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    Brisbane, Australia
    A Gnome Mage - Donkies. Deleted it long LONG LONG AGO.

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    Tauren Warrior named Bigbazz on Aerie Peak EU server. Lasted about 10mins before I made a Tauren Warrior named Bigbazz on Hellscream EU server, who I still play as my main character today.
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    Orc warlock. Got him to level 15 or 16 when TBC was released.

    Swtiched servers and rolled another orc warlock (< level 10) and a troll shammy (level 21). Swtiched servers again and rolled an undead priest (level 10). Had finally found the class for me and switched servers one last time, rolling an undead priest that eventually became my first 70/max level character.

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    I had a mage on Agamaggan called Beliar back in 05.
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    Troll mage on... Either Eredar or Vashj in like, September-ish '05.

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    Dwarf Hunter, created in November of 2004, died in December of 2004.

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    Undead Warlock in BC, then I switched to Death Knight when Wotlk came out, still play him.

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    Undead Warlock named Necraine, didn't keep him because I was testing wow on a friend's account.

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    Night Elf Druid on Ravencrest-EU, created it slightly after vanilla launch (February 2005?) and leveled it to somewhere around level 20. I was in the army back then so I didn't have a lot of time to play WoW. It turned out to be rather boring class and killing anything took like forever.. then years (!) later, I accidentally logged on that character to check it out and I noticed I was somewhere around level 26 and hadn't purchased Cat Form from trainer!

    First "real" character was a Undead Warlock on Darksorrow-EU, which I leveled after I got out from the army. First character to ding level 60 and I still have that character, now at level 85 waiting to be leveled next to 90 because of Alchemy. I'm currently playing a Mage as Main, I've always preferred casters and Retribution Paladins.

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    My first character was a NELF Druid back in early BC which has always been my main.

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    My very first character was a dwarf warrior back in vanilla. About the time he hit 30ish, I decided to make a human paladin and never really looked back. Poor guy never did hit max level.

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    Human mage back in vanilla. Leveled to 14 and hated every second of it.
    Rolled dwarf paladin and haven't looked back (classwise).

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    Troll priest. Shortly afterwards I made what is still my main char - a NE druid.
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    My very first toon was a night elf warrior called millidan, favorite char was illidan so...yeah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YlfTheCasual View Post
    A warrior since day one baby, 2004+
    You're from sweden but somehow played WoW in 2004 even though the european release was 2005.yepp

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    Human Paladin on Spirestone named "Darrol"...

    Stupid random name and that toon as been gone since launch of TBC.

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    Female human paladin - got to lvl 70, healed first boss in Karazhan then abandoned her for my hunter.

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    My first character was an Human Mage, created back in May 2006. I named him Zeverin, I don't know why. It had to be human, so I could play with my (other humans) friends. At the beginning I never knew there was such a thing like a Deeprun Tram between, IF and SW. Now longer my main; every expansion I have a new one.

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    Human warlock.

    Got to level thirty something (I think 31) and rerolled druid. Later I leveled it to 60, did some PvP on it when cross-realm battlegrounds were introduced and used it in few alt raids in MC. I think it is still parked in Blackrock Mountain with 2 bags full of soul shards (or whatever those bags and shards were replaced with in cata).
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    Switched regularly between a tauren druid named Razkah and a human rogue named Shizansa. I still use those names as "go-to" for tauren male and any human-like female in most games!

    My first serious character is this account's namesake.
    If you add me on Steam, Skype or whatever program/client I share my info for, please write something to identify you in the "Dude/gal wants to join your club"-message. Just so I know that an actual human is on the other end :P

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