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    I didn't even know you used to be able to target it to see the charges left I guess that had to go to make lightwell more friendly to dps to use though.
    Actually, that was still in there for the longest time. They removed the ability to target it so people couldn't use the macro to do it for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greendog View Post
    I just went over your post again Kelesti and I'm curious as to what you meant by 'Breaking at or past the damage threshold' Do you mean that if the tank uses a charge and the LW ticks for 5k 5 times (an example) thats 25k over 15 seconds. If the boss hit the tank for 30k, are you telling me that this exceeds the damage threshold rendering the HoT useless? And if so, would this not be the same thing for Renew?
    No, I mean, if your tank has 190k health, and a boss hits for 60k, if it's not blocked that HoT falls off. Doesn't matter how much healing it "would have done", it breaks. It's easier on Warriors, and it's definitely maintainable on Paladins without any trouble at all. But Druids and Death Knights? Not freaking likely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    Silly logic. Be a team player. When I was dps and we had a lightwell (played a hunter in 4.0) I made a point to keep clicking it as long as I had health deficit. If you're tunneling so much that you can't pull this off, what's the deal? It's easy.

    Raid success is about teamwork, smoothing out little edges that seem unimportant in the short run. Every little bit of effort counts. Solo commandos don't accomplish much even if they 'carry more weight' on dps.
    I didn't say I don't click because I don't want. I don't click on lightwell because on most occasions I can't do it.. I try and I select a nearby player by some reason, or have to start making weird things with my camera, or even run around the boss to find it.. I do try but in the end I find myself getting 2-3 heals over the course of the fight.. It's just so terrible implemented mechanic, especially on fights where you run, turn a lot etc.. You know I then use my mouse to other things, and to be fair - I never was a FPS player, neither a clicker so my accurancy at pointing at little pixels covered by other players isn't the best.
    I pray to god that lightwell will vanish and die forever and priests will get other ways to heal efficiently.

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    My guild is good about using them, when someone dies for a stupid reason (rag transitions come to mind) and we check the log and if they have no lightwell healing but quite a bit of normal healing they (rightfully) get yelled at. Doesn't take long to condition them to use it and they don't die, win-win situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    Yeah, the Lightwell's not targettable anymore. Which is a shame, because I used to actually target it to see how many charges were left.
    What're you talking about? I used it all night tonight. Lightwell is perfectly targetable but only if you use /target lightwell.

    In case I wasn't clear, it's two different buttons:

    Button 1: target macro
    Button 2: the button that Interact with Target is bound to

    So you're hitting two buttons, not one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maledictum View Post
    So, how do I teach my guild that lightwell is good?
    First, you make a thread on your guild forum explaining how it's the best healing spell in the game (mana vs healing and all, with some math proof).

    Second, and maybe most importantly, you tell people to click it in raid situation when they need it to survive. Also, make a /yell macro saying something like "click it or die" when you put it down.

    Third, you publicly tell people who are using it how great they are. And how this simple action makes the difference between a good and an exceptionnal player.

    Fourth, as last resort, you tell people how bad they are for not using it. You might even post logs on WOL on who used it and who didn't after each raids to make them shameful. Also, whisp individual players to make them realize that they could have clicked it and survived, just like any personal cooldown or healthstone or whatever.

    If they don't click the lightwell after that: accept the fact or quit these losers.

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