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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterpd85 View Post
    This little guy:

    got WoW before xmas '05 and started leveling before AQ gates opened up (I was lvl 56 when it happened being a n00b trying to quest in silithus). As you can tell... not soon after I sold my soul and started the pvp grind.

    Wow brings back memories... I remember that mace you have there... where did that drop? I totally forgot

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    Human Warlock played to lvl 40 in vanilla WoW later I started another Warlock on a different realm as undead and still playing this char as main

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    Undead warrior 1.9 - 1.11 patch i think, it was strange, let's say not hosted by blizzard at the time. I joined blizzard later on with undead female warrior on my trial account. When i started playing fo realz, it was bc and belf females all the way baby!

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    the current priest, xfered with me to the current server. I dont have many alts, the only true alt is my mage, the other alt was the healadin which I intended to make it main but switched back to priest right after.

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    Khalltusk, Tauren shaman few weeks after Vanilla release.

    My brother was an undead rogue, a work mate was a troll priest and his mate was a tauren warrior. I got my 2 friends to join one a tauren druid the other an undead rogue.

    A lot of fun leveling we had. We knew nothing of the game and it was a blast. Random PVP doing dungeons you name it. Then the day pvp ranks came out and tarren mill exploded like never before. I was level 55 at the time afaik.

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    my very first toon is still at my account, an undead warrior. despite that im not playing with it anymore, knowing that it's still sleeping and waiting for me at Boulderfist / eu kinda feels good.

    my main is a human tankadin at Moonglade / eu now. (not a roleplayer)

    edit: forgot to add my e-peen flex. creation date of said warrior: april 2005

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    Human Paladin after watching a friends brother raid Classic many times I finally got to play the game in WOTLK though.

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    Mine was an Orc Hunter. But I only got him to lvl 10. Then I switched faction because of rl friends and started a rogue. Today I'm Horde and I never played a Hunter again since this day...

    The Hunter is still my bank char.

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    Mine was a female warrior back in Vanilla... I named her "Spanky" but got a Blizzard-forced name change around level 16... Got pissed, deleted her, created a hunter instead. The hunter was my raidingchar in MC, BWL, AQ40 after which I made a priest instead and raided TBC with. In wrath the priest was replaced by a pallytank and in Cata I stopped raiding completely. Dinged my chars here in Panda but stopped WoW after that due to LFR destroying "normal guilds" and being bored after so many years of playing the same game.

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    Early in Vanilla I was tempted to try the free trial by a housemate at uni, I'd spent a bit of time watching him run around on his undead warrior on his bony pony mining stuff, he was about level 54 at the time iirc, and it didn't look overly interesting (I'm not certain but as he wasn't really killing anything just mining I'm assuming he was mining in a lower level area) and I wasn't really interested tbh. However my other housemate did take an interest and decided to try the free trial, the original WoW playing housemate had decided to make an alt with him, so I though why not its free to try!

    We rolled alliance (oringial guy wanted a change) I made myself a Dwarf Hunter and set off into the World of Warcraft. I got to about level 5, found a white and purple cloth robe and wore that (cloth is pro for hunters yo) I remember running to Ironforge and seeing the statue in the entrance way of the dude with the axe and the mace, I decided I wanted my Dwarf to be like that, so set off to find myself a mace and an axe, to my dismay I couldn't weild maces! A notion I didn't really understand, because realistically they're just like axes but easier to use as you don't need to worry about which way the blade is facing...

    My dreams were shattered, strewn across the snow... Not long after I made my way to Loch Modan, where my faithful pet complained of his hunger, I tried to feed him but he rejected my offers of food, I tried everything I had, but whatever it was he only wanted meat, my bread and melon just didn't do it for him. I panicked I didn't know what to do. I quickly dispatched the white wolf I was currently doing battle with, and quickly started making my way to the village I'd just picked up my quests from - surely someone there could help me feed my pet?!

    Alas I got to the village, and could not find a vendor who would sell me any meat, again my pet complained of his hunger. Worrying now, not wanting the worst to happen I quickly weighed up my options, the map suggested there was another village not far from me, but what if that too lacked the meat I needed, would I be better off heading straight to Ironforge? I decided to risk heading straight to Ironforge. Not knowing how long I had (nor really knowing the implications of what my pets hunger meant) I set my pet to passive and ran straight to the pass back to Dun Morogh to get to Ironforge, rather than following the road. Before long I had a trail of angry beasties following me, before long I was dazed and surrouded, I told my pet to attack, he looked at me with sad disappointed eyes, lowered his head and turned away, leaving me alone, to deal with my fate...

