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    Baleroc 10m HM

    Hey Guys,
    Raid leader here with some quick questions for Baleroc fight.

    Our raid comp is as follows.

    Prot Paladin
    Feral/Spriest/mage/warlock/ele shaman/DK/Hunter
    Resto Druid/ HPal

    I was going to have the Spriest take the full 25 stacks first.
    After that, pairs will take the shard with DK/Mage going first. and Feral/Warlock going second. With alterations midfight as needed with the torment buffs.

    For healing, all heals focus on healing the spriest during the first shard with rolling hots on the tank. Tank pops cds/lay on hands, etc to stay alive. Once this is done druid switch to tank and paladin take the shard healing two at a time, and then switch. Havn't attempted this yet.

    Any problems/suggestions you guys see?
    Greatly Appreciated.

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    I would have your mage be a backup soaker, assuming he is arcane. Arcane mages have no defensive cooldowns. Ele shaman have glyphed stoneclaw totem and can/should be specced into 12% reduced magic damage taken. Hunters can raptor strike with the glyph while in melee range.

    As you get closer to the end of the fight you'll want both of your healers on the tank during decimation/inferno blades, so survivability of the shard soakers matters.

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    Agreed, have your spriest take the place of the mage as a soaker. This will mean swapping the groups around a little, but the mage doesn't have any way to help himself survive shards short of ice block, and that just bounces it to someone else unexpectedly. The spriest will have his self healing via vampiric touch and embrace, even when he doesn't have dispersion up.

    Other than that, I don't see any problems with your srategy. This is roughly the same comp my guild runs (mage and lock are replaced by warrior, boomkin), so this is pretty much what we're planning to do. Hopefully it works out.

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    It's not only about defensive cooldowns, arcane mage is the 'top 1' spec when it comes to amount of damage lost because of shard assignments. And the amount of damage arcane mage is losing because of that is like 3 times more than the 'top 2' in that 'list'. Let him have a totally patchwerk fight here, he shouldn't be moving unless he's paired with a healer for countdown. In other cases, treat him as a healer and tell your DPS to run to him. He should be the last person in line to backup the shards - only if other backups (ele shaman and hunter in your case) are not available.
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