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    Quote Originally Posted by jibbyjackjoe View Post
    Why is the healer worrying about aggro problems? Why is the healer not dispelling and healing?
    Things change all the time, and that helps keep the game dynamics interesting. Stuff only seems like the de-facto rules of function in WoW because everyone has gotten used to it that way. But these de-facto rules change all the time.

    Remember when managing Threat was a gigantic part of the DPS' job? I mean, gigantic. People would choose trinkets and enchants just for threat reduction. They'd request a Paladin blessing that reduced Threat generation over ones that increased actual damage output, because you could do the most additional damage just by not being Threat-capped. A writeup like yours in TBC would have listed "Responsibly controls Threat output" as part of DPS' job description.

    That changed and got overtly folded into the Tank job and largely taken off DPS' hands. Roles modify and evolve, and arguing that you don't want to do something because it's not the standardized manual-written procedure is a little nearsighted.

    We've gotten used to the roles being very rigid and myopic, especially coming out of WOTLK, where everything was highly exaggerated and specialized (largely a chain-reaction from heals basically being limited only by activation time). The devs seem comfortable making the roles a little more fluid going forward, so I'd expect more boundary-blurring as WoW moves forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendball View Post
    question: can you use that /target Lightwell and then setfocus on it?
    and is there a Interact with FocusTarget function?

    sooooooo setfocus on the lightwell before the fight
    hit the Interact with FocusTarget Function macro and dont loose ur current target? (or macro in a retarget back)
    After sprawling the Keybindings I couldn't find an Interact with Focus... only Mouseover and Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jibbyjackjoe View Post
    No. I click my abilities. It really is a silly design to also have to click on the healers abilities too.

    Maybe next we'll be generating threat for the tank.
    You mean like misdirect and tricks?

    DPS have it easy enough as it is. Clicking the well doesn't interrupt your cast or drop target. Not clicking it is just pompous and lazy. Considering how many millions of dps have been saved when they tried to tank a patch of fire/slime on the ground, the least you can do is just click your screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullhurley View Post
    I understand how it works, and how to focus and or do what ever. It was a simple question and in no way required a smartass answer. Anything making this step easier is a good move in the right direction so that dps and tanks can stay focused on their jobs rather than trying to target the lightwell that might have mobs or friendly players standing on top of it creating targeting issues.

    Also, I wonder if you could create a mouse over for the light well that allowed you to just mouse over it and hit the interact button and it work as well?
    Last I checked you could use the light well by right clickign without losing your target
    Quote Originally Posted by Histidine View Post
    WoW is great.
    Not sure what game people are playing; I love the way things are.
    What bosses will be in the Deathwing Raid?
    Quote Originally Posted by MauroDiogo View Post
    Leg 1, Leg 2, Hind Legs is a duo boss fight, Wings, Tail, Head and last Heroic mode only boss is his Chin. Totally optional and only for those hardcore enough. It's jaw dropping!

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    Lightwell is a really neat idea but don't expect much from people you don't know. If they aren't going to just straight up click it what makes you think their gonna make a macro and press it? Also what the above poster said, you don't even have to lose your main target to use it. It really isn't hard to just click it but like I said if they aren't going to click on it they sure aren't going to press a macro to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemoBytom View Post
    as far as I know you can't macro the interact action.. So you need 2 macros and a keybind to use lightwell..

    wait 2 macros?

    yup - target lightwell
    then use keybind
    then - target last target

    even without the last one - lightwell is still awfull design choice.. Unless they allow me to macro the use of it without loosing my target - I'm going to hate it with passion..

    and I'm sorry.. I'm a DPS, why do I have to take care about healing? If I wanted to heal - I'd roll a healer :?
    You sir just failed. When mana becomes an issue in a long fight where your tank is being beaten like and egg the heals will have no time to think about you. Lightwell fixes that as all it takes is a single click, that doesn't detarget you last I checked, and you get the heal.

