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    My first character is still my main after 7 years.

    Dontrike/Shadow Priest/Black Cell Faction Friend Code - 5172-0967-3866

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    my paladin... how I miss playing him as my main

    gah, gif wrath raiding back to meh!

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    human pally named Jizzus in 2005, hes now 85 and retired

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    Day 1 classic Orc hunter.

    Only fond memories of pulling/peeling/kiting in MC and BWL, was one of the first on my server to get Chromaggus X-bow, which I had a lot of fun 1 shotting cloth in BGs with. Parked him in AQ40 and swapped to resto druid.

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    Priest from day one. Still my main.

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    Night elf rogue! Made in the original WoW. Starting in Teldrassil still makes me smile from the fond memories. The rogue was my main till this expansion. He's still second to be levelled though!

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    My first was an undead mage that I rolled back the very first day the EU server stormrage reared its head. Took the day off work and everythang. Some friends that also rolled back then were a shaman and an undead priest. I used to get yelled at by the shaman-tank for over aggroing... :/

    I still have it around, although he's stuck at level 60. I simply refuse to delete it for nostalgia reasons.

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    i started as a human paladin, but i didnt really enjoy it.
    so i switched too a troll mage and used that as my main till i went hunter.

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    Vanilla Beta was a strange and wonderful time. I levelled a nightelf male druid to 14, but I simply wasnt feeling it.
    I was fresh out of Warcraft3 and wanted to feel (Mal)Furionish. But the nelf males felt lanky and awkward and not really like (Mal)Furion at all!

    .. this hasn't changed.

    Made a dwarf warrior instead because Mountain Kings.
    Took my favorite Starcraft unit and anagrammed their name to name my dwarf.
    Re-made him on Live and have had him as my main ever since.

    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Night Elf mage that I got to around level 13 before my friend said I wasn't on his server, that I was on a PvP server instead. Naturally I deleted him
    ''The only true failure is when you stop trying''.

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    Dwarf holy priest called 'Faithwielder'. Deleted it a few years back, don't know how i managed to play as a Dwarf for so long...

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    A human warrior at the release of BC, or so I very vaguely remember. My brother swears that I started right before it was released, so I started in vanilla, but what do I know. I can't remember 7-8 years ago. My mind is terrible now. lol. Either way, I still have that character. He collected dust when Wrath was released, but I brought him back at the end of Cata and now into Mists, he is an alt I focus on a lot more now. Ah memories.

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    I started WoW with a Orc Warrior in the launch week, but after a few levels i quited it, cause i didn't like it. Rerolled a Troll Hunter afterwards. Played that for a very long time. Until friends wanted to Alliance, so i deleted the troll hunter (cause back in those days you couldn't have both an Horde and Alliance on the same realm) and made a Gnome mage. Never played long on that mage, cause i missed playing Hunter. So i dismissed the mage and made a troll Hunter again and left my friends. I loved playing Horde more then playing Alliance, so bye friends im going horde again :P .

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    Started few months after WoW's release. I rolled Hunter because I wanted to have a pet which looked like my pet IRL (a black cat <3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakEyy View Post
    A druid that I started back in vanilla. I've almost stayed feral on that char since level 16 (Before 16 I specced in every tree so )
    I still play on that druid but I got many alts now that I sometimes swap over too when my druid get to nerfed or my alts get to buffed (PvP)
    started as feral too, first at a private server when wow wasn't available in europe yet. Shortly after the game was there most of the guild moved to the server we are now. it is still my main and I only changed the race to worgen somewhere in cata. Also got most classes as alts so I can do something different every now and then and mostly for professions ;-)

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    First one was Nightelf warr. Got bored within 2min playing it. Logged out deleted it and then rolled Gnome Warlock.

    That was back in Vanilla

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    Vanilla- a few months before AQ. Made a Druid called Furion. But I deleted him.
    My first offical character that I managed to lvl is my Night Elf hunter called Arrowwrath, which was on me and my bro's shared account. Then come first Christmas of TBC, he bought me the WoW Battle-Chest, and made me my own account, and transferred my hunter over. Unfortunately, the original name was taken, so I renamed him to Arrowsloth. Wen;t through a few race changes since MoP, and now he is a she-BloodElf called Shyala.
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
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    Wow necro much?

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    This little guy:

    got WoW before xmas '05 and started leveling before AQ gates opened up (I was lvl 56 when it happened being a n00b trying to quest in silithus). As you can tell... not soon after I sold my soul and started the pvp grind.


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    In Vanilla started a Dwarf Paladin named Carthos. It's still my main. As a horde counterpart I created a tauren warrior named Carthrax. That one is now a gnome warrior. I still play both and lots of other alts but Carthos is my main character still.

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