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    my very first character was my BE paladin. I was tricked to go holy as my RAF told me to heal him. I leveled as holy and never looked back

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    A human warlock back in WoW classic, got it to level 58, it's still 58.

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    A female Night Elf Hunter on a trial account.

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    An orc warrior named Fenri on Onyxia server, got to 56 I think and rerolled a belf hunter which was my main off and on throughout bc, wotlk and cata.

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    Dwarf Paladin named McCool.

    I rolled an Orc Hunter and decided I prefered Horde about a week later. McCool was so jacked up from me being a noob, I didn't even want to try to fix him so he's deleted now.

    I'm all Horde now. I guess Orissa would be my remake of old McCool.
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    My hunter, still my main, was my very first, about 5 years ago, he was a nelf when i started, but Frostheim showed me the light. Now most of my toons are dwarves, except my druid who would be if it was possible, and my paladin who just feels right as a human.

    Dwarves are the only alliance race I love, if I was horde I would probably have a greater variety (though probably favouring trolls) , because I find the races a little more interesting, but I rolled alliance and made friends and that's it for the foreseeable future.

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    My VERY first, was an orc warrior during open beta before the game came out.

    My first character when retail came around was a NE warrior. Awww I miss her ; _ ; Got banned due to a misunderstanding.
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    Undead Warrior Lady named Vianne. A friend bought the collecters edition of World of Warcraft and he gave me the 10 days trial code that, at this time, was only given away with collectors editions.

    I played the game for 10 days and went back to Ragnarök Online, thinking to myselve: "Meh, 3D MMOs will never amount to anything."

    I kinda made a false assumtion there...

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    A troll hunter back in the Vanilla days. I only got to lvl25 or so before re-rolling as an undead rogue (my current main), but I still have him around.

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    Human Paladin back in vanilla, the whole reason i even started playing WoW was because of warcraft 3, and i based my paladin around prince arthas, I regret not starting a tauren warrior because if anyone remembers, paladins were a pain in the ass to level back in vanilla.

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    Night Elf Hunter & Troll Shaman
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    tauren shaman on launch day...getting ready to bring him to pandaria

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    Human Mage. Doesn't exist anymore.
    After 2 weeks I realised Horde was were all the fun was at.
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    Human warrior, BC. Still have him. Finally got him out of retirement and server transferred him. Never realized how many nice goodies he had from back in the day.

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    Orc Hunter I rolled on December 9th 2005.. still my main today.

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    My first of two Night Elf Druids (the second to cover all four specs, before there were even 'officially' four specs) and I still have him. He was my toon who had everything (mounts, pets, achievements), before the whole Mists account-wide change.

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    Rolled a human paladin as my first a few months after BC came out. Never switched mains but still have multiple 85's. If I ever return, it will still be my main.

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    Undead warrior with tailoring and alchemy, first 2 profs I found.

    Logged out around 12 or so, and could not figure out how to find him again when I logged back in (so many realms) and so I made a human paladin because I wanted a warrior that could heal

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    Started in BC, a blood elf hunter... :/

    For wrath I decided to roll a resto druid and I haven't changed since.

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