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    >.< I don't want to go dps, NO NO NO NO NO!

    And then... The RL will call out for healing, and I can't get it stuck into his head...

    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    Dare I suggest using Elune Stones to point them out more? :]
    More likely some go-go-Gadget-hands! So I can grab their hand and move it to the lightwell...
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    Of the times I see Lightwell used it is placed in some ridiculous position like far enough behind everyone they cannot see it to click if they were planning to. Fights that involve a lot of movement can both make Lightwell access easier or harder depending on the situation.

    If your guild continually will not use the well, respec and and spec out of it, buff your active healing talents and don't waste your time on the well, its not worth it. Its not a super heal anyway, but yes every bit helps, but it isnt helping anything if it isnt used.

    A bit Off Topic:
    Now to some issues with "Lightwell Casters" I am not saying this is you, but many a LFD run or trade pug the Holy Priest specced into Ligthwell will drop it and say click it, while in the meantime during the fight barely healing a smidge and claiming the lightwell was there. Putting down a lightwell is not an excuse not to heal if that is what you are there to do. Any competent player knowing they need to stay alive will click a well if it is accessible, dps loss or not. So those of you that do, Stop using lightwell as an excuse to not do anything....its lazy, if you dont want to heal, don't queue as a healer.
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    Tell them who doesn't get X amount of healing from the lightwell in a firelands clear gets a 50dkp minus! (or ep/has to pay gold/whatever)

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    Short of attaching real life shock collars to each of your raid members and triggering it when they don't use lightwell, the only way to get them to change is through a combination of repetition and humiliation.

    - Assuming you have raid lead or assist, you can put a raid target on a lightwell.

    - Make an annoying /say /raid /party announce macro when you drop lightwell. Perhaps something along the lines of "Click lightwell if you want to live" or "Only idiots don't use lightwell". This can also be spammed during predictable incoming aoe damage of a fight.

    - Link recount after fights showing how frequently (or infrequently) lightwell was used. Emphasize that fact especially if someone died during the encounter. Follow up with a "hey dumb ass, use lightwell next time" in vent.

    - If you have an especially dense dps who likes to stand in fire, stand by your lightwell and life grip him to it. Don't give him any other heals.
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    Majority of time I see priests pop a Lighwell they put it on top of boss/tank/thamselves/any other barely possible to click place, so instead of paying attention to encounter I'd have to hunt for few pixels window where Lightwell is possible to be clicked. But - if I really wanted to play targeting game with my mouse I'd play Counterstrike or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primernova View Post
    Holy is a garbage spec until atleast the next Xpac, give up. Reroll druid or go disc/shadow.
    Holy is fine, you just need to L2P.

    Seriously, rerolling just because your spec is not fotm ? You must have many many chars.
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    Sometimes I'd drop a lightwell and it'd be gone instantly.

    Made me feel good.

    No reason for this not to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conscript View Post
    Are you clicking buttons on your toolbar then? If not and you are using hotkeys, clicking lightwell should have basically no effect at all on your dps assuming you can function both your hands at once.

    Lightwell is great, the design is terrible. The most obvious fix is an out of bounds topic on here afaik so can't discuss that. Hopefully Blizzard finds a way to address the spell at some point. They have tried to do so much so far to it to make people click it. Maybe the answer is to add a button to the interface that appears whenever you are in range of a Lightwell. That would allow people to continue to tunnel vision on their bars so they aren't looking around to heal themselves from a Lightwell.
    You and the other guy both missed what he was saying. He means he hates it when someone is standing near or on top of the lightwell, because instead of clicking the well he targets the person standing there, thus losing DPS time because he has to re-target the boss before he can continue DPSing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post
    Holy is fine, you just need to L2P.

    Seriously, rerolling just because your spec is not fotm ? You must have many many chars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    I hate it when they're near people.. I tend to click them, thus losing DPS -.-
    Stupid healers just dont get it, how dare someone LOSE dps because they could use the lightwell to heal, healers should stop being lazy and just heal ppl. Honestly how can you expect some one to click "5" and the lightwell at the same time?
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    I've found it's easier to get effective use out of it by treating it as a raid cooldown. In 10 mans say during scorpion domo phase, I'll chuck a light well just outside the stack and say "everyone click it when the next slash hits". The extra ~22k healing on everyone for the cost of 1 GCD is amazing.

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    Blizzard should add a small buff that lets you know that you are standing within range of a lightwell.

    Then it would be super easy to write a macro that popped up a raid warning that says click lightwell when HP below a certain percentage and you are in range of a lightwell. The problem is there is no way to really know a lightwell is around unless you pay attention to it.

    I agree though that people just need to pay more attention.

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    We just wait till the entire raid takes a bunch of damage then the RL and me tell everyone to "Click the Lightwell". It gets used real fast that way. >.>

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    i use a really good addon called lightwell buddy. helps a lot. people feel special when they get a message from me thanking them for using my lightwell every time

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    Guild leader here (non-Priest) and I am constantly reminding people to use Lightwell....and honestly it gets used often when placed wisely.

    I find that it is used left often for general healing but on fights where there is repeated and predictable damage it's like crack (Major Domo for example).

    My only issue with lightwell really is when the priest decides to put it too close to the boss or almost on top of the DPS pack in the midst of 1001 other sparklies and random spell effects...I usually just ignore it and make him Oom as payback.

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    Sing a short Lightwell song on vent/mumble every time you use it.

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    You might try talking with your raid leader outside of a raid setting. If he wants the raids to go better, having a group that knows that they can help healers out by clicking the lightwell is great. Our priest (who switches between holy and disc) has an addon that lets everyone know that lightwell is down. He has an addon that announces who has clicked the lightwell and how many charges are remaining. It can be a great tool for aoe damage and single-player damage. Your raid leader needs to be bugging the rest of the raid, not you.

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    lightwell is just annoying, on some fights its pretty hard to see the lightwell and find it to click it. the increased range helped a lot, but it still needs changing big time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emek View Post
    I honestly don't care enough to click the lightwell to put a hot on myself, never have and never will. I doubt i ever will no matter how much someone bitches, in 6 years of raiding i've used maybe 5 healthstones also. I don't put myself in situations where i take a lot of damage and if a raid leader puts me in one or there is a moment of heavy raid damage i use a personal cool down.
    This attitude is toxic. There is no single skill that can compete with raid synergy. This just makes you the asshole that doesn't speak up for causing the wipe.

    OP is correct, people should use what's available especially if they still aren't downing whatever the end-game boss is currently. If you and the other holy are dropping the lightwells every chance you can, your next task is to lean heavily on your guild heirarchy. Some may find it useful to send a tell to the loot council. Some may just need an officer's help. Others will go right to the guild or raid leader. If you can prove that your hot ticks are the difference, people will step in line.

    Alternatively, you could join another guild.
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    I am an officer myself and it's not that they undermine my authority by not clicking it, they are just plain too busy on their tunneling...
    I am using the addon that announces whoever clicks it, and most of the time it's just me...

    Again, I'm not being irrational and expecting them to use it every single time, but there's times when using it makes the difference between a kill and a wipe.

    Edit: And guess what, do they spam the crap out of its charges after we downed the boss or even before combat starts?.........

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