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    LOOOL underwater expedition? :P I like it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krunk View Post
    Anyone else see the name and think "Doctor Who"?
    screw timelord duties im a mage
    Those who want never get....those who get never need....and those who need get sweet FA

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    Looks like a pvp set.

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    T13: Return of the Steampunk

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    So glad I'm not a mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brothernads View Post
    /dislike Timelord Regalia...they should have patterned it after the Bronze Dragonflight. What do cogwheels, goggles, and "techno" have to do with being a Timelord?
    Ever looked inside a clock? There are tiny cogweels there, that requires a magnifiying glass to operate properly. There ya go.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Oh dear lord, transmogrification is going to be an absolute hit at this rate come 4.3.

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    Looks a bit like a PvP set yeah, but most importantly, looks awesome.

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    Just lol, the worse than the shaman tier,

    Goggles on the head lmao love it

    once again you mages are going to be the laughing stock

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    WTF..he got headlights..LOL

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    Holy S! Coolest set EVER for caster!!!!

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    I rather like it.

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    Doesn't really look like a Mage set :P It looks like an engineer set ^^' The checkered pattern also looks kinda weird.

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    Change the head and i'd tap it

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    I fucking love this set. Mostly because of the name. You can't watch Dr. Who or Torchwood and not want that name for your set!

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    Wth? I love the look of the set but.. goggles? On my mage? It's so random that i find it awesome

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    looks like a submarine to me.
    Those headlights are just wth

    Other than that i think the pattern overall is nice

    ughh just that... headlights... lol wth

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    As a mage myself I can say I really like it! Looks different to everything else.

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    I'm sorry, but that doesn't look like anything a Mage would wear. Looks like they're doing a lot of "Ulduar" themed gear sets for T13.

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    GIEF GOGGLES AS ENGI HEAD PIECE! Wow that set looks great. T13 is getting pretty good imho.

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