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    Quote Originally Posted by Willhelm View Post
    Why were you forced to go 2H? DW frost is better than/equal to 2h unholy. I also have no idea what you're talking about with being subpar. I do just fine on my dk in PvE, and in PvP I do great in frost. Blood tanking is a little messed up, but pvp is so much fun because you can just live forever.

    Also DKs had Shadowmourne last expansion, and it was pretty much made for death knights. Not everyone gets to have a legendary every patch.
    Shadowmourne being released is akin to being forced to go 2H by blizzard along with Unholy having the weapon beating the pulp out of us along with every slow 1H weapon that was viable for the tier had no str on them and the BiS(284 axes) lacked ArPen alond with Str, whereas Unholy was facerolling PvP and PvE compared to us with their shiny 2H weapon, while we were still targeted for the DK hate.

    ...and being able to live forever as a Blood DK(only against melee) along with decimating every melee-class(except blood DKs then its just a moebius band of an engagement) is an indication of being broken while getting beaten to pulp by casters, I don't want single sided OPness, but balance in my class. I get my fun in the game when I get to experience a storyline that is relevant with my character(Nothing was with us DKs in Cataclysm), if not it get boring.

    In terms of being subpar, last I've checked Assasination and Combat Rogues along with Fury Warriors were above us in terms of WoL results...

    In the end, it is unfair to alot of classes/specs if Rogues get to have an exclusive legendary again(Warglaives were for rogues as fury warrior dps back then was a joke to the point of getting you kicked out of even a dungeon group if you were one). In addition, this would be blizzard going back on their word(again) in terms of making legendary appeal to more than 1-class and daggers being not really fit for being legendaries...

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    i Vote for another healer mace

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    Argg comeon! a rogue legendary more! where is the feral dps legendary not been one in the game yet! and if you say Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. no that was not a feral weapon and feral was not even usefull at that time! realy blizzard comeon not another rogue one thats just lame. and you make it a dagger so it is only usefull for rogues that dont make it any better. But yea all in all if you dont make a feral one atleast make a tank one. it just is annoying that it is another one to a class that already got a few hell they have warglaves maybe the best looking swords in the game. bet you next one after this will be for warr. as there have been a full expansion without them getting one OMG crazy! hmm alot of QQing in one post but i just finde this realy annoying. and up front sry about me not haveing the best english. but it is 2 in the morning i am annoyed about this and well english is not my first Languages:P

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    Man, 3 raid difficulties now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espada 009 View Post
    Um yes thunderfury counts. It may have been a lengendary way back when, but it still was there. Don't go crying about tanks not having a lengendary when they "have" and some classes like enhancement shamans or feral druids haven't.
    To be fair, if you're going back that far to say that tanks did, at one point in time, have a legendary weapon, then, likewise, so have Enhancement Shaman and Feral Druids -- it's called Sulfuras.

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    Why so many melee legendary's compared to casters.Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros 2handed mace,
    Shadowmourne 2handed axe,
    Thunderfury 1handed sword,
    Warglaives 2 1handed swords,
    Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings 1handed mace healer,
    Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury BowDragonwrath,
    Tarecgosa's Rest 2haned caster staff,

    It should of been 2 1handed axes so that Rogues Hunters and Shamie's could use it so that it was not limited to just 2 classes. But i bet they make a staff or pole arm that has better stats for hunter so hunters wont get it or need it anyways. But if it was axes shamie's and rouges could use it not just the 1 class.
    so that's 5 legendary's rogues will walk around in 2 Warglaives, Thunderfury, Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury, and in 4.3 Daggers.
    And why hell did they make it where hunter's could not use Warglaives but Warriors and Rogue's could use Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury does that seem fair no it is not.
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    Wait so they can't do a shield for 2 classes, but they can do a dagger for one class? (Which is 2 specs I guess, which is equivalent to the Paladin/Warrior prot specs).

    I have no source, but a while back when we were trying find out what the caster legendary would be, I was sure one of the replies from Blizzard was: "A dagger would be too difficult to make it look epic and give it that legendary 'feel' as opposed to a staff". It was something along those lines. Yet here we now see a dagger?

