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    Some advice needed for PVP Disc

    I ve been playing 2s and 3s for a long time now, setup for 2s: Priest - Frostmage and for 3s RMP, now I was wondering how I could counter the following combo's in both 3s and 2s.

    2s: 2 unholy DK's, it seems impossible to beat this combo for us. Both allways pop lichborne at the beginning and just bring me down in a matter of seconds. (allways try to shackle one but its of no use )

    3s: Druid / Warr / DK: same problem, I got an easy job untill the put their focus on me.
    Shadowcleave: Allways outlasts us no matter what (we focus on the shaman here).

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    2s vs double dk. Spam heal yourself like crazy (and fear after lichbourne), make sure your mage opens very quick (no sneaking around in invis and shit, the faster he can open on the dk the faster they will pop their cooldowns and the faster they will end and you will be able to kill them. It's a survival race, use everything to keep yourself alive, preshield, prestack grace (with penance), renew up, pom. Make sure your mage trinkets/blocks any cc (not that there should really be any) to assist you in keeping them off. Just keep spam cc'ing them till they run out of cooldowns and then he can kill them.

    3s vs war/dk/druid. Make sure your mage/rogue gets on the dk really quick (sap dk, sheep war at start), again it's pretty much a survival race, you can't let them connect, so just keep running from the dk. Don't try to play smart and fear the druid if the positioning doesn't allow it. After cooldowns the deathknight or warrior will go down to just mage/rogue dmg alone, especially if they tunnel you so much that they los their healer.

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