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    Nov 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA, USA
    A night elf druid, who was my BC co-main and WotLK main, which I still have after seven years...even though she's now a troll and still level 85. I'll get there eventually.

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    Nelf Hunter for the first day of my 10 day trial back in October of '07. Got lost on Teldrassil, so I made a Troll Hunter who remains my main toon to this day.

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    Mine was a female troll shaman back in Vanilla. I played on my brother's account and I managed to reach level 14 before I grew tired of it, and I was so proud. I didn't start playing again until WotLK.

    I chose shaman because I thought they were in touch with the nature and stuff so I would be able to transform into animals. I didn't really read up on the classes very well, otherwise I would have chosen druid...

    I play as alliance now, but trolls are still my favourite class in the game.

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    Troll hunter back in Wrath. Made it on the wrong server though, so only got him to level 21 before starting a new char on the right server - this was a Tauren Druid.

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    Hunter, male troll - was having a blast through the first 15-20 levels, then it died, but... THEN DK'S WERE BORN! and I ended up taking the hunter to 55 just to get a death knight.

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    God, I remember my first character...a male Undead Warlock (back when, I believed Warlocks were Horde exclusive, instead of Shamans, for some reason), named... "Deathsteak". Yeah. I remember I got an Imp named "Pizloz", and I absolutely thought the name was hilarious, and I'd talk about him to my cousin (who didn't care about the game at all). I got him to level 24, got to Hillsbrad Foothills (I think?)...I died to those lions so many damned times. I had no idea what I was doing, and I loved the game to death. I remembering forming a group with a random player to do a level 8-ish quest, and Needing on a Malachite because it was green quality! I was rich! Ah, the good ol' days.

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    No idea to be honest - I wasn't allowed to buy WoW for years until I finally convinced them that given my good school results while having an xbox in the house, I probably could cope with WoW and not crash and burn.

    As a result, I played trial accounts under dozens of different fake email addresses for a good year (during BC, I remember seeing the ZA patch logo on the launcher screen the first time I made a trial) or so before finally being allowed to get it. I really don't know which character was the very first one I played as a result, though one of my trial characters, my last one before getting the game, ended up becoming my main to this very day - troll hunter called Strangletusk.

    I still recall the 'trial days' with great fondness. Swimming across the river from durotar into the barrens as a level 2 and getting destroyed by the hyenas and raptors, thinking 'this must be a really high level place with such dangerous creatures!'

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    Human Priest. Ended up being mothballed almost the entirety of my WoW career.
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    Newcastle. Toon Army!
    My night elf hunter. I still play it too. Though it's 85 right now. Started literally on day one of vanilla. Same name as my name on these forums.

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    Female night elf hunter got her to 27 then deleted cus hunters died too much (I have a 40 hunter now and i still think they die too much, squishier than mages imo).

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    The Lightbringer
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    Night Elf Hunter back in 2005

    now it's draenei (didn't like the bow animation and Gift of the Naaru was so good for dungeon solo back in the days) but same toon (race/sex changed, male draenei is ugly)
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    Male Orc Warlock, created in '05. Just recently picked up the game again after quitting midway through TBC and I'm busy leveling him to 90. I've only had MoP for a week and he's level 85 already. My, how times have changed since Vanilla/TBC.

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    Undead... Warlock, I think. Back when they did the open stress test beta.

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    A female night elf hunter on another guys account, was sometime under the first week of the release. Anyway, got hooked pretty fast.

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    WoW open beta. Excidium. Undead rogue.
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    First character was a human mage during my 10 day trial period.
    On day 2 I encountered a female draenei warrior named Tizidia. She helped a level 15 mage to get to booty bay, because I wanted the dress from moon festival and needed a coin...

    After that I immediately went out to buy WoW+TBC and created my lovely draenei priestess.

    To this day, she is my main character.

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    In vnilla I think I was warrior then a rogue, rogue may have come first not sure... I just remember shield bash being the most amazing skill to me when it was a 51 talent I think. My memories of vanilla are extremely vague.

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    Asukalakusa, a human female mage, created November 23rd, 2004 - the day vanilla launched. Though she's on Tichondrius now, she was created on Ner'Zhul and only recently transferred to Tichondrius in 2012. She's currently my main, but I switch off between her and my horde mage every other expansion.

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    Human warlock, although i grew to hate the tediousness of playing the class, so all it did was sit at a mailbox and disenchant things for all of wrath + cata, probably still would now if i still played

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