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    Dwarf hunter named Alizabal in vanilla, leveled to about 12 until I ran out of bullets for my gun, Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get bullets again so I killed mobs with melee until lvl 13 or something.Then I deleted him and leveled a pala

    I was a clever boy back then

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    A human Mage, I wish I would forever forget this, as I rerolled a Hunter on a different realm once I realise gearing only in intellect (+0 stam was actualy possible, and I followed that path without knowing I would end up with 800hp at level 40). I was actualy doing super good dps but was so squishy I couldn't level anymore in the middle of Badlands.

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    orc hunter named panaz still play him today all time fav toon i could never delete him that would make me a sad panda =(

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    Yep. Commitment.
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    Dokhidamo of Argent Dawn US.

    Later moved to Eitrigg US.

    Then to Feathermoon US, where he lives to this day as my sorely dead level 40-something.
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    Night Elf Hunter, December 2004. I only knew one other person playing at the time so I figured I'd try a class that was good at soloing. Switched to Orc in early 2010. Laid to rest in October 2011. Goodbye my battle-hardened companion.

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    Started with an orc warrior. Then i am sad to say i deleted it and made a human warrior which i wish i never did. Then when bc launched i switched to a blood elf tank/ret pally. Played that up till icc. Then after 6 years of tanking i got bored of it and switched to my orc Hunter which i still play today.
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    Started playing December 2005, first toon was a Warrior, but I accidentally deleted him at about level 20 So I rolled a Human Paladin named Arahir, still play him, and he is always my first toon leveled in an expansion.

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    Undead Rogue, mained it throughout Vanilla and BC, swapped over to a troll Resto shaman for WotLK and Cata, now maining my undead DK. Never deleted any of them mind you and I do have tons of alts but those were my mains.

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    Mine was a Tauren hunter, started him on January 23, 2005. I still have him but haven't seriously played him since I moved to Alliance in June of 2005.

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    Mine was a Nelf druid called Morkhalee at Spinebreaker... She was deleted, don't know why... :<

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    A NE rogue. Lond deleted

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    Undead warrior on Bronzebeard. I got to level 8 I believe, then switched realms and made a troll hunter. Good times.

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    My warrior, Byrthor

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    Male Night Elf Druid. Took me a week to get to lvl 12...

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    April 2007. Undead mage, kept him for around 4 days until I got BC and decided I wanted to be a blood elf. Then I got bored of that and my free month and first payment expired and contemplated quitting altogether. Then I bought Warcraft III in a shop for £5, played it and loved it. Then I made the Orc Shaman I play until this very day.

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    I believe mine was a Night Elf Druid called Blueeagle back in vanilla. She didnt last long. It wasn't until I re-stared around the time of WotLK that I created my Amy, who became my true first character.

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    Male Draenei Paladin took me a week to reach level 10 :3

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    Orc Hunter with the sole purpose of ruining peoples Role Playing experience and giving WoW players alot of grief. i'm hooked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    What was your first wow character?

    Mine was an orc shaman.I started with the 10 day trial.I was looking at the trailers and said that this game was great.And started with an orc shaman because of Thrall from warcraft 3.
    Started during late Vanilla with a 10 day trial. Played as a Human Paladin.
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