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    Farming old dungeons

    Hey, I like need to make some gold asap(8k) and I only have Enchanting/JC, but it dosnt seem to give good profit these days due to dust beeing worthless(under 1g) so I kinda feel like farming some old dungeons, any tips of whats good to farm?

    Heard that stratholme is good? true/false?

    - warex

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    Do a bunch of Cata dailies, with a Potion of Treasure finding you can get tiny treasure chests off all mobs in Cata areas and these little chests have a bunch of useful items with gold goodluck!

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    Get some elementium ores --> prospect them --> turn the useless gems into greens and DE them. Especially carnelians give you a good profit iirc.

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    If you have a tank capable class (Feral druid / Blood DK), try soloing up to the last boss of SSC/TK. Each boss drops 250 gold. Don't bother with Mag's, Gruul's, or Kara (though looting trash here is pretty profitable), as the boss gold drops there have been nerfed to 10%. BC heroics are also good to solo for gold drops, especially the SSC instances for Coilfang Armaments. Armaments are still selling for 200g for a stack of 10 on my server.
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    Best bet is to farm the BC instances. You'll make about 250-300g per run if you loot every mob. I earned a good portion of my gold supply by running them. Cata dailys are good also.
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    I make all my gold not farming any dungeons at all. Its faster, more profitable and far more efficient.

    But thats not the answer to your question. With your professions you could be looking at running Blackrock Spire instances. (upper and lower, doesnt matter much). The blues disenchant into Large Brilliant Shards wich typically sell for a nice bit of gold as hardly anyone does those instances anymore, seeing as theyre lv60 and at lv58 anyone level tends to go to Outlands and skip lv60 dungeons. These shards, and other high-end vanilla mats, are still needed for people leveling their professions. Aswell as needed for some oldschool vanilla enchants wich still sell for great gold, as people leveling alts stick these on heirlooms.

    You could ofcourse go for more profit and get these enchants yourself, and then make scrolls and sell those.

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    We've been doing retro raids on Sundays with about 3-8 guildies and walk out with 1500-1800g, depending on how many come with. We do Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, TK, SSC, and venture into Kara, Gruuls/Mags, and sometimes Nax. Ends up being good money and good fun. Much more fun than doing dailies >.<

    Or, farm Heroics to get Valor points and purchase the BoE bracers...sell for quite a bit of gold right now.

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    If you can solo all TBC raids (only T5-6 content gives loads of gold) you can make about 12k in 1 week from just that. Me and my friends make about 4k each, doing 3man all content (without sunwell).

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    If you are an enchanter and want to make money by running dungeons, I recommend TBC heroics, particularly ones with lots of humanoids (netherweave cloth + coin) or items that are still valuable for rep and the like.

    -All of Hellfire Citadel is decent. In particular, the executioner at the end of SH always drops primals; if you get lucky and get air they auction quite nicely. If you're going to do these three, do SH last; the other two have back doors you can leave, SH does not, so just hearth out at the end of SH.
    -Auchendoun is decent, though I'd skip Auchenai Crypts. Mana tomb has ethereal prison keys, sethek halls has a chance for the raven lord mount, and shadow labyrinth has aldor rep items.
    -Botanica is also decent, with lots of humanoids as well as scryer rep items, but mech and arc are less lucrative.
    --None of the other hubs are as good... next best would probably be underbog, if you're dilligent about grabbing sanguine hibiscus while you're there.

    In any event, if you do multiple dungeons at once (like doing all three hellfire citadel heroics, for instance), it helps a *lot* to have a way to sell in the field. You're not an engineer, so that pretty much leaves guild page or traveler's tundra mammoth. If you don't have either, you'll either spend a lot of time traveling to vendors or lose a lot of money on vendor trash.

    It's easier and faster to get someone (anyone) into your group before running, so you can use the loot roll boxes to d/e any greens that drop. Check AH prices to make sure the enchanting mats are worth it, but at least on most servers I've checked the arcane dust and cosmic essence are more valuable than the greens, while the prismatic shards are pretty cheap. My general advice: d/e all greens to auction the mats, vendor the blues. Primal nethers are usually just vendor trash these days as well.

    (Others will tell you AH is faster and better, and they're probably right; I'm simply answering the direct question you asked)

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    The thing with enchanting is, value is in enchants themselves, not mats. Check your AH to see what's best, but I typically make 400-500g profit on weapons enchants. There are plenty of others that sell well too.

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    kara is a nice run, around 1 hourish for all boss except dragon on outside ledge, nets a fair bit in raw gold plus cloth/greens maybee a blue plus de'ing boss drops.

    Also any level 85 tank can do most wrath heroics solo, i do on my druid and my loc if mechanics allow if i'm low on gold (i call low under 25,000 gold now adays).

    I also play the ah, but this can take some time to build up gold as said by darkwarrior42 because most of the time you need to invest to make gold or farm to sell stuff to give yourself gold to invest.

    As your a jcer do the dailly and save carn's and ask a friend/guildy to transmute them into infernal rubys, at the min 3 cost 80-120g on my server plus the heartblosses needed, but each inferno is selling between 130g (delicate) to 275g each (brillient) so well worth it if you can get a guildy to do it for nothing.

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    Yeah, go for BC content.
    SSC and TK are quite soloable for 3 bosses with ~250g each - for total of 1500 a week per character.
    AQ40 is also nice with ~90g per boss. BWL would also do if you get help for first two bosses - after that it's ~100 per boss plus possible elementium drop, can go for upwards of 1k.

    And that all is discounting trash gold (quite a lot), boss loot (epics may go to vendor for more than DE goes on AH, check it out beforehand) and DE drops.

    You don't even HAVE to be a tank for some of them.

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    1. Don't do Kara, Gruul, Mag, they drop 3g per boss.
    2. SSC and TK are decent, if you have the time.
    3. BWL will require 2 people(i know its soloable for certain classes).
    4. People underestimate AQ20, the boss drops few tens of gold, plus the class books(3 for last boss and 2 for the others) that vendors for 10g each, and since it resets every 3 days plus it's quick and easy, it's one of the best places to go, not to mention occasional trash greens to DE(illusion dusts and Greater Eternal Essences are extremely expensive due to the Cataclysm changes), there's also AQ20 only patterns and BOEs that you can sell. AQ20 takes 15mins tops to clear.
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    Like many hav said already, BC content can be quite profitable.
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    Molten core is also very doable for alot of classes... and depending on your server prices, you can literally sell anything higher than green quality (lava/fiery cores/Sulfuron Ingot) Also, may i point out that on some servers blood of the mountain sells really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glycerethe View Post
    3. BWL will require 2 people(i know its soloable for certain classes).
    Who can solo Razorgore?

    edit: Hm, just looked it up. Hunters?

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    Solo Molten core, drops sell decent, bosses that drop gold drop around 100+, I make about 700g a run and it takes around 30 mins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peyj View Post
    Who can solo Razorgore?

    edit: Hm, just looked it up. Hunters?
    Druids too:

    Doing MC weekly + AQ20 every reset tends to give me a nice amount of gold, like the others said too

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    Karazhan is awesome! To the hall before Moroes and up also and to the stage before the theater. AOE mobs, diss all greens etc. Go out, reset, repeat!
    Vendor just outside if you dont have the vendor mount. Very very nice. Has brought me a lot of gold. Planar essences worth a lot on my realm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peyj View Post
    Who can solo Razorgore?

    edit: Hm, just looked it up. Hunters?
    Someone mentioned Rogue, completely bugging it and make it despawns while the gate opens, you can then skip vael and solo the rest.

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