View Poll Results: What would you like t13 to be designed around

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  • Leap of Faith

    109 40.37%
  • Inner Will

    7 2.59%
  • Mind Spike

    22 8.15%
  • Raid Theme

    69 25.56%
  • What Blizzard feels represents the class

    63 23.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MauroDiogo View Post
    I'd be concerned if Blizzard designs something that they "feel represents the class".
    You might end up walking around in one of these...

    Casting animations first then we will talk.
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    Vestments of the Leap of Faith?
    Robes of Willpower?
    Mind Spike Armor?
    Benedictus Conspiratorial Threads?

    Just not digging the sound of them.

    For us priests, the devs will go with something that represents our class over one of our new abilities or the raid... or not.

    We'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by methanar View Post
    Meh we can't see our gear through shadowform anyway.
    Unless they change Shadowform, I agree that it would be a waste to design the set around the Shadow Priest over the healing priests. Shadow Priests won't see the amor 95% of the time and healing priests do not want to be healing in evil/death/undead looking armor (I, at least, I feel this way.)

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    I don't know about you, but I can perfectly see my gear under Shadowform. I don't see it's colours, but it's going to be white/yellow/blue anyway, nothing that represents a Shadow Priest. Now if, for once, they did a shadow tier...

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    Going after the icons of the set: We'll get golden faces as shoulders + helm.

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    It been themed after the Colossuses in Uldum.

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    With the release of our Tier this thread has run it's course. There is another thread for people to discuss what they think of it

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