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    Oh when you only have 1 orb, casting mind blast will simply consume it. But if you have 2 orbs, casting mind blast will only consume one of them, and with 3 orbs, casting mind blast will still consume only 1 of them, while dealing the same damage as a 2 orb and 3 orb mind blast respectively.

    Now that I think about it...the whole idea does sound a bit OP in the sense that you can pretty much guarantee a 100% empowered shadows uptime.

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    2p: while in shadow form dots have a 2% chance to reset the CD of shadowfiend.
    4p: Empowered shadows enables you to cast devouring plague on multiple targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsun View Post
    In that case, if people want to mention that using Mind Spike won't remove dots during archangel, then they should also include that it will have the ability to generate shadow orbs as well as evangelism stacks in order to be a successful Mind Flay replacement during archangel.
    "During Archangel" was a crusade I was on way back when, before 4.1 was even announced, as a way to bring the spell "in" without ever having it replace Mind Flay for general use.

    That said, the Surge of Darkness proc would probably be better overall. Doesn't have to worry about Orb Generation (it's one GCD) or Evangelism stacks, you have an easy enough time maintaining those stacks on their own. A small simple little thing that can be tracked via a spell aura, adding something else to potentially react to (and hey, it could even help with Empowered uptimes if your orb times are unlucky between Mind Blast cooldowns).
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    for shadow:

    2 set: DPS boost like small cut to MB cooldown or extra trick on VT/SWP
    4 set: SWD backlash dmg reduction to zero/50% and adding one more SWD in a row for execution or instead x% chance increase to generate shadow orb on MF/MB/we tick/dmg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkillOverKill View Post
    It shocks me how many of you are apparently using Mind Spike in PvE... its a terrible terrible spell and if you press that for anything but bursting down <100k hp mobs you are doing it very very wrong. If it doesnt consume your dots you would still not cast it, if it were instant cast or you could cast it while moving you would still not cast it. If we get a tier bonus to mind spike we will likely not replace our heroic firelands loot with next tiers normal gear - Mind Spike is That bad in PvE - please stop asking for it <3

    Let me give it a try:

    2pc - Casting a three orb Mind Blast on a target afflicted by Vampiric Touch will refresh the duration of Vampiric Touch.
    4pc - Your Shadow Appariations deal double damage and reduce the cast time of your next Mind Blast by 0.5 seconds.

    So the first bonus would not only eliminate many VT casts, but would allow us to apply our VT during int procs and Tricks of the Trade and such, and then keep it up the entire fight.
    The second bonus double Appariations damage, but Appariations only account for like 2-3% of our damage so doubling it is about what a set bonus is meant to do, plus the side benefit (relatively minor, allows us to move a bit more) of instant Mind Blasts.
    I certainly hope you are not doing the same with Shadow word: pain as you are planning to do with VT, because then you would be wasting a LOT of GCDs during a raid.

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    2set: Your DA shields now have 9001 more pixels.
    4set: Reduces the CD of GS / PS by 1min.

    2set: Your Levitate spell no longer cancels upon damage, whilst levitating your cast animations are the same as casting under water.
    4set: AA now has 0sec CD and allows you to cast whilst FLYING.

    Totally this is what it's gonna be.

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    4 set = You have 2% chance to put <buff> on target you heal. <buff> = increase healing taken by priest by 100% for next 10 sec. <buff> can't by applied for next 120 sec

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    2pc: Dark Archangel has a chance (a percentage to adjust) to not consume Evangelism stacks.
    4pc: During Dark Archangel, MB and MS do not consume Shadow Orbs, but act as if they did.

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    i'm not a fan of set bonuses which players can't T12 4 set bonus
    my idea is something, which can boost core spells for each spec -> like for discipline penance always create Divine Aegis and circle of healing can heal 1 more target, which would be 4 set bonuses and for 2 set i like idea with mana regen boosts

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    2p: Your Mind Flay ability can now be casted while moving, but it removes the slow effect on the target
    4p: When your Mind Blast or Mind Spike critically hit, increases crit chance on those spells by 100% for the next cast (critical hits cannot re-trigger effect), pretty much like warrior Incite tallent. Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brolly View Post
    Something that decreases the rng of shadow orb procs, like proc chance increase and that it stacks beyond 3 but 1 mindblast/spike is only able to consume 3 at a time.

    Do want for shadoworbs to stack after 3 and only consume 3 max!!

    get 12x shadoworb 3xMS +1 MB = sort of op in pvp dont ya think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsun View Post
    In that case, if people want to mention that using Mind Spike won't remove dots during archangel, then they should also include that it will have the ability to generate shadow orbs as well as evangelism stacks in order to be a successful Mind Flay replacement during archangel. Otherwise using Mind Flay will still probably be a slightly better option since it can maintain empowered shadows as well as Evangelism whereas Mind Spike cannot, despite the crit buff it gives to Mind Blast.

    Let me try:
    2pc Shadow: Whenever you generate a Shadow Orb, your Archangel CD is reduced by 2 seconds.
    4pc Shadow: When you have at least 1 shadow orb, casting Mind Blast will now only consume 1 shadow orb, while still dealing the amount of damage corresponding to the number of shadow orbs you have.
    basicly near to 100% orb mind blast and like 50% archangel uptime? NICE

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    For Shadow:

    2 piece: Your Shadowy Apparitions now move at 100% increased speed and have learned to fly.
    4 piece: Increases the chance of summoning a Shadowy Apparition while not moving by 12% (from 12% to 24%).

    Basically I want a stream of mini-me's to be flying into Deathwing, that would be awesome!

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