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    Call to Holy testers.

    A thread has gone up in the US forums questioning whether HW: Serenity is actually buffing critical strike chance or not. Many test results have so far suggested that the critical strike buff isn't being applied.

    (thread) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...3313738?page=1

    I am hoping to get some people who have or are willing to run some logged tests so that we can bring more solid data into the discussion. If anybody is willing to run some tests for the good of the priest community, you can post results in the thread in the US forums, or if you are unable to post in the US forums, I can post links to your tests.

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    HW:S represents the only efficient way for Holy to get any reasonable amount of single target throughput. For this mechanic to be broken since cata release is quite frankly amazing. Not that there are any fights like this in firelands, but were HW:S working properly certain types of encounters would allow a holy priest to tank heal. Mostly just in 25 man where tanks take more than one healer, but there it is at least.

    Basically, if both tanks have 100% uptime on a boss and the priest can be in heal range of both at the same time, HW:S/Gheal/Gheal lowest tank every time HW:S comes off cooldown. Keep renews running on both. Mending/CoH all the time. This behavior is worth 17k HPS (in my pre-firelands gear) if *all fill is done with Heal* (which isn't likely tbh). But only if HW:S actually applies a crit buff - otherwise it's only about 14k. Fix pls, blizz. RNG crit? 53% crit ain't RNG or unpredictable anymore.

    I was skeptical at first but this person is on to something.

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    It doesn't work.

    Over 2500 heals, I ended up with the same critical strike chance as I would with just my base + chakra. No sign of the Serenity +25% anywhere.


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    This is ridiculous, surely someone would have noticed sooner? x.x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annya View Post
    This is ridiculous, surely someone would have noticed sooner? x.x
    It's not really something you notice while playing normally. It really only starts to show up when you're specifically testing for it. So I can easily understand why it has gone unnoticed for all this time.

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    And holy priest healing has moved from 5man single target to raid PoH spam.

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