Thread: to many buffs?

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    to many buffs?

    i play a shadow priest and many times i die in bgs and have to rebuff 5 times before i set of back into battle, most other classes have just 1 buff its annoying that am still casting buffs while the other person is of and running just wonderd if this pisses others of aswell :/

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    /Macro your buffs and spamm it until you are buffed. Do that while running to your grup.mates

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    I agree, rebuffing fort/shadow/inner fire/vamp embrace sucks, at least we can go into shadowform while mounted.
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    I do find it annoying, also on a warlock as you have your armor, soul link, and ward to put up. That being said, it really only slows you down by a gcd or two. I think armors and such should be put on automatically when you res in battlegrounds (fel armor, mage armor, inner will, so on).

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    In Arenas it's even worse for Warlocks.. When I do 2's it's : Make Healthstone...Trade it....Make another one...Summon Pet...Soul Link....Dark Intent....Fel Armor. 7 steps. On my Warriors it's : Battle Shout when I get in there.....then save it for my Intercept. Quite a difference xD.

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    Why don't they just tack on VE to shadowform automatically and then tie fort/shadow protection together?

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    I agree. It turns me off from even giving shadow PvP a decent chance. It's also a problem in PvE when you get battle rezzed. 5 global cooldowns is a lot of time to have to spend on buffing instead of damaging.

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    I don't think that its necessarily a bad thing in battlegrounds as its more of a teamwork issue getting the buffs after deaths, but certainly I don't think that it would be a bad thing to maintain self buffs that last say 15 mins or more between arena matches, that's a genuine annoyance.

    That said, I can't help but feel I'm being picky considering I used to have to rebuff the whole raid alone after wipes in SSC. 10 blessings a go every. single. time...

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