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    The Patient
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    The Kingdom of Lordaeron.
    Human paladin

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    Gnome rogue which I casually played for 1 month before TBC release only reaching lvl 29 :P

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    I honestly don't remember anything about my very first character, as it was a test on my flatmate's copy of WoW. However my first real character was a Paladin called Janaa whom I still play from time to time, not really my main, but my main healer!
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    Warlock, I thought I would be way powerful to have a pet (like just as powerful as another class, but they didn't have a pet so obviously I'd be the best)

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    Orc Hunter with the sole purpose of ruining peoples Role Playing experience and giving WoW players alot of grief. i'm hooked...
    Epic win right there, folks.
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    A Nelf Rogue, after carefully reading through guides and pondering what I liked in other games. Leveled to 11 that first day, and left the game thinking I'd had a lot of fun. Not so much fun though that I didn't roll a second char the second day I played, a Troll Hunter, who was much MORE fun to play and got me hooked on the game for real. He stayed my main till I quit the game late in TBC.

    I actually went back and played that first Nelf rogue about a year ago. Picked his spec and talents, got him some poisons, arranged his action bars, and then did the 2 quests he still had in his quest log (even after the upheavel of Cata). Was a gloriously fun hour of reminiscing.

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    dwarf warrior when i tried wow trial, when I finally did buy wow i went horde as undead mage

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    MogIt probably.
    Tauren druid. I wanted to be a paladin so badly but my friend pushed me to be Horde. I thought druids were going to play something like they did in Diablo II.

    That druid is still a character I play but they're now a Worgen. And now have a paladin main. : >
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    Dwarf hunter named Fradragnix, thought it was the coolest name in the world. I made him on a trial. My parents went out of town and promised to come back with the game, but I couldn't wait so I made another trial and ended up putting the CD key on that account. I was so mad.
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    Human Warrior back in classic WoW.

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    Started as a Forsaken warlock shortly before TBC. Still playing the same character.

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    Female Night elf hunter(due to me playing Wacraft Reign of Chaos before hand <.<), reached max leevel 21(trial) keept on makeing trials and female night elf hunters for some damn reason, then about a month before sunwell patch hit, I bought the game and well didn't make a female night elf hunter, but made a human female paladin, which then turned into a guy..which then turned into a space-goat(yes i'm playing a draenei) cause I loved the new pala mount, and now i'm waiting to get some damn money again, so I can race change him back into a human male Paladin again..

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    First ever was a Tauren Warrior back in Vanilla named Bullalros. Account got hacked, then during BC launch came back as Dwarf Rogue named Zarrok. He was my first character to get to 70. Decided to go back to Horde at that point and made Rhavagore, orc warlock, 2nd 70. It's weird but I consider the three of them as forming my first character before I started sticking with tanks

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    Human Mage

    I meant to make a Warlock but apparently clicked the wrong icon... don't ask how that happened.

    I never really understood how questing worked. I left the lvl 1-6 zone at level 3 and grinded my way to level 10 because I was really excited to see what this "talent point" business was all about.

    To this day, he is only level 28. I keep him for the memories.

    Made a Night Elf druid afterwards because I was bored with the mage. The Night Elf became my first real "main" but is only level 50 nowadays. When I got the BC expansion I made a Blood Elf paladin. Paladins were so boss at lower levels back then, so I loved every minute of leveling him. He became my first max level character, and has stayed that way... I guess he's my "true main" if you will :P

    But that ol' human mage will always be the first.
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    My first was a BElf rogue during BC and he is now lvl 86.
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    My first was a night elf priest, which is still my main now. The only difference is that it's a pandaren now.

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    A female tauren shaman.
    I deleted her at level 13 and started a hunter.

    But I thought the shaman was a druid so I kept asking people when I'd get bear form.

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    Human Warrior. I remember leveling to like 5 or so, thinking it was laggy, than deleting him and decided to switch servers. I went to the bottom of the list and picked "Zuluhed", because I thought it would be dead (fun fact: it is!).

    I made a Night Elf Hunter. Got him to level 13 or so, but Darkshore was horrible so I ended up deleting him. I decided to buy BC when it came out because I really wanted to play Blood Elves (never played Warcraft 3 at that time), and made a Blood Elf Hunter. This character has been my main ever since.

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    Blood Elf Warlock called Zarida.
    Got him to lv 19.
    Couldn't solo the Void quest at lv 15. I was so bad.
    Kept fearing mobs into other mobs.

    Died atleast 60 times before lvl 19.
    Deleted him when I decided to roll Alliance.
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    Human Paladin during Vanilla. Died in the starting area, Elwynn Forest, Westfall...really every zone. Switched servers with friends and created a Night Elf Rogue and never looked back... until the account got hacked halfway through Wotlk.
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