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    Field Marshal Draelandria's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Kingdom of Zeal, 12,000 BC
    I was a Night Elf warrior till I hit level 25, and discovered the Horde...and never looked back.

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    Mar 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    I made a feral druid named Itsmyway and I got him to level 30-something. After that, I made my warrior and have played him ever since.

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    NE rogue on Shadow Council, an RP realm

    before I knew what an RP realms were. LOL

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    A Nelf rogue named Shiris on the US Stormrage server. Claim to e-fame: I was the first alliance rogue with a thunderfury on the server. Hilarious BG's followed that, I can assure you.

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    My first character was a Orc Shaman!
    Then in TBC i rolled a Frost mage -> Holadin in WOTLK -> Another shaman in late WOTLK and beginning of CATA -> And now in late cata/mop i am back on my first shaman again Resto ftw.

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    Aug 2012
    My first character ever was a night elf female warrior. I remember my jaw dropping when i first entered darnassus

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    I am Murloc!
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    Nelf Hunter at the end of vanilla.

    No idea wtf I was doing because I hadn't played a video game since I was a little kid but picked up the game after a few of my coworkers introduced me to it and it seemed like fun. I'd vendor green quest rewards and wear white/grey vendor items. I was horrible. I think I quit at level 18 because I thought the game was too hard and I didn't understand what I was doing wrong LOL.

    Came back toward the end of BC and have played on and off since then.

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    The pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.
    Human warrior at the beginning of TBC. Called him Liberata. Got him to level 16 or 17 and then one day I walked past a hunter, "Where did you get that pet?". "You have to be a hunter to get it".

    The funny part is I managed to level a hunter to 65 without ever even having a pet. I have no idea what I was thinking.
    ~The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it. But the way those atoms are put together.~

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    a Human paladin named Elemir. I started playing about a month into the vanilla release which also makes Elwynn forest and Westfall very nostalgic for me.

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    My first toon was a Night Elf Druid. I got it to level 6 before I rolled a hunter since I didn't want to be caster. Funnily enough after tbc Druid became my main, never looked back.

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    A Orc Warrior. Wanted to see how they look and played him till level 5 or so.

    was the end of a beta phase so i just wanted to look around. wanted to play alliance in the beta to not spoil the horde for me but this phase was just 2 days long for me so...

    after the new phase started i played a night elf priestess that was the first charakter i really played.

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    Down Under
    I made a nelf druid and lvled it to somewhere in the start tens. I had no idea why I couldn't move in shadowmeld when I'd seen a rogue do it. Then when I found out, I wanted to reroll rogue but ended up as a mage.

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    New Zealand
    Elvanus, created in April 2005 and changed to the status of alt in 2006. I never quite finished getting him to 85 last expac, as my priest and rogue take priority after my mage.

    Oh, the stories I could tell as a huntard.

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    A Tauren Warrior, il never forget that lil guy, i gave up on him at level 55 in Ungoro crater, left for a few months and came back as a Belf pally, he became my first level 70.

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    Tauren Warrior way back in Vanilla, after seeing my mate play the game and thinking it looked interesting, although he played a Hunter.

    I levelled it to 60, raided with it, eventhough i've switched mains numerous times, i still have it in a character slot, although i have race changed it once or twice.

    First to a Belf, secondly to a Goblin.

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    Mine was a human mage, only got him to level 43 then I started a hunter, still have him

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    on my own account, it was my gnome warlock, back in vanilla, still playing on it today, tho my very first was a dwarf hunter i made on one of my friends account when he first introduced me to the game

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    In your mom's bed
    My first character was Alteam, a human paladin. I started in early TBC. I played almost all classes on a private server before i bought the real deal. The only class i didn't play on the P-server was a paladin so i wanted something fresh and new but that resulted in 30 levels done with my holy specc.

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    My first character is the one I still play as my main today, a Gnome Rogue I rolled back in October 2005. I couldn't imagine main-changing, I've spent so much time with the little guy.
    If oranges are orange, why aren't bananas yellow?

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    At first I made my Orc Warrior on Azjol-Nerub-EU, but shortly after playing there I realized it was a PvE server, so I was like "fuck that shit!" and created the same character at Bloodfeather-EU, and moved to Trollbane shortly before the beginning of TBC.

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