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    the endless secondary stat debate

    For disc a lot of us realize that there's no clear-cut answer when it comes to secondary stats.

    But, time and time again someone makes a post on here and asks the question. As usual, many people will come to post their suggestion. All of the suggestions are different, and everyone seems very convinced that their answer is the right one.

    I've been guilty of this in the past, too.

    Not only that, but lots of guides lay out definite stat priorities without EITHER
    (1) pointing out that it's not entirely cut-and-dried or
    (2) giving people enough information to actually understand WHY.

    I know that most people just want to be told what to do, so I guess I get it. But, I think there should be a guide that actually explains these things, so I've started writing one.

    Only the first article is done (here's a link to it), and I think this topic will take four articles. I've made sure to keep the first article as simple as possible (difficult for me, I always get caught up in numbers!)

    Please let me know if you think this is worthwhile, or just give me feedback if you think I'm wrong about something. I try pretty hard to explore all the benefits and drawbacks of each possible choice.

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    It is worthwhile for sure. I consider myself a skilled and experienced Priest, but I always find myself trying new things and checking in on the latest stat weight theory posts. I've skimmed your post and plan to read it in detail. Thanks for breaking it down. I don't think that many of us would mind if you get caught up in the numbers, I'd like to see some real evidence other than the, "Stack X" response we usually see in these posts.

    I've seen you on these forums a ton lately, though I'm mostly a lurker since mmo-C is blocked at work; I browse on my phone usually. Thanks again for the work. Hopefully we can get some real discussion going.

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    Good read. My personal experience agrees with your results.

    Right now I'm trying Haste > Crit = Mastery, with haste being about 50% higher than the other two stats. So far it seems to fit my hybrid AA/A + SoS etc spec and playstyle very well. Mana hasn't been a problem for a long time, so i'm basically just looking to get as much throughput i can without sacrificing too much reliability.

    We run a disc/pally/druid setup, where I'm floating between raid and tank heals as I see fit (depending on encounter mechanics etc too of course).

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    I was about to come onto these forums to ask this very question because I'm thinking of switching from Holy to Disc.

    So thank you, and I will certainly give your post a read.

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    Interesting read. I'm about to hit 85 on my priest and planning on making her disc as my raid spec, so I'll definitely take another look at this in a few days.

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    Looking forward to more, Zaka.
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    Good guide, I really like the lay out of it all it is going to a great place to point people who are looking for an in-depth analysis as to which Secondary stat would suit their play style the best. As Kel said, looking forward to more on this

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