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    Let the hunters and their kind kitty friends have a legendary. Silly rogues

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    Another fucking melee legendary. And a fucking dagger too, even if they said a dagger has little to no room for design, when they were asked if the FL legendary was a dagger.

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    I think this is ridiculous. Rogues got a legendary in Black temple lol? which was also available to warrior dps, Tanks havn't received a single legendary in this entire game, and on a side note Thunderfury does not count -.-'

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    A dagger just sounds so not legendary. It just seems like a waste of an item.

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    A 1H Axe with an option to select primary stats (i.e, strength ,agility) would be a much much better choice. See the range of classes that could use it. Rogues, Frost DK's, FUry warriors, Enhance shamans, Shield equipping tanks (mastery/hit/expertise as stats). Just an idea.

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    Who could Blizzard get to top Tenacious D and David Grohl last year? That's all that matters :P

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    Amsden, the hell are you talking about? There's plenty of rogues. I think a 1H axe that was good enough for hunters as well as rogues and maybe even shaman would have been better (Thori'Dal is a pretty invalid argument since it was only useful for a few months), but I'm sure theres a lot of people happy about this. I do like the way RR Finder works, but I'm surprised they put in achievments for ''easy mode.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spammeister View Post
    Who could Blizzard get to top Tenacious D and David Grohl last year? That's all that matters :P
    Considering only 1/3 of those who performed had any talent it shouldn't be hard to top.

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    I really hope it's not a one class Legendary, that means my guild either doesn't get to have someone craft it or we recruit a decent consistent Rogue... T.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lib View Post
    I think this is ridiculous. Rogues got a legendary in Black temple lol? which was also available to warrior dps, Tanks havn't received a single legendary in this entire game, and on a side note Thunderfury does not count -.-'
    Um yes thunderfury counts. It may have been a lengendary way back when, but it still was there. Don't go crying about tanks not having a lengendary when they "have" and some classes like enhancement shamans or feral druids haven't.

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    Pandas really?

    I was hoping that people had just gotten the wrong end of the stick that pandarens are to become a playable race I guess I was wrong, I'm certainly disappointed with Blizzard.

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    Ohh bullshit. Rogues had how many legendaries they could use up until now. How many did Feral druids get? Right, as I said, bullshit.

    It would have been way cooler if they made a pole arm that could be split up into 2 weapons. Also, what happened to thei previous statement of "we don't like daggers since it gives our graphical team less space to be creative.

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    Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid). The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man. Players will get different achievements and loot from doing Random Raid mode, no normal mode achievements or perks will be gained.
    Unless they add some new way of handling loot distribution, this will be horrible.

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    Didn't rogues have warglaives?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghoulthaz
    Why are they deleting all the topics about this on the official forums?

    thats censorship man, fucking unacceptable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kujako View Post
    Its almost like it's a private forum with a set of rules people agreed to follow!

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    2 pages for your reading:
    Quote Originally Posted by Page 1
    The Lead Producer of World of Warcraft gives the skinny on the ultimate patch of Cataclysm.

    Like Illidan and Arthas before him, WoW players were pretty sure there was going to be a throwdown against the ancient Dragon Aspect, Neltharion - now known as Deathwing - in the final patch of Cataclysm. J. Allen Brack, lead producer of the MMO from Blizzard, said that with patch 4.3 not only will experienced raiders get a shot at downing the huge black dragon in the most epic raid fight ever, but players who aren't in a raiding guild will be able to find groups easier with a new Raid Finder tool. Brack also gave more information on the Void Storage and Transmogrification features and hinted at the news of an expansion that may drop at BlizzCon in October. Oh, and rogues will get some love in the form of a legendary dagger.

    Here is the full Q&A with the man behind the curtain of World of Warcraft on everything he has to say about the last patch of Cataclysm.

    Greg Tito: What can we expect from Patch 4.3?

    J. Allen Brack, Lead Producer of World of Warcraft: We've got a handful of features to talk about and we've got a handful of dungeons. Then something we've previously had in 4.3 is going to be the actual raid where players are able to fight Deathwing and ultimately defeat him. The raid and the dungeons are really tied together with one long story. We're not really spoiling a whole lot as to how that is going to work but the lore of how players are actually able to gain enough power in order to defeat one of the most powerful dragon aspects is kind of told throughout the story of three dungeons and then the actual Deathwing raid.

    Tito: Cool. What are the three dungeons?

    Brack: The three dungeons will basically have different kind of pieces that allow players to [pause] we're not going to say too much about that. There will be three dungeons that players will be able to participate in that will be all new, something the players haven't done before. Then the story of those dungeons will lead right into the actual raid where players will actually confront and fight Deathwing.

    Tito: Is it going to be similar to how Icecrown Citadel worked where a bunch of five mans led up to the raid of Arthas?

