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    In Classic, when I played with a friend's account, it was a female Undead rogue.
    When the Burning Crusade rolled around, and I got my very own account, I made a female Blood Elf priest who is my main to this day.

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    Tauren druid back in vanilla cos a friend told me that only horde is cool and i should pick druid so i wont need mount rofl.
    Stopped after 1 day, didnt enjoy the game at all. Started again in middle TBC and played undead rogue for a long time.

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    first started wow mid wotlk my first was a human lock got to 14 and tried soo many alts then found my shaman <3

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    First character was a human mage. levelled it to level 10 and then my friend was like "mages? really. warlocks are more badass" so i deleted the mage and rerolled lock. still my main all these years later, although i have way too many alts now as well. even a mage..

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    The first character I made was a gnome mage, I leveled him a few levels before I made a hunter instead. I still play a hunter as my main after three years, though not the same one(I made a new hunter on my friends' realm.)

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    Human Priest. Changed servers, made Night Elf Priest. Decided I hated bouncing like a bimbo, and made another Human Priest. Played her through the beginning of Cata, then race changed to Gnome Priest.

    All about the Priesting.

    Original Priest is still on the original server, rotting away.

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    Human paladin vanilla still ahve him at 85 dont have the ehart to get rid of him either love me pala ...shame i went horde and amde him a belf male .

    But my gear looks fabulous now lol.
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    A male night elf druid in American open beta.

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    My very first character was on a friends account. A Draenai Female Hunter. I got her to about lvl 30 untill i started WoW myself.
    On my own account i started a druid at first. But at lvl 15 i switched back to my current Hunter Main

    Yea im a Altoholic~
    Proud Hunter since 2007~

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    A druid that I started back in vanilla. I've almost stayed feral on that char since level 16 (Before 16 I specced in every tree so )
    I still play on that druid but I got many alts now that I sometimes swap over too when my druid get to nerfed or my alts get to buffed (PvP)

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    Orc Warlock, because I thought I would like pets. It's still sitting on a server I don't play on anymore around lvl 50.

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    My first was a human warlock in Vanilla, I still remember my cousin telling me about this really hard boss at the time (Van Cleef) I was so in awe about the zones in the game.. oh nostalgia.

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    Made a Tauren Shaman in open-beta (PvP1 or w/e) and remade it for release. Strangest memory I have from back then is healing SFK as Enhancement.

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    classic beta, human paladin, male

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    My very first WoW character is this guy, my paladin, ever since I played trial in June of 2006. Well, the trial one still exists (Level 20), because I was playing with a friend, who then wanted to transfer his 60 character to another realm, so I just made a new paladin on that realm with the same name and looks. Its that character that I still play to this very day and always will.
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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.
    My first character was a human male paladin (I know, right?) named Rillak on the realm Sunstrider. I made him about five months after release. I played him as holy spec with strength gear and a 2h up till level 50, where I played retribution when they released Crusader Strike.

    Yeah, I was a really slow leveler, I hit 60 like a week before Burning Crusade was released, so I never got to experience the vanilla content.

    Even though I've switched servers alot, and changed his appearence alot, he's still my main. He's (she's) now known as Tenenbaum, a dwarf female paladin.

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    i always liked being somewhat defensive in mmo's, so i decided to play a paladin after playing the trial at a friends place. so when i told the guy who introduced me to wow that i wanted to play paladin as a tank, he laughed at me and said i should go warrior instead (in vanilla, you dont tank if you're not a warrior) so i created a warrior with the epic name "Doomfist". leveled him to 54 and then decided that i wanted to try paladin and see how that plays, so i made a paladin and never looked back since...
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    The most nerfed class in WoW is <my class>. <my class> seems to get nerfed every damn patch, unlike those <other class> that get buffed and still want more!

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    A Tauren Hunter named Caiada, still by far my favorite character, and my only 85. I miss playing him sometimes. :/ Have no WoW sub.

    I've really got no idea why I picked that race or class, but it grew on me. The absolutely monstrous Tauren bow models are quite intimidating.

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    My first was a male tauren warrior with the awesome name of Blueberryman!

    Still got him, he's 85, but changed the name, server and faction since then. Using him mainly for alt raids when we need a second tank

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    Male orc warrior on the server Bloodhoof, named Kilrathi, made him the second day servers were up back in 2004. I got him to lvl 17 and then deleted him because I thought the playstyle was boring, made an orc hunter named Daffodil, who is a Dwarf hunter now and one of my more actively played characters.

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