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    Had three first characters, my very first, a tauren warrior which I got to level 3, a night elf warrior that I got to level 8, and a dwarf hunter called darndwarf that I got to level 10, I walked all the way to durotar to tame a raptor on that hunter,

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    NE Warrior. Oh the fun I had even though the grinding of mobs
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    NE warrior as well. I loved playing her even though I hadn't a clue what I was doing

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    Dwarf warrior on beta. First live character was a rogue which I got to 60 then rerolled a priest as 40% of the server were rogues.

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    Hmm...very long time ago, in vanilla. I started a warrior, got him to about level 40 and then abandoned him after getting ganked over and over by an equal level feral druid in STV. Then started a rogue and did much better but something was just So I started another warrior but this time stuck to it all through the rest of vanilla and TBC until the start of wotlk when I got destroyed by a a ret paladin 5 levels below while I was 70 and wearing pvp gear. Then I started a dk and played all through wotlk until about 3 months into cata when I took a very long break and played swtor and tera.

    It seems I will play warriors once more.

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    Human pally, I had just finished playing runescape so I was in that kind of mind frame,

    His name is, horderkiller, I dont use him much for obv reasons and I can't afford a name change before its suggested
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    Troll rogue called Attacktroll. Reached level 42 then TBC came out, and I made a Blood Elf paladin

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    Paladin 10 day trial went from there
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    My very first character was a druid, which I played in Vanilla. I switched class for TBC, and since I played on a different realm when I wanted to play a druid again, I leveled a new one so my level 60 druid is preserved:
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    When you play a video game, you don't put any "effort" into it at all. You're pushing keys on a keyboard, you're not running a marathon or playing a sport.

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    night elf hunter..started playing about 2 weeks after vanilla was released and it is still my main toon!

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    A REALLY ugly orc hunter, back in vanilla. I got bored with WoW extremely fast, I only got him to around 20 level, and came back about a year later, when I found out some of my school mates were playing Alliance on another server. And then I started a Gnome Mage, with whom I have stayed for like 3 years.
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    That would be my Female Night elf Hunter who I still have and will always consider my main, she is currently level 85 and I am leveling her next (I did my Shaman first because I love her just as much).

    I never once deleted her nor rethink my decision.

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    Night elf hunter that I always hated and wanted to be a druid anyway.
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    Tauren Shaman back in the open beta in -04. First char in retail WoW was an Undead Mage.
    Basically the ones I played as main are as follows:

    Beta: Tauren Shaman
    Vanilla: Undead Mage -> Tauren Shaman -> Undead Mage (same one as before)
    TBC: Tauren Shaman -> ½ year break -> Draenei Hunter -> Draenei Shaman
    Wotlk: Draenei Shaman
    Cata: Draenei Shaman until I retired in 2011.

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    My first character was tauren shaman as well. Female one! For some reason those were extremely rare. I never switched to an alt till TBC. Have Warlord feat of strength on her and a couple of pvp videos on wowmovies.
    my druid Active

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    human pala aerie peak us on a trial acc, still have the acc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    What was your first wow character?

    Mine was an orc shaman.I started with the 10 day trial.I was looking at the trailers and said that this game was great.And started with an orc shaman because of Thrall from warcraft 3.
    Dwarf hunter ....10 day trial account ....became full sub few months after TBC went live....Still play her....she is my main...she is decked out in BWL Dragonstalker gear mog set with a Dragonbreath Hand Cannon...even still have my first pet I tamed ...Snow Leopard...named Mouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuben View Post
    A male night elf druid in American open beta.
    Over a year...

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