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    Had a 10 day trial when I started and played every class for a few levels so I don't know my real first character, but when I finally bought a copy I made a Gnome Warlock but only ever managed to get him to level 10 or 20 before switching out and finally sticking to a ret pally which became my first toon to reach cap. Still have both those toons but my warlock is still only level 50 after about 3 or 4 years (whenever the heck I started playing) & my pally hasn't been my main for a long time.
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    Hunter named Overlucked on Twisting nether i believe. During early TBC.

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    I just wanted to "try WoW out", and my brother let me use his account.
    I had a female Bloodelf Rogue named Amyphetamine. I couldn't believe how helpful people were!
    Rolled her late TBC. Didn't play very much, though. Hit level 30 and decided I had better things to do. I do actually play on my own account now--but I didn't pick WoW back up until riiiiiight before Cataclysm.

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    I had a friend playing WoW just as BC came out, and he eventually got me to come and play, insisting I select human so he can help me. So I made my first toon, and he told me how to attack. The only problem was, he was telling me from the perspective of his warrior how to attack, and I'd made a mage.

    After I got that toon to 70 by June 2007 I ended up "falling out of love" with it and concentrated on a secondary character, my draenei shaman, which to this day is my main. I tried to level my mage during wrath but I spent more time graveyard running than killing, so I decided that I hated mages and I only got it xp through stuff like the lunar festival. Anyway, I did half a level with a friend and got to 75, and then left it until last week. Now after six years, that mage is finally 80, because I played pet battles around Nordrassil in Hyjal consistently!

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    lvl 10 Tauren Warrior named "Slugs" on a trial account in WotLK.

    Mulgore's such a chill place.

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    hmm well the first time i played wow i played a nelf druid on my friends account in vanilla. got to about level 9, then decided it wasnt for me.

    then in 2007 in decided to try again, got a trial account and made a tauren shammy. still there on ghostlands, level 40 something.
    i switched servers and rerolled as a blood elf paladin lol.

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    The first time I ever played WoW was like 3 months before BC came out. I played over my friends house because I didn't have a good computer at the time. I made an Orc warrior, I forget his name but i got to lvl 4 and deleted him. I would go over his house every weekend or like every other day, eventually made a Gnome mage named Frinkle. got him to level 8 and then stopped. Once I got BC my first character that was on my own account was my blood elf mage named Selian. Got him to 70 and raided. Good times.

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    Human Warlock named Luccadeo back in vanilla. I have since race changed him to Orc.

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    Orc Warrior, which was a lousy choice, as it gave me a terrible first impression of the game (Durotar, and how the Warrior class played at lower levels back then).
    Soon afterwards I rolled three other characters that were far more enjoyable. Two of them sill exist (Human Mage and Night Elf Hunter, who is now a Dwarf).
    Yak. Yak never changes.

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    Undead warrior, i wanted to make a warlock but didnt know how. i had seen my friend play one, but this warrior i played had no similar abilities i was totally wtf. lvled him to 4 and then left him for good on a kul tiras server ;p

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    Night Elf Druid. The person that invited me gave a very brief overview of what the classes do and Druid sounded fun :>

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    Bought the game about a month after release day. Created a female troll mage -_-

    Leveled it to 16, before I switched to alliance where I created a female human rogue that would be my main through the end of BC when I sold my account when accounts were actually worth a decent chunk of change. Since then I've never kept a permanent main. Undead priest in wrath, Human paladin in cataclysm, Orc DK in mop

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    My first character was a male nightelf hunter. I leveled him in Goldshire with a friend via Recruit a Friend.
    After 10 Level we both have gone offline.
    Next day I could start leveling before he was online, so I did.
    Died like 10times, full armor was red & since his armor was destroyed, I deleted him.

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    Started with a Dwarf paladin bald with red beard during the EU Beta

    However when the game launched i wanted to have a zone i felt that i know so i made a Gnome Rogue !

    I Was thinking of Gnome warlocks however the Soulshard system seemed weird so i avoided it and also found some pvp video

    I even found it !

    Daddar Does PVP.

    So i made my mighty Gnome Rogue on Stormscale and im actually a fonding member of Core when from Northen Light.

    However i had disconnect issues so i transfered my gnome rogue Sérah to talnivarr instead.

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    Night Elf Druid. I wanted a Night Elf mage, which at the time wasn't available, so it was between a priest and a druid. At the time I thought priests couldn't be damage so I went with the druid (which I'd heard could be a damage caster). Granted, that was back in classic, so priest or druid, people wanted me to heal anyway.

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    Draenei priest did make her in early tbc did level her as holy ,and she is stil holy ^^ never got the Heart to respec her to somthing else

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    Night Elf Warrior. I played Arms and died often. My main in Vanilla.

    I keep him leveled every expansion (usually the last toon I level).

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    Night Elf druid on Moonrunner. Some people I knew from EQ2 convinced me to try WoW. Not long after they stopped playing WoW. I rerolled on another server and stayed there. I still remember that first character, I tried to use caster and polymorph skills equally on every fight I did soloing(all I did was solo), while being spec feral. This was back in TBC 2.1

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    I started WoW when it first came out. My first character was a night elf druid that I got to level 15 before learning about different realm types. At the time I had selected the recommended realm, not really paying much attention. I later learned the server some local gamers had started up on, so I switched servers to join them, as well because I was on a PvE realm and I wanted to be on a PvP realm.

    The funniest thing to me is that all these years later (I just logged into him right now) he's still sitting in darkshore, right where I logged him out some 8 or so years ago (whatever it is now) with the message "your talents have been reset" or whatever the wording on that message is. Sort of amazing that after all the world changing stuff he's still sitting in the middle of forest in darkshore where I left him.

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    Night Elf Warrior, Redlo

    First character and still my main character. He's the achievement hound, explorer, loremaster, and rep grinder.
    "If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

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