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    Quote Originally Posted by majesta View Post
    Anyone feel if this Legendary information is correct and true that there is a bias towards melee in the area of Legendaries?
    All dps casters are capeable of using a staff designed for dps

    How many can use daggers and benefit greatly from it compared to how many meeles there are?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    Nope, but there is a tendency for the echochamber of whining to spiral out of control, and so everyone involved thinks this is the worst thing ever.

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    If you are going to make legendaries, MAKE ONE FOR EVERY CLASS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thane View Post
    tanks had the first legendary ever...
    2nd, they allready stated that the next legendary will be for a small grp only, how could that be tanks?
    uh and ferals never get a legendary? cute. why should you get one, no one would see it anyway!

    give me my offhand legendary! and yes, we DO deserve it, every other class had way more than us poor poor rogues!

    *off to prepare his ninja plans*
    yeah cause warglaives weren't clearly aimed at rogues. you can argue warriors used em too but honestly what guilds gave it to a warrior over a rogue back in TBC? during a time when hybrids did crap tons less dps then pures. That was essencially a rogue only legendary unless you were in a guild where for some strange reason had no rogues, or had drops out the ass.

    first legendary was for tanks? what the one that only one person in world got to keep cause it was accidentally left in the game?

    Also shadowmourn doesn't count as a legendary cause blood DKs got to use it. that's just their gimmik that they use dps 2 handers.

    Way i see it

    tanks, enhance shaman, and feral druids are do. if anything thse are 3 that have gotten no love.

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    And I just rerolled to my Priest, from my... wait for it.... MUTILATE ROGUE! Fuck My Life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by majesta View Post
    Anyone feel if this Legendary information is correct and true that there is a bias towards melee in the area of Legendaries?
    If anyone feels that, they're literally not paying attention. Casters have one this tier. And it's not even very limited. Any DPS caster can use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenX View Post
    ...and we DKs end an expansion with no proper love, only hate from the community thanks to Blizzard's epic idiocity, might aswell quit the game... To be more accurate, we have been literally begging for some class fixes since beta which Blizzard totally ignored and kept breaking our class while patching with further unbalancing, we are subpar in raids and PvP, and broken in many of our aspects, yet even though how mages, rogues and such classes faceroll both these aspects, we still get to be the most hated, with not getting a legendary(I've been a DW DK since 3.2 and been forced to go to 2H, yet I'm still DW and only legendary we've got are some RNG drop glaives from content when we didn't even exist) if tier 13 is as irrelevant as our t12(let alone its bug look rather than the supposed "elementium dragon"), my 13€/month being cut will be the first of many.

    Why were you forced to go 2H? DW frost is better than/equal to 2h unholy. I also have no idea what you're talking about with being subpar. I do just fine on my dk in PvE, and in PvP I do great in frost. Blood tanking is a little messed up, but pvp is so much fun because you can just live forever.

    Also DKs had Shadowmourne last expansion, and it was pretty much made for death knights. Not everyone gets to have a legendary every patch.
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    They should make it an extremely slow dagger so shamans can use it as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko View Post
    I play a tank, and I will say you and your "WE DESERVE MORE THAN THE REST" mentality is retarded.
    Give me one good reason why a role which is significantly more difficult to play then a DPS (Though Tanking might be pretty easy as well now since the aggro boost, though I have no experience of this myself) should not deserve these additional boosts. We all know that DPS is the easiest task in the game in practically every aspect. Why should they be the ones to get the Legendary items? It's not like they actually need them.

    In fact, all Blizzard is accomplishing like this is supporting the "WE NEED HIGHER NUMBERS" mentality which 90% of all DPS players seem to possess.

    But alas, it's my opinion, and I don't plan to change it. I see no reason as to why I'm wrong about my claims.

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    If they add a 'rogue' tag and restriction on the dagger I'm gonna be soo pissed off. Why didn't Thori'Dal have a 'hunter' tag again? Wasn't it aimed at one class too?

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    You know, i was actually looking forward to a better LF Raid system... but this is useless. If you are taking the guild aspect out of the raiding, then the main purposes behind it are access and reward. And the rewards are toned down?? i mean if anything having a successful pug raid should deserve better rewards. Because we all know how many horrid experiences you will go through until you get to that point. Personally, with this new information i'd rather practice on the intended difficulty with people i know, like friends and guildies. I just don't see this being used much.

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    surely im not the only one getting the fake vibe from this right

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    A dagger. Really? fuck off.

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    I'd like to see more info on the random raid finder... Like, is it a separate lockout, does it even have a lock out? Not being available for 10 man mode is totally fail. Something so freaking simple and they still even screw up that concept......

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    A legendary dagger.. that's REALLY narrowing it down Blizz... It's to bad it will be a waste because my 10m doesn't even have a rogue.

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    A dagger??? Really hardly any PvE rogues exist anymore, I hope we can give it to our hunter, or else we won't be going for a legendary this patch... Ohh wait I hate legendaries all they do is create drama that I have to get rid of somehow... Thank god we don't have any rogues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveponieslol View Post
    ugh... still no legendary for enchantment shamans yet! didn't rouges get like 2 legendaries in TBC? this is fuckin bullshit and whats worse is that its only for them! coulda made something else that was for ferals/shamans/rouges and maybe hunters!
    Technically, they got Sulfuras since this was before they got dual wield. On the other hand, rogues (and warriors) got the Warglaive of Azzinoth back in BC.

    Some times we just miss out; I probably would have been first in line for the legendary staff if I didn't have to be a good officer and be main spec healer to help fill out roles.

    The sad part is our guild has no rogues (or hunters) at all (for the last 4 months). So if it's just rogue it might just go to waste. If Enh could use it, then I'd probably just take it for a trophy set myself. If Feral could use it, well then our GM would take it as a trophy set (as he refuses to do any role other than tank).

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    I play a rogue. Too bad this legendary is shaping up to be total shithouse. Make legendary for only one class: Maybe awesome for that class. Make legendary not even for all specs of that class when the only role it can fulfill is DPS: What the hell, Blizzard?... fucking sigh.

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    I smell lies. For shame...

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    It won't be a one-hander, the devs already said that explicitly each q&a. No one-hander, no shield or offhand will ever be a legendary.

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    I love how most rogues are ignorant enough to claim that rogue legendary "took them 5 years" or that "hell its about time".Oh well, its gonna be vanity item, "being in the guild bonus" rather than something to help progress like dragonwrath maybe. Most hardcore guilds will clear the content before they ever get the dagger - possibly at least.

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