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    Triple DPS RMP with 3 legendaries inc...

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    I want a legendary tanking-shield :

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    This has to be fake, Tanks & Enhance Shamans CLEARLY need a Legendary more than Rogues...and to a lesser extent Hunters
    Quote Originally Posted by Potboza View Post
    I created a black human male called "Pedopriest" and ran him to SW.
    I started asking where the schools were.
    Someone said "My kids play on this server you creep! How can you live with yourself?"
    I whispered back, "How old are they?"

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    Mirroring another sites content is pretty damn low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxJr View Post
    so they are making another legendary for rogues, this time a dagger so it will be exclusively for rogues, you dont stop to amaze me blizz, i can see this guys Reckful, Audio, Mercader, Neilyo(and more rogues that i dont know) reaching 4k rating next season, REMEMBER I SAID IT...
    How are hardcore pvp'ers getting a pve legendary?.. They'd need to raid Alot and the time between 4.3 and next expansion ain't long.

    And people rerolling rogue or restarting their sub for it are just sad. Imo it should have been a tank legendary, even tho i'm a healer

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    Prince of Persia in WoW, you watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrddinde View Post
    You had a legendary, same as enhancement shaman ... and it came of Ragnaros, loooooooong time ago But yeah the dagger is disappointing to say it nice.
    Yeah, a legendary mace that had no Feral AP and couldn't proc in cat or bear form for a class that was only supposed to heal at that point in WoW....

    Ferals already got their legendary!

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    Don't remember the last time that 2 continuous major patches had 2 distinct legendaries nor a legendary suited only to 1 class.

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    The QQ of a good deal of posters on this forum is just disgusting. And please stop pretending you speak for the community, just admit that you love to whine and be done with it.

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    So EZ mode versions of current raids?

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    This feels like a troll...and they put it out during maintenance so ppl cant check autenticity of it in many hours...just to get the qq going strong first? i really hope im right hehe

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    Feels trollish or blizzard has lost it completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    The QQ of a good deal of posters on this forum is just disgusting. And please stop pretending you speak for the community, just admit that you love to whine and be done with it.

    Why are we complaining about a goddamn DAGGER? Good lord, get over yourselves.

    The worst thing about this QQing is that we've ALL wanted a way to "learn2play" the raids, and an "easy mode" so you elitists wouldn't have to play with "bads". Now you get that (and those that want or need to learn the fights can do so without fear of dying even once like many have put in all of us), and what do you do? Bitch about it when you probably will never even use it.

    Why? What are you going to do? Hijack the thing and go elitists on 24 other people who just want to learn shit without the fear? C'mon!

    Do any of you people realize that it's attitudes like this that is making not only people think twice before even TRYING the content that you say they have to learn to faceroll before even coming with you, but also, as someone else pointed out here, makes Blizzard very confused as to which side of this ridiculous war between the two extreme sides that will never come to a consensus on what they really want, and insist that Blizzard does things for little else than to push agendas.

    Is this just the "TotalBiscuit effect" that because HE bitched and ragequit because of trivial nerfs, you all have to do the exact same thing? Newsflash: even he wouldn't want others to rage and bitch about things just because he did! If that's why we're supposed to be doing that, then that would be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

    At this point, I wonder if that's the reason, because I can't think of any other reason why people would bitch because they DIDN'T have something until they get it, then bitch about getting that exact thing when they finally do.

    Oh, and why the hate about Pandarians? C'mon!

    I'm sorry for getting into a fit, but it just gets so annoying when QQing about what Blizz does is all we seem to ever do!
    I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hari-Kari rock! I need scissors! 61!

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    I made it 7 pages or so into the thread, and then skipped to the end, depressed that people who actually *play* rogues are complaining that a dagger can't benefit all the specs. I'd just like to ask the combat playing rogues what they're using in their offhand, because if it isn't a 1.4 speed dagger then they're seriously gimping their DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collected View Post
    So EZ mode versions of current raids?
    Yeah this makes sense to help people learn the mechanics etc.

    Wouldn't make any kind of sense to keep the difficulty at normal and even with the reduced difficulty the amount of failing would be limitless, if many can't avoid simple heroic dungeons mechanics how they would make it through a random raid environment with 24 strangers is beyond my understandings.

    I still can't see how this is going to work especially when no 10man version is scheduled, being in a random group with 24 strangers/no vent/no clue it's a nightmare only thinking of it.

    It's still ok for transmogrification purposes though to help you find a group for old school fast runs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkenfinn View Post
    Triple DPS RMP with 3 legendaries inc...
    Ha this would be awesome
    Last edited by Keosen; 2011-09-14 at 07:18 AM.

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    i call shenanigans on the legendary

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    For god sake not another legendary for rogues, they already had thunderfury (!) in the first vanilla tier, twin blades of azzinoth which lasted them a full tier, and now a dagger... While hunter had one legendary weapon on the last boss of sunwell plateau. No need to say nearly 0 hunter had the weapon, and when they got it it was obsolete with WOTLK blues. Great job blizz!

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    I think the LFr will be nice asset for the game. Kinda hard to get into pugs for FL without ilevel 370+ or so, yeah i know it´s ridiculous as ppl started it with ilevel 360 or so, but ppl tend to go way over everytime when they are making an pug.Is there any kind of information out yet that how the loot distribution will be handled on the LFR groups. Will there be ML ? Will it be same style of rolls that we use in 5mans? If so i wonder how they will handle the fact that a healer won´t roll for dps weapons for example. I can so much feel allready the endless lootdistribution discussions as someone got nijaed by LFR group.

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    Wow. Rogues not only got Thunderfury, they also had Glaives, access to the Stars' Fury, and NOW another Legendary? I'm sorry but that seems way out of place to me. And I know those all weren't just for Rogues.

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    Rogues are the new Paladins. Blizzard loves them too much and gives them everything.

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