    I soon died, I resurrected at the Spirit Healer, all my gear was broken, I had res sickness and I was alone, so horribly alone.

    In front of my keyboard my shoulders sagged, "fuck this shit" I announced as I logged out - rage quitting as I have since known it to be called, and deleted my first WoW character.

    During this time the original friend had since got bored of playing alliance, and had returned to his undead warrior upon his bony pony, I made my way up to his room, and told him what had transpired, he chuckled slowly and suggested I try a warlock, he sold it to me by saying that they use horrible shadow magic that eats away over time, and they, like the hunter, are a pet class, however they summon and dominate their minions, and they don't need feeding nor can they run away! This sounded ideal, so I joined him on his server making my Undead Warlock - Nurgle. Nurgle made it to level 26 before I fancied a change, I rolled a Tauren Resto Druid, called Hobb, which would then become my main until Naxx 25, and again from ICC to the end of Cata. Every now and then I would go back to Nurgle and level a bit more. eventually near the end of Cata I finally got my Warlock to max level, about a month before MoP was released. He is now my second toon to level 90.

    TL:DR: Rolled a Dorf, Pet ran away, rage quit, rolled a lock - who is now my second level 90

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    Oh boy, where to begin?

    My very first character, would have to be a human warrior I created called "Aragorn" yes, it was named after the human king in LOTR. I had gotten to level 16, and hadn't cared so much about anything else in the game, just about how he looked. I thought it was funny, and awesome that I had a wooden sword. I thought myself to be a badass for having it. My first stressful moment of WoW, was when I ended up in Kharanos, lost in the snow. I didn't know what a map was, I didn't know where I was, and I'd always asked around "Where am I?" Players would answer "Kharanos" so I quit for the day.

    I came back the next day, kept asking general chat over and over, and I got no answers. I finally found civilization, and followed the road into Ironforge. Several days later, I was in Swamp of Sorrows, hell bent on escaping, because I was always dying to mobs in there. I still didn't know what a map was, I was level 16. I was MAD, that I couldn't escape.

    I rage quit that day, in vanilla WoW.

    Fast forward a few years, to WOTLK, I was one of those noobs who created a death knight because it was new and cool. Now I still play that same death knight, but Im so much better at it lolol

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    I made a Human Paladin on a RPing server. Stood outside SW crafting bags for people... Oh how things have changed :P

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    My first char was an NE hunter created in the very early days of Vanilla.
    It has been my main ever since and still the first one I level every expansion

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    My first character was a bearded Rogue named Beardfury. I deleted him because everyone kept calling him Breadfury.

    I consider the Paladin that replaced him to be my first real character.

    I will eat, sleep, and breathe Dark Souls 3.
    Add me on the PSN for jolly-cooperation @ PuppetShoJustice

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    Tauren Warrior on classic trail if im not mistaken. However i leave game back then very quickly and give it another shot in tbc

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    I suppose the first character was the Dwarven Warrior I played towards the end of the vanilla beta. When the game was actually released, I *think* my first character was a Gnome Warlock. But to be fair, I think I cycled through at least five different classes in those first few days in order to figure out who I wanted to actually play for the rest of the game. Ended up with a Human Priest.

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    Dwarf warrior in vanilla, rocking greys until my level 60 MC clearing friend told me the error of my ways and introduced the AH to me. Got that to level 12 then made a hunter which has remained my main ever since.

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    My very very first one was a human male warrior I made on a friends account back in vanilla days, about sometime when AQ were fresh. We sat at a internet café and I leveled it to 12.
    When I got home he let me borrow his account again and I made a night elf male hunter to 27.
    A few days later I bought my own account and made a priest which were my main until I recently quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Wow necro much?
    if you think 3 months is a necro, then you haven't seen many worse necro's.
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
    Part of the reason is that Battlegrounds are like ducks.
    My Nintendo FC is 2208-5726-4303.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    What was your first wow character?

    Mine was an orc shaman.I started with the 10 day trial.I was looking at the trailers and said that this game was great.And started with an orc shaman because of Thrall from warcraft 3.
    A Night Elf Rogue
    we created it on 1,2,1 client private server
    was cool ^_^

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