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    Very Thrall inspired. I don't play a shaman, but i Love it.

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    So....more armor to make my gobby look like a bag of potatoes? Yep, gonna start working on getting Frost Witches again.

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    Ohai "B" team.

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    I actually think this is one of the better tiers so far. I like the dragon / dino skulls on the shoulders.

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    Moar like caveman inspired

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    OMG~! I want an action figure with that model!!!! Looks sick
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    WOW I am just loving the t13 so far. Blizz really went all out or they got a new Art Leader to change the direction a little.

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    Are those supposed to be Dragon skulls on the shoulders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grothezk View Post
    OMG~! I want an action figure with that model!!!! Looks sick
    Shaman gear is so COOL! As ALWAYS!
    *Serious face... fist in air.*

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    It interesting to see all these mix responses of "Blizzard lost there touch. B-TEAM!! I'm telling you they don't care about this game anymore." along with "Wow best set so far. I like it i'm totally getting the vibe. Very creative". Just goes to show you how truly subjective art is.

    Edit: Personally I think it looks good. Good not great. But I've learned to withhold my judgment til I see it in-game. T13 is shaping up to be good but not quite t10 material.
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    Oh you bonehead.

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    It looks incredibly good in my personal opinion.
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    Imo, the best looking shaman set this expansion. I actually love it. it looks....shaman like for once. Looks loads better than the druid set and over all the best set ive seen of t13 so far.

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    this is how a shaman is suppose to look like, this and t10 and the only shaman sets i have really liked, i totally love it amazing set...

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    Smaller shoulders and it would be very good, if anything it would be proportion that seems a bit off for some time now. Every time there is a design discussion, I want to strangle people over internet. It seems like many people don't understand aesthetic values.

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    Looks like thrall.. more bulky clothes tho

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    Not too bad, never been a huge fan of Shaman sets to begin with, can definitively see it look good on trolls and orcs... gonna be a weird on Draenei's and Dwarves alliance side though.

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    Thank goodness there'll be transmogrification available. I don't want to look like a walking fossil.

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    looks really really ugly. nice job blizzfail

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