    A shield would of been perfect. Either that or a polearm.

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    100g we will get a post tomorrow or something "Yesterdays post of 4.3 was fake" or something like it, since these notes are to bad"Random Raid mode", mean even easier than normal...?

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    Sweet mother-living jesus, the interview says "rogue legendary WEAPON," WEAPON. WEAPONNNNNNNNNN.
    Not a dagger, which means combat can use it too.

    As for the the other classes whining, you probably had your chance, and you're still complaining.......

    Rogues fight for Warlocks as the most least played class, maybe this will change things, GET OVER IT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raediance View Post
    Woohoo! A legendary dagger!! Last thing we got were the glaives.
    dont get your hopes up, the whole article looked like fake to begin with
    2nd thing, after whole homogenization and making everything more accessible for every1, making all gear pieces apply to as many classes as possible its HIGHLY doubtfull (to say the least) that they will make legendary for 2 speccs of 1 class. Not after all this homogenization.

    Not mentioning glaives served you well for a VERY long time and you ahd TF before that. Hunter had thoridal for few months form a boss that barely any1 killed so they were in the very same situation as casters in vanilla. Tanks had only thunderfury so i would be suprised if any class would get legendary before hunters/tanks and even more if legendary would be just for 1 class (not even full since its just 2 speccs)

    So as i said dont get your hopes up as this article really looked like fake (blizz doesnt tend to release such info so soon and especially when they arent being asked about such thing as legendary)

    Edit: o and not mentioning that considering deathwing armor, tank legendary would be most suitable

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    Hahah wow rogues get another legendary already while Hunters haven't gotten one at all yet. And don't say Thori'Dal like a moron would because that bow went to rogues as it was crap for Hunters. And if you disagree with that fact you didn't play TBC during Sunwell to have seen that. I guess it's a good thing I quit playing my hunter when Cata came out. I thought for sure it'd be a Feral Druid/Hunter shared legendary this time or just a hunter legendary bow as Blizzard will never make a legendary for a single class's spec. But yeah I find this hilarious. Thunderfury, Glaives, and Thoridal for rogues now they get another. And you rogues crying about it being a main hand dagger saying it will hurt combat rogues are cracking me up. What about thunderfury and Glaives. Were these usable by dagger rogues? No, they all spec'd out of daggers to use them.

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    Inc 4th Rogue Legendary?

    1 Hunter Legendary at the very end of Sunwell ? .. This has got to be a fake.

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    Stop QQing about the dagger!!! PLSSS!!!! There have been plenty of epic awesome daggers of destruction and legendary properties through out fiction! As long as they have a good story to back it up, shhh.Oh, and I think MMO champion needs to start banning people who aren't even playing the game anymore but are still here QQing and dragging down the community. All the negative statements being made without an reasoning to back them up means this place is intellectual rotten.

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    Holy shit 24 pugs, this is 6 times the amount of pugs then in the lfd tool. This should be fun.Ten bucks says that blizzard keeps it to where you can leave party during a fight. I can just see it. Tank pulls then leaves. Mass wipes incMy one big question is who the hell will be in charge of loot. All I can see is ninjas everywhere.

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    GGG ROGUE GET INSANE!! gg pve and gg pvp. gg blizzard

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    Quote Originally Posted by daylanhammer View Post
    speechless in a bad way.

    edit:blizzard is going to lose all the hardcore players and they dont care!
    Rofl, SERIOUSLY? How would a new level of difficulty, with different loot and NO achievements hurt the hardcore community??? Explain, go on!
    Chickens are awesome.

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    I dont know whether to facepalm or facedesk at Blizzard giving rogues (whoop a big surprise?) a legendary ...

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    Didn't blizz post something along with dragonwrath about how the next legendary would have a narrow appeal? Guess they delivered...

    LFR looks interesting...hopefully it is at least on par with ZA/ZG difficulty.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    Rogue wooooot!!!

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