    Brack: That's definitely the model although we wanted to tie the story of the raid and the story of the dungeons considerably tighter than we did for Icecrown. So with Icecrown we had what's it like to attack Arthas and how the players react to that in a five person dungeon but there wasn't necessarily a story that carried over from the dungeons to the raid in the same manner we're doing with Deathwing. But the model that we're following is very similar.

    Tito: Do you have anything else to say about that raid other than it's probably going to be pretty tough?

    Brack: We're trying to make it the most exciting most epic raid we've ever done. Players will actually fight Deathwing in multiple phases so there's a lot of different ways for players to be fighting Deathwing throughout that encounter.

    Tito: Is it going to be in the air or on the ground?

    Brack: We're actually doing multiple phases so there will be some ground phases and some air phases.

    Tito: Will you be flying other dragons?

    Brack: We're not going to say. To be determined. You'll have to see it when it goes live.

    Tito: Do the other dragon flights get involved?

    Brack: They're definitely a huge part of the lore and the story. The dragon flights kind of have to come together to help bring Deathwing down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Page 4
    Tito: What else about the raid finder is going on?

    Brack: We really want it to be a way for players to get into and experience the highest level of raid content. Right now we have some PUGs (Pick Up Groups) that are able to work where it's a very manual process for players to do it. They're probably not able to do the highest level of content but there's something that they want to do. What if we, instead of having players kind of struggle to get this group together so that they can experience a content level behind, what if we just create a system that allows players to auto match make and automatically facilitates them getting into the most recent content at a different difficulty level.

    Tito: I've never been able to raid myself as I've never had the time to wrangle players. This might be a way to make that much easier

    Brack: Very similar to the way the dungeon finder works where you can log in and say "I've got an hour and I want to run a dungeon." Click on dungeon finder and let the right thing happen. We're trying to make this at some same level of frictionless entry where you can go on and experience Deathwing content and immediately get on and enjoy that content.

    Tito: Is that everything on 4.3?

    Brack: There's one more piece which is an announcement that we're releasing a rogue legendary weapon. Specific for rogues, so it will be a dagger. There will be some sort of quest, traditionally we've done these quests that players need to participate in order to create the legendary weapon in this case we'll be focusing on rogues that will try to make that happen.

    Tito: Do you know what it's called yet?

    Brack: We do not?

    Tito: How does it fit into the lore?

    Brack: We haven't decided on the name and how it's going to work, we just know that we really want a legendary weapon to come out of this tier and we really want it to be a rogue dagger. That's really all we know at this point. As time goes on we get a lot more lore, a lot more story, an "in" to the creation of all the legendary weapons. We really did a lot with the legendary axe that you got out of Lich King and then we've had other legendaries with the Cataclysm tiers that have had these storylines, we're hoping this one's going to be the most exciting, the most epic legendary quest line.

    Tito: I'm sure that'll make all of the rogue's happy. I'm going to be attending BlizzCon in October, is 4.3 going to be released before then?

    Brack: We do not announce dates.

    Tito: That's true ... So soon or late?

    Brack: Sorry?

    Tito: Are you thinking in the next couple weeks? Months?

    Brack: 4.3 is not currently out of PTR (Public Test Realm). There will be some PTR time that we want before the patch actually goes live and we haven't currently released to the PTR. So not next week is the answer.

    Tito: Not soon. I have tons of questions about the next expansion but that's not something you can really talk about.

    Brack: That sounds like something we may potentially be talking about at BlizzCon.

    Tito: Does it have to do with pandas?

    Brack: That sounds like something we may be talking about at BlizzCon.

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    Awesome! Haters gonna hate.

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    Wow, what's up with all the hate for the rogue dagger? We (warriors) , as well as DK's and Paladin's had our day plenty of times. Hunters got a bow in Sunwell, healers ad the Mace from Ulduar, casters just got Teragosa's Rest, and others had a shot at Atiesh. Sorry you missed out but it was there :\. I see no reason why a Rogue shouldn't have his day in the sun.

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    I'm all for a legendary agil melee weapon, but for rogues only sounds really dumb...they've had lots already, and more importantly, I bet tons of very good 10 man guilds don't even have a rogue. I'll also agree with the masses that LFR sounds pretty pointless, normal modes are just fine the way they are. if you want to see the content with no effort then just watch them on youtube. Still, I'll wait for confirmation from Blizz for some of this, MMO is usually good with this stuff mind you but I've never heard of that site before.

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    = My rogue is going to pull hard :P

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    Woah woah woah, does it use the same lockout timer? "Sorry guys, I can't help you because I tried to prepare to help you."
    It has to be separate lock outs. Otherwise why would anyone actually use it aside from learning the fights.

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