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    Human Warrior, the most basic thing ever when I started as an utter noob with the help of my cousin in Northshire. Got to about 21-22 or so before I quit until BC came out.

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    Legit, first EVER character was a dwarf hunter on the 10 day trial named Elber. Never got out of the start zone, got to about level 3, got owned by those troggs/trolls and re-rolled a human rogue named Mordelly. The rogue lasted me about a month. Was my first character on my full account, leveled to around 20 before I deleted and re-rolled a nelf rogue with the same name, at the insistance of my friends who were all nelfs.

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    Troll Shaman on my brother's account, he let me play it when he was out. Got it to like level 18 then gave in levelling and jut started running around. The first character on my account was an Undead Warlock - dots ftw.

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    Human Mage, got to level 4 and saw a feral druid and just HAD to have the ability to be a bear.. Instant reroll to nelf druid and guess what? I levelled as Balance.

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    A troll warrior named Ironfang, i didn't even know how to change his appearence, so he was quite ugly with a pink mohawk.

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    My first character was Phoef, and its still my main.

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    First char was an night elf hunter, got him to lvl 15 then i got bored and made a priest instead

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    Female night elf rogue, Galandriel )

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    Started the 10 day free trial and leveled a Warlock. I bought the game and he was my first max level character but I unfortunately deleted him a month ago

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    My first was a nightelf rogue on my (at the time) flatmates account. They went out (around 9pm) as I had work the next day and I was still on it when they came back in at about 3am.
    Though I only got to level 5 and was spamming the autoattack button like a mad man.

    Once I got my account, I started an ork warlock, belf pally and human warror (all to about level 10-20) but quickly went back to a rogue, and he is still my main now.

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    night elf druid.. i can remember speccing feral bear for DPS... i mean, WTF's a tank right?

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    My Warrior, He's been my main since Day 1 and I don't plan to change that anytime soon!

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    Troll warrior, about a week after release. Got him to about level 15 before rerolling Alliance.
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    In classic I started leveling a Night Elf Hunter.
    He's still in his 30s. I leveled my Paladin to 60, quit the game.
    I leveled my druid to 80 in patch 3.3.
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    my first one was a dwarf paladin. joined in late lk, and thought it was a nice combo.

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    My very first toon was a night elf druid because the opening video to wow back then showed a druid shapeshifting into catform. Got to level 20 and deleted her because it was not an easy class to play back then and my husband looked like he was having an easy time with his hunter. So rerolled hunter and still have her to this day =)

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    Undead mage named Zicco, got him to 2x level and then after some patch bags were buged on him beyond repair, many ppl had same problem and as i wasn't at so high level i made another undead mage who was my main till late wotlk.

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    i started with a 10 day trial around the 12th september 2006 and bk then i thought the only class that excisted was a warrior (since thats the only class my friends had showed me and the first class that pooped up when u pressed create) so i first made a undead warrior since wanted too try all races and see wich warrior was the most "fun" he lasted too around 10-ish then i started a tauren... he got too 16 and i thought i was super high and sheet so he was my main through vanilla

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    I rolled a undead warrior when my firend recruited me towards the end of tbc...i rerolled around lv 50 but during wotlk i leved him to 70 something and leveled his jc and enchating to the max.i love him for all the fond memories i have had with him and the fact he makes more gold than my main will ever make

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    i played a mage in beta. back when the chat/combat boxes were credit-card size and could not be resized (at least i couldnt figure out how to resize them). during live, i played mage again, since i thought it would be the "cheapest" toon to level (previous games i was plate-wearing toons). through christmas i was mage and then hit 60 soon afterward. farmed ore (yes..on my mage lol) to sell and buy my first mount (40g was a ton back then!) and after gearing up through strat & scholo, started my warrior. mage (fire)/warr (prot)/pally (prot) have been my mains ever since.

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