Jetzy

    By the looks of it, it looks like you are on the right path. The only thing I might suggest is to raise your spirit (1700 is a little low IMO), but if mana isn't your issue then by all means run that low. The other thing I would suggest is lower your master in favour of haste, I find I have a tougher time healing when my haste is that low. Someone once mentioned you should have your haste in the 8-11% range (personally I like the higher end of that 10-11%).

    Divine Aegis and PW:S make up the largest percentages of my healing but I still find haste beats out mastery for shear output (more gheal = more pw:s and more PoH = more Divine Aegis). I think you'll find once you raise your haste and spirit that you'll be alright (although the panther boss is still one of the tougher pulls even with better gear).

    With the panther boss I like to pop PI around about the 3rd pen, I'll PI, shield someone and then channel Divine Hymn which sets me up to finish strong (you may have to cast pain suppression just before that).

    Oh and the oh sh... moments when everyone is taking damage, shield someone then spam PoH, it'll be mana intensive but divine aegis stacks so hopefully everyone survives =) Also worst case scenario is just let that dps standing in fire die, otherwise you'll just burn through your mana too quick.
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    very low spirit for this gear level.
    discipline priest is allowed to drop spirit but only when getting on some levels of intellect (=gear levels). still 1700 spirit is very low.
    if you decide you dont need more spirit, because you dont have mana problems - then again it doesnt sound like you heal correctly, when people die and you dont have mana problems with such a low spirit

    glyph of barrier - discussable, still for 5mans (and 10mans normal modes >.>) id recommend glyph of prayer of healing instead.
    glyph of prayer of mending (major glyph) - must have. drop holy nova glyph for it.

    now for the healing on those 2 bosses - when you expect massive damage on your party, you can try prestacking da with prayer of healing, dont be afraid of shielding, make sure you have fiend and pi ready for those fights.

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    I don't think this has been mentioned already: macro Inner Focus into PoH and GH. A free cast + extra crit is helpful.

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