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    Aug 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    First toon was my Hunter not currently my main. Got it to 16 and decided that I wanted to play a shaman. WoTLK rolled around and I leveled that hunter and made it my main till this current tier block.
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    AFK in dalaran
    Night Elf Male Rogue. Still play him to this day (Since then, he's been human female, Worgen female, Night Elf female, and is currently a Gnome female.)
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    Undead Rogue, Frostwolf, EU... playing in "cede maiori" which is now known as "Affenjungs inc"
    Still got the Rogue, but now Orc... and on Kel'thuzad, EU.
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    Undead Warlock... then went through many others before I picked my first toon to level to 60.... Poor warlock never made it to level 30 lol

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    I'm afraid I was late joining WoW due to being a serious addict to EVE Online, but I made my first charc in late TBC which is here Yes... back when they needed int gear! I stopped leveling when my friends decided to go horde, then I created moar!

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    The same human warlock I'm still playing as my main. Rolled in January of 2006.

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    I rly dont remember since it was on a friend account just to check it out, i remember it was a BE in early BC but then a loged out cause i couldnt figure how to come back to life (ye corpse run lool) some days after wen i buyed the game for myself, I did a undead female rogue.

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    The Nether .... lands
    First char was a Tauren shaman, but rerolled together with my friends as soon as I hit lvl 15. Human mage, because he looked so friggin' awesome in the intro...

    God I hated that class ... :'(

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    Made in early vanilla. Never played on it since I dinged 28 in 2004 or 2005.

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    Heart of The Mist
    Male nelf hunter back in tbc i belive

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    A Night Elf Hunter, which I have lying around in my character list for the memories, never play it though. My second was a Human Warrior which I only played with a IRL friend, he stopped around lvl 20. Then I made a Gnome Mage, which I still play end-game with
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    Undead warrior created in Feb 2005 on Silvermoon EU. Got it to lvl 18, then I reroled troll shaman on Zenedar EU a week or so later with some RL friends.

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    My first WoW character was a Human Paladin, named Paladino... How original! Slowly got to level 10 and quickly rerolled, and kept re rolling 'till Wotlk and DK's came around, yew! Ironically 3 years later I leveled a blood elf Paladin to 80 then 85 and kept him as my main for 6 months

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    made a human Male mage, for whatever reason, thought they could change forms, apparantly druids could do that.
    rerolled rogue in TBC and never looked back, Best class ever

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    Eldrick, Male Belf rogue (very early BC). Quit him at 26 to roll a Lock that i would get to 70.

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    Undead warlock named Mictian on Hyjal, made on Dec 2006. Still main to this very day!

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    My VERY first was a nelf warrior. I liked it a little bit, but grew tired of it fast. My very first character I loved was my belf hunter. I'm not sure why, maybe because I'm gay, but I just loved belfs.

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    lvled to around lvl 16 or 17 as balance druid, fkn boring, made a orc warrior, playing him ever since

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    Tauren warrior, then got ass kicked by a pally during a duel, he bubbled and healed, then i played a BE pally. Seal twist and button mashing made him fun. Waiting for payday so i could realm change to my rl friends' server, i made a dk, Now my dk is my main. DK's= stupid luls in pvp,
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