    Unless moving your mouse is too hard. After all if you move your mouse to click Lightwell then how will you click rend or <insert skill here>?
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    I just right click on the lightwell, it's not rocket surgery

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    If u cant click a LW then ur doing things bad; if u think that tank tanks, healers heal, and dps do dps u r really wrong, raiding is a team work. everyone has to help everyone remember it

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemoBytom View Post
    I play all 3 roles and it doesn't piss me off.. There is a difference in pop a healthstone if you;re low - and keep clicking that damn lightwell on CD or your healer is semi useless. Using things like potions, healthstone work usually after you fuck up or it's a predicted DMG (like quick topping on Chimaeron), this is not a reliable way of keeping whole raid alive. It's a help for a healers. Lightwell requires people to click on it or your priests healing will suck..
    And finally our selfheals mostly work as a part of our rotation.
    Again - as a DPS - I want to DPS, that means I want to be able to stay on target and cast my spells on it. Healer should heal, tank should tank. You don't want your healer to taunt bosses, you don't want your tank to do competetive DPS - roles are there for a reason.
    I really dont see how using Lightwell stops you from doing your dps. I have mainly healers (no priest however), but when I dps, and there IS a lightwell, I keep track of where it is. When I see I need healing, and I am within range to use it, I just mouse over it and right click. There is no difference between that and using a heathstone imo. You dont even need to run up to the lightwell to use it. You dont even lose your target. DPS with bad awareness is just bad DPS. Not being competitive cause you used the lightwell is just an excuse.

    Lightwell is implemented fine. Healing when your raid need healing. Just up to the other players instead of on the healer. Staying alive is every bit a job for the DPS and Tank as it is for the Healer. Thats why DPS arnt supposed to stand in shit that hurts them. To stay alive to DPS.

    What is stupid, is assuming people are "not idiots and can click on something when they need healing so they dont die". Pretty much like assuming "people know standing in fire is bad and can move out of it", yet I constently see people in pugs stand in shit and die. Something that isnt hard, yet stupid people will always be stupid, no matter what excuses they give.

    Your role isnt just to just to DPS. Your role is to stay alive while you do your job(dps, tank, or heal). If you are not alive, you are not doing your job. End of story.

    It isnt a healers job to keep stupid people alive, cause thats impossible. A Healers job is to help you to survive. Otherwise standing in shit till you die would be the healers fault, rather then your fault for not moving out. But it isnt, its your job to get out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgetjones View Post
    You mean like misdirect and tricks?

    DPS have it easy enough as it is. Clicking the well doesn't interrupt your cast or drop target. Not clicking it is just pompous and lazy. Considering how many millions of dps have been saved when they tried to tank a patch of fire/slime on the ground, the least you can do is just click your screen.
    I have a rogue, a holy/shadow priest, and a ret/prot paladin that I play the most and dpsing is no easier then tanking or healing.

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    what? cant you just make the macro

    /target lightwell

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    /interact isn't something you can put in a Macro, I believe.
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    Doesn't work any more

    Since 4.1 you can no longer target the Lightwell even if you type /target Lightwell (unless one of the more recent patches made it possible again, I've been disc since 4.2 came out). I did a training video last year on how to do this, but people really just couldn't bother even when it was possible. So now we have to click on it. Lightwell was good when mana was extremely tight at the beginning of cataclysm. Now that mana is no problem, lightwell has lost one of the big reasons to use it, efficiency.

    Video describing the keybind/macro method of using Lightwell which no longer works today:

    Edited video descrption for clarity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andaja View Post
    Sorry, dont have two spare buttons.
    Ill just take disco priest and whatever raid healer there will be that can heal me without making me click extra buttons.
    Stop it. Just stop it. There is no way to spell Discipline or shorten it that comes out disco. Disc fine, Disci alright Disco you're in the wrong century.

