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    A night elf druid...I made him on trail account and played him on my brothers laptop!

    Got to like level 10 or something and bought the game, and loved that druid

    didn't know what I was doing, I was feral spec'ed casting and such >.> I wasn't the brightest in Wow back then

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    Druid First

    Paladin 2nd

    Rogue 3rd

    Shaman 4th
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    NE warrior or hunter back in vanilla. Got to level 40 and became an altoholic, been one ever since.

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    Tauren druid in TBC, took me 2 weeks to get to lv 12/13... which was pretty bad even by those standards back then...

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    orc war, i loved the guy, was all pvp during vanilla, then kinda diped my toes into tanking in BC, which was hard cause everyone loved palis then, but it got shelved when wrath hit and my DK became my main.

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    gnome mage at the beginning of TBC and hes been my main ever since, except now hes a goblin.

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    dwarf mage in vanilla beta.

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    Night elf rogue i think, durring the beta.
    Then i made a hunter, then tried priest and warrior but liked hunter the most so stuck with it
    The hunter was a... Troll or possibly orc

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    A NE Rogue, on an account that got banned back in BC. Started playing at launch, wanted to play a class that could dual wield, and a friend recommended rogue. So off I went. Got him up to 70 before the ban, along with several other classes. But that rogue I will always remember as my first, and the only character I've ever considered my main.
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    Human paladin I belive, then a rogue to around level 6. By then I wasen't sure on what to pick, and my friends was putting pressure on me to decide. Very same day the rogue was level 6, I made my fucking epic druid...7 years later here we are me and my druid, we've done so bloody much together.
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    Human mage, mainly because the Sorceress was one of my favourite units in WCIII.

    I still refuse to change my polymorph from the classic sheep.

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    Nigh elf rogue, shortly after game launch. Looked at both factions' races and went with Alliance because Horde seemed baboony. Never looked back. Went NE because humans looked plump.

    Considered rogue or druid and went with the rogue, which in retrospect was probably a good decision back then, because I wouldn't have been able to play a animal-form, melee-centric druid back in the day as it just wasn't viable or accepted in any way.

    Switched to druid in 2007 anyway. Still wasn't really viable, but at least playable. Race-changed from NE to Worgen at Cata launch because the Worgen were my dream playable race since Vanilla. Gotta love me my Worgen, still the coolest race in-game for me. Still feral (and guardian) druid on my main toon until this day and never looked back!
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    first char was my NE hunter i don't play her anymore but i still have a place in my heart for her. i'll get her to 90 some day then probably not mess with her. my 2nd character is my main
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    Dwarf Rogue Ultragrisen from lvl 1 to the end at lvl 85

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    NE druid, to lvl 10 or so.. just didn't fit me. Went to NE Warrior then and hitting 60 after 9 or 10 days /played felt epic

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    I made a male NE warrior, made it to level 10 and deleted him, and made a female human warrior (like 2 weeks after launch, could not let PlanetSide go), she became undead in wotlk and is yet agian my main.
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    I think I already posted in this thread like half a year ago. Anyway, my shaman during TBC was my first character. I picked shaman because I saw videos of shamans owning everyone in BG's with Sulfuras . Quite happy I did because resto shamans were really OP during TBC .

    I always kept playing my shaman because I put so much time into that character but now with accountwide achievements and mounts and me not being so serious about the game anymore I don't mind playing another class. Got to level them anyway now.

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    Was a human paladin (very original) that I took a lot of care into making because I thought I could only have one toon at a time. I deleted that for a warlock when I say the then super cool imp pet.

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    The character in my sig, created right as Maraudon was released in 2005.

    My main for 8 years.
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    A human protection warrior, but since I am not willing to pay for a realm transfer I restarted that same warrior anew on another realm.

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    For me that was a male human mage

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