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    A steampunk technomage. Holy shit. This makes me want to roll a mage.

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    I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but now I really like it. I'm glad they're playing around with color and more unique designs, it'll help everyone find something they'll like to wear. Also, without the gears and goggles and a few changes I would really like this set on my Priest.

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    To those who are upset about "timelord" as a concept for mage.... it's clearly an Arcane sort of thing. They've always been about time manipulation, and frankly, too much mage focus has been on fire and frost of late, so it's nice to see a nod to arcane.That being said, how can you have "timelord" as a set name and not give him a multi-colored scarf?!

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    ...Whats with the goggles and gear shoulders? looks leather
    Anyone else see that animated movie "9" from a few years back?
    They might as well have just imported the ragdoll skins into the game and edited over them slightly

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    looks like crap :| but lucky we get transmogrification in 4.3

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    This would look amazing on my Goblin. Another good one for this Tier.

    And looking at all the negativity, WTF do people want from Mage armor? Do you just want a robe and wizard hat?
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    Not my cup of tea. Goggles? Padded armor... no thanks.

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    /sigh Just what I wanted, for my gnome mage to look like a tiny little searchlight - I wonder if she will be able to broadcast the bat signal. All in all I have to say I've been disappointed in this entire tier so far, still holding out hope for the priest one.

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    i love it, its like gnomeregon meets ulduar.

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    that......looks kinda stupid =\

    sorry mages, go go season 2 gear for my mage!
    Originally Posted by statlerthegreat
    I don't play a real world simulator. I play World of Warcraft. Where I am a Goblin, named after an explosive, that hurls balls of arcane "fuck you up" at internet dragons/ogres/whateverthehellmaloriakis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuuna View Post
    thank GOD im not a mage..!
    Mages arent mages anymore, now they are mine workers.. seriously wtf blizzard, such lolness i cant even believe it.
    This must be a joke !

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    Wow seriously? A time/clock based set could have look SO COOL, but what is this? It looks like someone took scissors to their mattress.

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    I think this is actually pretty cool haha

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    Anyone else notice they keep skipping t3?

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    awesome looking set, just makes me wonder why they didn't preview it on a gnome

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    We are going to look like walking submarines.

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    thank GOD im not a mage..!
    ... and then ...
    A steampunk technomage. Holy shit. This makes me want to roll a mage.
    I think what a lot of people miss is the idea that a set of gear is going to appeal to some and not others, but there are some core concepts that make or break a set that have nothing to do with preference. Is there a coherent theme? Do the colors balance? Is it so busy that it's hard to make out any detail? Are the colors so muddy that it's hard to make out detail (PvP gear, I'm looking at you)? Is the theme evocative of the class and expansion/patch?On the more or less objective criteria, this is a very good piece of tier gear.

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    LOLOLOL they put not 1 but 2 icelances on your head

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    Why there's no bow ties or giant scarves?

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    It's either totally ridiculous, stupid and ugly, or pure awesome ... I just can't decide.I think I'm gonna go with ridiculous.

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