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    Troll Shaman since day 1 of vanilla. Still play him to this day.

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    Dwarf Hunter, never got him to 60 think I stopped at 53. After that I played my brothers 60 NE Hunter and raided on him because he didn't play that much.
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    NE hunter, from vanilla, still have him, but never played since level 80, I only put him at 80 cause he my first character :P

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    Wife and I started when we bought our son BC. I rolled a warrior and she rolled a mage, and they are still our mains.

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    was a nelf warrior (male ugh)

    i was convinced that by pressing z to unsheath my sword + shield I would be able to block all incoming attacks, I would get frustrated because I kept dying

    2005 was simpler times

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    UD rogue, was my main until middle of cata, where 2 of my ten lvl 85's took over as duo mains, still play them now, 90 spriest and protwarr

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    Orc Warrior named Basark, made him back in Feb 2006. He is still my main to this day and I'm possitive he'll remain that till I quit WoW.

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    A male night elf rogue. I had tried quite a few names in a row, all were taken, I had wanted to play WoW for ages and I finally had it so I was quite pissed, so I decided to name him the Swedish word for dingleberry.

    Oh and get this. When I started, almost 4 years ago, I was literally too bad to be able to level him beyond level 15. I was in Ashenvale as a level 15 rogue, and I could not kill mobs before they killed me. So I dropped him and made the druid that went to be my main for 3½ years. To this day I can't believe that I couldn't level him, lol. I leveled him up after I got a bit better at the game, of course.
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    Mine was a mage in beta. He lasted about 2 or 3 hours. I really didn't like the game at all. I did end up playing the game though, when my brother bought it for me in November, 2004. My first toon, and my main for most of the time since, was my mage Now I have seven 85s and one almost 89. The one almost 89 is my mage

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    I was a big counterstrike player when WoW came out, but a bunch of friends convinced me to buy the game a few weeks after it came out.

    My first character was an Orc Hunter. I got to level 32, and then decided to make a new character because it was taking too long to level. I did this until TBC came out. The highest I got a character was a 53 warrior, I believe.

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    undead warlock.
    called him erkekjetter. leather strap face, long black hair. looked kvlt as fuck. meant arch heretic in norwegian. i was really into black metal back then. most of my generation was into sublime, blink 182, eminem and bullshit. i was into metal.
    cant remember the realm but the first thing i saw when i reached deathknell after crawling out of the grave was a 60 dwarf paladin just sitting on his ram. full gold armor.
    got to maybe level 16 or so then rerolled a hunter to play with my friend.
    played hunter for all of vanilla until i started working on a paladin before bc launch.

    to this day i cannot make myself play a hunter or a warlock because they are so vastly different from how they were in vanilla, doesnt feel like the same class to me.

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    Tauren warrior named Megadestroy on Mok'nathal US even though I am EU... I clicked the wrong website when I did the trial account lol

    Nothing ever beats that feeling of not knowing anything about the game, having a massive unexplored world in front of you full of epic shit..

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    My first one was a Human Mage. Then he became an Undead Mage when Faction change was allowed, i was really tired of Alliance and needed a change of air. Still play him

    The only thing i really don't like is how my vanilla title "Commander" became "Liutenant General" :C
    English is not my first language, feel free to point out any mistake so i can keep learning.

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    Male Night Elf Rogue in approx 2.1. I leveled him to 8 and hated the game. Came back after a month out of sheer boredom and fell in love with it all at once. Got him to 70 shortly after 2.3.

    In approx 3.2, I race changed to a Female Human (loleveryman). At 4.0 launch, I became Worgen Female. Shortly after 4.1, I went Night Elf Female and realm transferred. Approximately May of that same year, I became the fabulous FemGnome Rogue Byte. Later, I went back to FemHuman, and very recently as an RP character development, Worgen.

    I've tried to reroll, because I always feel like I hate my Rogue in gameplay. But every time I try, I keep getting called back to Rogues.

    Much as I hate playing them, I love the flavor and I love my Rogue.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Oh yeah I remember... My first WoW character ever was a Dwarf male warrior named "Gimliz" ( LOL i know ). That was back in february 2005. I kinda miss that, being a total noob to the game. The character I'm playing now is a Rogue I've had since late 2005 .

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    Night Elf Druid went to like 22 and deleted him.
    My first max level was a Paladin.

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    Started with Nelf druid I remember when I got companion and buffed myself thorns and tought that companion did dmg x).

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    Undead rogue. Still have her, but she's forever level 27.
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    My first was a Human Rogue,i always pick a rogue on every single RPG as i believe myself to be very sneaky and fast reflexes,but due to a communication error with my brother i made him on the wrong server as he referred me for a 10day trial,so i had to make a Night Elf Hunter instead,but later on my bro stopped playing and now to this day my Human is my (technical) main,but i got so addicted i know have 2 of each class and 1 of each race give or take a few races that i made a couple of due to mechanics and so forth,and the date i started this madness (even though im a completionist and told myself im not playing WoW till i finish the first 3) was about a month after TBC was released,i quit once but now im back

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    I made a gnome mage on my friend's account to try it out and ended up buying it and making a gnome mage on my account. I eneded up rolling a pally so I could solo things better and he's my main to this day.
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