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    My Mage, from the signature. She was the first char I ever created back in march 2007.
    She was my main from the first second on. Never had another main in all these years, never tought about to switch. And still love the class like on the first day

    The only difference is, she was a male Undead first named Arkiou, but well since cata female goblin

    I'm 100% sure that I will play my mage as main, till the last time I will log out, forever. Was a good choise ^.^

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    Night elf priest... got her to lvl 10 and I wanted to go to Stormwind... I took the wrong way and ended up at the gate of the searing gorge and after having just ran all the way from darnassus, dying because I was too low of a level and since I didn't want to run back and keep dying I just logged out, deleted that character and created a human mage xD

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    A troll hunter back in early '05 on one of my friend's account

    Can't remember the name, and he was probably deleted years back

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    Troll shaman...very old one. Still have skyfury helmet on him

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    Orc Warrior. Born Horde! But I rerolled after I found my love for healing

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    I started off with an orc warrior back in TBC and played it until mid wrath when I switched to my human mage (which I still play today as my main). I havent really played my warrior since then...

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    My first character I ever played was a buddy's warlock (got me into the game) but that was on his account. First character I could say was mine is the same one I still play today below my signature, my Hunter. Tried DK in Wrath and Monk this xpac, slowly figuring out i'm a Hunter for life.

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    Draenai Shaman back in mid-BC. Still my main, will always be. I can't stand playing any other class as main, shaman is just by far my favorite play style.
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    Back in Vanilla on my brother's account, I made a Night Elf rogue. Fun times.

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    Very first was a Human Warrior. I didn't know much about the game, the dude who got my playing played a Human Warrior so I figured why not. I think I got it to like level 33 and then tried out a Warlock. Had a blast with it, got it to around 35 and then Burning Crusade was released. Started a Draenei Shaman and that Shaman has been my main ever since 2007

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    Should add a poll of how many people stuck with their first ever character as main.

    Started as a Night Elf Male Hunter on Bronze Dragonflight Eu in around 2007-2008. Been to Twisting Nether Horde as Female Orc then to Outland Eu as Draenei female, Worgen male, Human female and now Pandaren female.

    It has always been my main although I do have 7 other 85s soon to be 90s which I actively play to not get bored too much of one class and have things to do in the game when my Hunter has done everything.

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    My first was a dwarf paladin. I tried the 10 days free back at the end of BC and that was enough. I tried blacksmith and was broke. Tried horde side, had a random max level toon give me 1000 gold and that was that. For the Horde.
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    My first ever was a human mage back in vanilla, trying it out on my brother's account. Can't recall much more than that, I'd gotten it to 33 and then stopped playing. Eventually got my own account and mained a NE druid from the middle of Burning Crusade to Cataclysm. I remember only hitting level cap a month or two before Wrath's launch. I was such a slow leveller back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    What was your first wow character?

    Mine was an orc shaman.I started with the 10 day trial.I was looking at the trailers and said that this game was great.And started with an orc shaman because of Thrall from warcraft 3.
    Well... it was a male human mage. It was back in Vanilla and I had the shittiest of shit computers, and I could barely play it, so I didn't play it anymore. But I don't count that really.

    But, my first character was back in BC, and it was a male human paladin. Now that Paladin is a female blood elf and I still play it to this day.
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    My very first character was a human warrior I made on a buddy's account who was showing me the game. I was still playing City of Heroes at the time, and the idea of "auto attack" mystified me (frankly I still think it's kinda pointless) so I kept hitting the attack button thinking it was a click power instead of a toggle.

    Made a Tauren shaman on another server when I got my trial account. He is still there on principle. As soon as I got BC, made my namesake Belf Paladin.

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    My first toon was a night elf rogue. Thought it was cool cause he had 2 swords. True fact: thats the only time Ive ever played a rogue and ever will. Ive been playing for 2-3 years now and thats the only class I haven't re rolled or played since I first made a toon.

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    Well I made a night elf druid in beta and got it to like 20 or something?
    But my first in game char was a Tauren hunter, I only got him to like 15 before the server broke and was shut down for like a week or 2 so I switched servers and made a human pally. I still have the Tauren but I dont ever play him.

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    I actually bought the original WoW a few months after release, as I really wanted to play it.
    But I had failed to realize that WoW required an online connection, and a monthly fee, as I didn't look it up.

    So I downloaded a private server(hosted on my own pc), and made myself a Dwarven Paladin. I got until to lvl 23. It just didn't seem fun at all.

    It wasn't until somewhere mid TBC, that my best friend suddenly suggested that we play WoW together.
    At this point I actually had a decent connection and was able to pay the fee, thus resulting in me creating myself a Blood Elf Paladin.
    And to this date, he's still my main character. And he always will be. Too many memories playing this lil fella.

    Thanks to Elyaan for the great sig!

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    my current warlock since 07
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    Male tauren warrior. I didn't really plan on what realm to play, so I just hit the "suggest realm" button. I only got that character to level 15 before I found out a real life friend played alliance on a different server, so I switched there and rolled a dwarf warrior. That was my second character, and he's been my main since I rolled him. I haven't picked up MoP yet.

    I still have the level 15 tauren warrior. He's been sitting abandoned on that other server since whenever I started playing, way back in vanilla.
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