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    My first ever character was a male human warrior named "Unbetable" and yes I know its misspelled.. Unbeatable was taken ;p
    I leveled it to 33 by killing monsters only, when it gave shit exp, and got bored of stuff killing me since I had half grey gear and some greens with intellect and spirit on it!

    I played all classes after that to level 30 when I deiced i liked warrior the most, been a warrior for 4 years now.

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    Night Elf Rogue... got him to around level 50 and wanted to be a gnome, so I had to reroll (this was before race changes).

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    a tauren hunter the same main i have today exept he is a belf

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    human rogue.

    he still exists. nearly 6 years later.

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    Female night elf hunter. I still have her, but it's only like level 25

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    Night Elf rogue I played through all of vanilla. When they gave alliance shaman for TBC I did a fresh reroll to a Draenei Shaman. I've played the shaman ever since, however it's a dwarf now.

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    Actually my first character was a Blood Elf Warlock. I made it on my friend's account, because he wanted me to try out WoW and he wanted me to start. I got hooked, and got myself an account some months later.

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    Mine was an undead mage. I got him to around 20-25. I remember being ganked a lot in Hillsbrad, which made me start a nelf druid instead.. Thus I got ganked a lot in STV instead xD

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    Very-very-very first was Tauren Warrior till 5th lvl, but real first was Undead mage.

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    Blood Elf Paladin. Been my main since I started playing.

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    Tauren druid named Kubwakanu (a name I used to use often for online characters, originally for a lion character in Furcadia). When I found out about hunters having pets, I deleted him and reused the name for a hunter, which I used until just after Burning Crusade (when I went Alli).

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    Troll Shaman. Made him in the beta, then remade him launch day. He's 85 now, not my main, but yep, still have him.

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    priest ,shaman ,warlock

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    First toon ever was a night elf warrior, i thought they were pretty and my hubby had a night elf hunter, we played all thru vanilla, re rolled blood elf warlock once BC hit tho, who is my main now. i still have my warrior but don't play her much.
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    Tauren shaman cause I loved Tauren Chieftain from Warcraft III. Got bored with the playstyle REALLY quickly (I think I was level 6) because it was nothing like the hero from Warcraft III. A week in or so I rolled warrior and never looked back.
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    Undead Mage by the name Necrofeeliya that I created on launch. I still have her, still playing her, but shes no longer my main.

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    draenei pala , stopped when i hit lvl 16 and did a Dwarf hunter :P

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    First char was an orc shammy named "Mec" first day of release. Got up to 60 and did lots of PvP. My second char was a NE druid when I found out a lot of friends played Ali on a different server.

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    D0rf Paladin back in vanilla .. never knew we had to refresh buffs every 5 mins :/

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    #2 Priest - TBC
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    :P Nelf druid on a rp-pvp server. I hardly leveled at all, spent most of my time just enjoying the community. By the time tbc rolled around, I was only lvl 58. I ended up rerolling horde to play with my fiance, and because Trolls couldn't be druids, I made a priest instead.

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