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    Behind you.
    About 6 months of Vanilla, I tried out a tauren warrior named Knifejaw, on one of my friends accounts.
    A couple of months before BC I got my own account. Leveled anything but a warrior to around level 40, but got bored after that.

    Finally made a warrior and I've been having that as my main ever since.
    Rerolled other classes only to get back to my warrior.

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    Night Elf hunter.

    I'm a DK full time now, with a little warlock and druid on the side.

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    Mah Night Elf Huntard (who is now a Gobby, woot) in late vanilla but didn't level her to the cap at the time. Though as soon as BC rolled around I rerolled a Blood Elf Lollerdin and got her to level cap.

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    First was a nelf druid during vanilla with a 10 day trial acc. Leveled it to around 17 before I buried that char because I thought the game got to difficult. Like a year later I made a gnome lock which I leveled to 24 before I went horde and never looked back. Made a belf lock which was my first 70 and first main. Still look at my gnome sometimes just for lulz, +agi gear just aint that hawt for a lock.

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    When I was playing the trial I created an undead warlock. Got him up to level 18 before the trial ran out. Then I bought the full version and created a new warlock.

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    Undead Male Warlock called Cyphron. Got to level fourteen in The Barrens before getting bored and making a Male Tauren Hunter, which I leveled to 33.

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    Rogue,back in tbc,because i wasaso young i didnt get bored to play him until cataclyms^^

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    Night Elf Druid I was astoundid when I saw my cousin queuing up Wrath's instead of hitting it every 5 seconds like I was.

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    Night Elf priest, made it human once racechange became available. Still playing the char as my main.

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    Human Paladin, then Undead Rogue switched because I got tired of seeing my brothers being 20 levels higher because they didnt work... lol

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    Farthest back that i can remember is my mage, celion on Arathor US. I kept trying to grind mobs because i thought questing was dumb, and while i was grinding i didn't understand the concept of a level difference...
    Aiguille <3

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    Male night elf druid on Skullcrusher-EU. All of my friends said druids were awesome etc but i rerolled to a hunter/warrior pretty fast, none of those made it to 60 either though. The druid (one of many) made it to lvl 14. I deleted him though, I used to do that with all my chars i didn't play on for a while, dunno why. :/

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    draenei mage tbc lauch day Barius/Berius or something like that.

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    Orc Warrior was my first toon. I have fond memories of trying to level in BC Barrens and dying every other pull because mobs had HUGE aggro radii, lolz

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    What was your first wow character?

    Mine was an orc shaman.I started with the 10 day trial.I was looking at the trailers and said that this game was great.And started with an orc shaman because of Thrall from warcraft 3.
    My first was in early vanilla, a troll hunter because I thought having my own pet would be sick. Was my first character to level 60 and 70, then a week after I got it to 70 I started my druid which became my new main. My hunter is currently level 76.

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    Human Priest back in 2006. It's still 60 with a PVP title. I'll probably never play it again. I'll always regret my first character being a priest.

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    Human Warlock called Libra currently lvl 9 iirc went paladin because I felt like it and wanted to tank was halfway through BC so yeah.. I might just play wow again and level him up :P
    Last edited by Cadfuert; 2011-09-18 at 06:31 PM. Reason: remembered my actual first charac

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    Human Paladin. Wanted to tank. Got to 60 and raided MC, all I did was cleanse. Rerolled Dwarf Warrior so I could tank. Still play him as my main today. :P

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