    OT: Anyone that wouldn't bring a holy priest to a raid isn't worth raiding with how about that, there's nothing wrong with lightwell. Even if you are a clicker and you like doing things inefficiently and having slower reaction time (fact not opinion) you must have some button that you press be it 1,2,3,4,5,6 they are RIGHT THERE so when you hit one of those with your left hand you can click the light well with your right. (or if you're left handed other way around and you can hit a num pad button or 7 through = key)

    If you use it and it saves you from death then any dps you lost (should be none but even doing it wrong deselecting the boss and running up to it you can save yourself) isn't much of a loss is it? you could be dead would you want that? It's not like people are not healing you and saying oh man you didn't do my job for me *sips iced tea* too bad for you. They are (hopefully) trying the best they can to save everyone and if you sit back and refuse to help yourself then when you die despite the healer's best efforts you have no one to blame.

    It's like saying you cant use a healthstone except its actually better than healthstone and easier to use. You can use it while casting and channeling any spell or ability you can use it while bladestorming or while in killing spree where you can't hit buttons anyway. It has only 10 charges(15 glyphed) so you really only are being asked to click it once per 3 minutes not keep the hot on yourself at all times. It doesn't deselect your target anymore either so there's no reason to lose dps time. You can use it while tanking it doesn't break on damage like the tooltip says just like divine hymn and hymn of hope aren't limited to 12 ticks at all. You can even use it while stunned, on the move, silenced, blinded, disoriented, pacified etc. you only cant use it while under any sort of fear or polymorph effect. It has a 25 yard range? maybe 20? Its long you don't need to be anywhere near it and if you aren't in range then fine you don't need to click it tell them to position it better even. Maybe they only want the tanks clicking it so that's why its over on the other side of the room, talk to them.

    Blizzard should make a raid encounter where you have to click a lightwell of some sort from an npc to prevent a boss ability that kills you to make this easier for people to get into their heads.
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    I just thought of something. If Lightwell would give an upfront heal in addition to a HoT, people might actually value it more if the effect is more noticeable. It wouldn't actually make Lightwell weaker of more powerful, but would have a positive psychological effect, since the cause and effect is more noticeable and makes the survival-factor more clear.
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    Lightwell is 25% placement 25% verbalization of placement, 50% everyone else clicking it.

    As a priest you should place the lightwell where it can be seen and you should let you group know a head of time that light well will be in X location at X time. For a pug well, I'm sorry those idiots aren't going to use it and they probably won't move outta the fire or kill the adds, so lightwell will be the least of your worries.

    As a DPS/Tank/Other Healer. When you are pointed out where lightwell will be and when it will be there take your lazy ass mouse and left click it while hitting a button that has a long cast time or while Runes are on CD etc. Lightwell is off the GCD and can be clicked while casting. You wanna live through the end of Ryolith? The end of Beth, survive the fact that you can't dodge tornados during Alysrazor, you will click the lightwell. Otherwise go back to your lolfivemanfacerollluckofthedrawmakesmeawesome BS and leave my raid.

    but yes, because lightwell is a requirement for other players to use its a foolish mechanic, because dps are tunnel visioned all the time, that extra couple seconds could drop their dps by a big 300...or wait...boss with 25 to 50 million health...ohhh noooooosss 300 dps.

    Also I know for a fact because I also play a lock, that you have plenty of lengthy cast times that leave you plenty of time to click lightwell. Hand of Guldan, Immolate, Shadowbolt, any channeled spell, haunt, the list goes on and on. Just click the lightwell, no target change, nothing, just one click and boom little yellow glow and done.
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    some of you are the reason that many guilds wipe on boss because healers going oom, you really seem like the type of persons that let cast finish then move from bad stuff (if you move at all)

    i for one my healers love me, being a shadow priest when things got bad i simply leave shadow form and PoH, that's teamwork, now "tank is tanking, dps is dps and healers is to heal" is a big lol

    oh well, it seems that GW2 is not for you, dont show up, we dont want you there

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