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    Disc help for a holy stalwart

    So I have been trying out Discipline as in our ten man raiding group we've had a few issues with squishy tanks. Normally I heal as holy and am very comfortable with that. However since our alternate healer is a druid, they are not the best at Tank healing.

    I've been reading about but to be fair I don't think I'm getting the best out of discipline that I can. My rotation is fairly sucky and only now am I actually remembering to fire off the cooldowns.

    I'm just looking for a bit of advice when it comes to playing disc, I still play holy a lot so have mostly optimised my gear for that at the moment.

    I've included my armory here:
    *snip* no I haven't because I tend to lurk and haven't earned my linking privileges yet.
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    I don't actually see the benefit of the powerword Barrier glyph and am probably going to swap that for prayer of healing which I think should give a much stronger amount of healing since it is used more than once a fight!

    I've also included links to my logs running as disc:
    *snip* same issue!

    any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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    Here's your Links



    I wish i could be more help to you but im in the excact same position, quite happy as holy but need to play Disc as we alread have a holy in our alt group

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    your spec is a little odd.

    try using that spec --> http://wowtal.com/#k=veN3nvAm.b0w.priest.qQomz0

    about your stats... you can play either go haste or mastery as disc. both way work just try them and see what fits you better.

    as a tankheal i would do the following. PoM -> Bubble > Greater Heal and Penance when its off CD.

    for tankhealing you couls swap Glyph of PoH with the Barrier one

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    When I was recruiting people one thing that screamed "omg no" was the usage of many different gems, you are using 7. You are even using gems that aren't part int, like +40hst and +20hst/spi, this is a big no no. Using spirit on bracers instead of int is also a big no no, no matter the spec.

    I'm going to ignore your holy spec because it's whacko and wrong in so many places, as for disc, I can't help you with the actual play style but if you are tank healing, penance/gh, shield on rapture, IF as often as possible, PoM on cd, PI/PS during high bursts.

    Well your paladin tank is rather shit geared and don't even have divine guardian, tell him to get it and stop being bad, that's one of the major reason you bring a paladin in the first place. The DK is using 6 diff kinds of gems and none of the tanks are using the TB trinket instead they use 4 shit ones.


    Tanks are using crap trinkets, have unenchanted items, wrong specs, too many gems/wrong gems, they probably stand in fire aswell but I'm hungry so no time to check. The paladin isn't using his engineering and the DK doesn't have any professions at all.
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    Your gemming is completely random, fix it. Basically go for int and haste OR mastery (decide it - haste is better for 10m imho).
    Socket bonuses can be safely skipped most of the time, so you go for full int everywhere, except 2 haste/int gems for the meta. Obviously, put those gems in yellow sockets if possible.

    You DO want to take 2/2 ToT and 3/3 divine fury (how could you skip that is beyond me). Forget about renew. It's almost useless as disc. Yes, it looks good on paper, but in practice it's not good.
    Your primary tools are PWS (on tanks only most of the time), penance, gheal and poh. All other spells are situational and rarely used.
    You can blanket PWS the raid (or parts of it) before raidwide burst but that is very mana intensive.
    Macro inner focus on your gheal and poh.
    Your primary mana regen stat is INT, it's better or same as spirit for disc. Your mana regen tool is PWS (rapture). Don't forget to trigger rapture as often as you can, get ingela's rapture ICD addon to track it.
    Use inner will if you have mana problems, it's a mana regen tool as it makes our mana regen spell (PWS) much cheaper.
    PoH glyph is indeed probably better than PWB for 10mans.
    Get 2pcT12 asap.
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    1. talents:
    - you took darkness (3/3) and skipped divine fury. 3% haste from darkness wont reduce your casting time by .5 second, divine fury does, its far more efficient
    --> remove those points from darkness and put them in divine fury.

    - you dont really use renew as discipline (you *can* use it when you have nothing better to do, but its not worth speccing for it)
    --> remove talent points from renew and put them either in darkness or veiled shadows
    (if you ever have mana problems, you may want to consider veiled shadows, otherwise you can go for output - darkness)

    - 3/3 in inner focus but 0/2 in train of thoughts? why oh why!
    --> remove 2 points from inner focus and put them in train of thoughts. make sure you macro inner focus to your poh and gh.

    i personally take points from inspiration and have both veiled and darkness, but its only because i dont run oom and my tanks dont die, they actually are quite heavily overhealed, i like to think that this is a personal choice.

    2. gems
    - 40 haste gem in yellow slot (times 2) - your strongest stat is intellect, both as an output and as a regen stat. you never ever skip the occasion of increasing your intellect, so if you want to get yellow slot bonus, pick an orange gem (int+ haste/mastery)

    - 20mastery + 20spirit gem in blue slot - again, always pick a gem with intellect on it. if you really want the slot bonus, go for int+spirit for a blue slot.

    - 40 mastery gem in yellow socket - as above.

    - 20 intellect +20 spirit gem in red socket - why not 40 int? int >>>> anything else for discipline!

    3. gear - i see that you try to balance mastery and haste, fine, tbf those stats can also be considered as a personal choice for discipline priest in this very moment of the game.

    4. logs
    * looking at your shannox 5:24 attempt, you casted more flash heals than greater heals - flash heal isnt your best friend, greater heal is better for you.
    * remember to use pi at least once per every boss fight. dont be afraid of using it on yourself, later, when you feel more comfortable with healing, you can cast it on dps (arc mages for example) on some fights.
    * dont forget using fiend

    * stop spamming renew as disc!

    * more healing from renew than from penance - thats it! remove renew from all your bindings/action bar for at least a week.

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    Thanks for all the info.

    To Wablakin... With regards to my gem, I'm actually really embarrassed. I've bought a +40 gem for my alchemist stone and just forgot about it.

    Thanks for the advice on the tanks, they're new tanks we're trying out on the team just now.

    With regards to the gems, the reason I have those ones is since I normally play holy "more" I've geared for the 12.5% haste soft cap and then gemmed with mastery beyond that. Maybe I need to look into shifting things around with some reforging instead.

    To Babylon Re Shannox - That evening was just an evening of fail from beginning to end.

    Oh dear the renew problem is a hang over from Holy I think. There are some things I just need to tell myself to stop doing!

    Right, I am going to go have a fiddle with my character and see if I can't sort out some of the issues that I have. I've grabbed the rapture addon and hopefully that should help me too, thanks for that Zka, (also I do have 2xT12 set, in fact have 3... pout that you didn't notice!)

    Thanks for the advice, I feel like a complete noob just now But then they do say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it!

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    Just to say, thanks again. I switched around my spec a bit, changed some gems about, stopped using renew (as much) and remembered to use my buffs. I had zero problem with mana and did some decent healing. Thanks
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