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    The very first character that I created was a Night Elf, I don't remember what class. This was during the free trial. When I bought the game the very first character that I actually started to level and play was an Undead Mage.

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    Started in TBC, made a blood elf rogue. Lvled him to 54 and rerolled a paladin, my main yet today.

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    Probably a lvl 2 warrior, but then I started a hunter which took me like 1 year to get to 70 (started her before BC). Good times...
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    Belf rogue my wife got me started in tbc .

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    Mine was Night elf druid....I started him on trial account!
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    human mage in beta.
    human mage on release day.
    human mage in my sig~

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    human warlock at trial
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    Hm, it's either my Night Elf Warrior, or Night Elf Druid, not 100% sure!

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    Undead warlock was my first ever on the 10-day trial. Played it for 20 minutes, deleted it and re-rolled mage. Got that character to around level 11 before I tried using the zeppelin to Durotar and kept getting stuck at the loading screens (had a bad computer overall, but the big problem was I had very little RAM, upgraded to a better computer later on). Eventually ran out of trial time, decided I wanted to keep playing and upgraded my account. Tried a druid once I got it upgraded, got that character to around level 12, then moved on to trying a hunter, and that ended up being my main. I still have the original mage (level 85) and druid (level 83).

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    Night Elf warrior. Draenor EU. Started up there because a friend was playing there. Changed away from warrior pretty quickly, only to eventually go back to it and make it my main permanently.

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    Rolled a warrior in the open beta, although I ended up playing shaman on release.
    Originally we had a group of us that were going to level together, had a little 5 man group all sorted. The we had scheduling issues, and that just didn't ever happen
    As for the shaman; a friend of mine played one in the beta, and it looked a whole lot more fun, so that is what I rolled come release. Still my main to this day

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    Mine was a night elf druid, then a troll hunter (Both are deleted), and then finally a night elf hunter which I played from start of Vanilla to half way through BC before rerolling horde once more.
    Sometimes miss my NElf hunter and his good ol' Sergeant title.

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    Human Paladin. made it the same day i started playing. for 6 years and 10 days ago, still playing the paladin as my main. i have never changed main. but it have changed race quite some. human -> Blood elf -> Human -> Dwarf -> Human -> Tauren

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    Night elf hunter, november 2005 on the server Bronzebeard.
    Still is my main. Bronzebeard -> Draenor -> short stop in Silvermoon -> Grim Batol

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    Started in vanilla with a troll hunter, rerolled ally at lvl 25 because I didn't get any xp from mobs in the early Barrens anymore.

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    Grins. Dwarf Huntard. Got him to lvl 70. Killed him after that.
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    "Tamatzui" an Undead Mage on Khadgar (Normal server)
    Still have her to this day, I go back to her from time to time (I only levelled her to around 18)

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    I played a dwarf hunter back in the beginning of WotLK. It was fun to explore the class and everything in the game

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    Lock named Hihis . Level him up to lvl 40 at the start of tbc until I got hacked .

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