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    Thats impressive man.

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    Grats! You inspired our resto druid to solo heal it tonight on regular, fight goes so much faster with an extra dps in 10man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simmias View Post
    Rag is not a test for healers AT ALL.

    Do you really want to push the mods into banning you?
    They only read/moderate posts on first page of the thread. You can do whatever you want on other pages

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    Solo healed him also
    We actually had to adjust some strategy due to high dps haha!!!

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    Wow dude fucking Tranqs, Rejuvs and Lifeblooms from the druids. How is that even remotely close to solo healing? Nevertheless, it's not like they just stood there and cast rejuv and lifebloom the whole entire fight, so I guess props Congratulations.

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    Here Staghelm Heroic 10 Solo heal:

    Because Raggy wasn't so hard^^.

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    I heard he should be stupidly easy now, but a solo heal is damn impressive gj.

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    I heard he should be stupidly easy now, but a solo heal is damn impressive gj.
    Thats defintely true, but the Orb phase is still much to heal, especially because everyone is spreading it's hard to have everypne in range.

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    Just thought I'd contribute something to this thread. I'd been thinking of solo healing Rag 10 normal way before the nerfs hit but we didn't get around to doing it. Anyway, after seeing the OP's thread, I convinced my guild to let me have a go and when our other healer couldn't make it on the last day of reset, they gave me my attempts.

    We decided to take 3 players who aren't part of our core since a few didn't need any loot from normal mode. We also went in with the intention of practicing our HC phase 2 tactic of running as a group before seeds.

    I won't lie. I don't know how it is for other classes but as a resto druid with some good gear, I'm not gonna pretend like it was hard. We completely sucked and still had it down on the 2nd pull. Our non-raider rogue died twice to random stuff, our p2 movement calls and stack spots were way off and I even got hit by a meteor as it spawned :P but the nerfs made it too easy. In fact, solo healing rag with an extra dps is like a nice quickie for free loot.

    I'm certain however that I could have pulled it off pre-nerf with our core 10. I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to do so. Anyway, for what it's worth, here's a video of it post nerf if anyone is bored enough to watch.

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