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    Seriously - Holy Pallys

    Either I'm missing something HUGE or this Holy Pally's running in two's are "unburnable" (pretty sure that is not a word but Im running with it) I'm so frustrated that these games in 2's keep going to a draw bc I can't kill the damn paladin. I can't even get him to run out of Mana for goodness sakes! I'm still Angry from arena two days ago but I don't want to rant and rave about that bc you guys don't want to hear it and it would be a endless wall of text. Therefore I would like make this a discussion on tips or tricks on how I can better play these situations with holy paladins. (Good ones) well all know the bad ones so let’s not bring them up but yea.

    My scenario: All 384 pvp gear with 391 mh dagger and run two's with a rl friend that’s a restro shammy. Duel dps would help this issue I know but we enjoy running together. We are an avg team that would like to get better but comp isn't the best and we understand that, on the other hand we still have room for improvements.

    Yet if it comes down to playing agisnt a good holy pally and dps we can usually get the dps down but then the damn paladin runs around for 40 @$#[email protected] mins and draws the damn game. The holy time I'm thinking is this really happening???


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    The best you can do is CC him to hell and back, kicks and stuns, have your shammy friend wind shear/hex and help dps him down since the pally will only be healing himself as it runs around laughing.

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    dont play healer-dps in 2vs2

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