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    I tried the game on a friends account creating alot of characters and trying them out but my first own character was a Gnome Rogue He was such a badass!

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    An Undead Warlock. Still have him to this day. Don't play him very often anymore though, he sits at 85. I switched to DK when Wrath came out and now I'm sort of bouncing between my Rogue and Monk.

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    First character was a Human Paladin.Oldest one I have now is a Draenei Hunter.

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    Tauren hunter named Delucadogg when BC came out. I only leved him to 16 because I was only 11 I think. I came back in WOTLK and have had my DK ever since. (My dad sent a 55 to my account.)

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    My first character was a Night Elf Rogue, I still have him to this day & he is sitting at level 50. I stopped playing him because I didn't want to be a night elf anymore (this was before race changes), so I made a gnome rogue & now its one of my main characters (hes not a gnome anymore )

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    Human Rogue, banned :P

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    My first was a human warrior named Janesmith made her some time between AQ and NAXX, shes still on my account, sitting at 85 in blues now.
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    It was a human mage on a friend's account in an internet cafe. Boy did those murlocs rape me in elwyn forest at that little lake.

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    It was a orc warlock back in vanilla whose name is actually my name irl. Got him to level 28 before rolling a hunter a friend had made on my account. The lock is still sitting on my account and I played the hunter as my main in Cataclysm.

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    I created a paladin named Barracks on my server back on WoW's launch day, as well as a gnome mage named Grandfather. I ended up playing the 30 day trial the game came with but didn't want to continue playing due to questing being annoying after having already done it in the beta. There was a shortage of copies of WoW back then, and it was near impossible to find them in retail around Christmas. I sold my basically fresh account with no 30 day trial on eBay for around $90. Fast forward several years, I started playing again when Wrath came out. Last year I checked to see if Barracks and Grandfather were available on my server (the same one) and they weren't. The guy that owned my account never played them, though, so I put in a GM ticket after hearing that you could request names be released from other people's low level characters that haven't been played in a very long time.

    In the GM ticket, I told them I gave the account to a friend that I lost contact with, told them the two names I was wanting, what their class was and which server they were on. I also told them they could compare the original account owner names and addresses, as they would be the same. Low and behold, a day later, I got in-game mail from a GM saying they verified everything I said and went ahead and released the two names, so while they're not my originals, I at least have the names from my first toons again on the same server.

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    My first character was a Dwarf Warrior (Pic taken from 15 October 2005)

    He doesn't exist anymore though, I eventually settled on my mage who I have been playing for over 6 years.
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    My very first toon was a human female war. Still have her too.

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    A troll priest I still play, though primarily to have an alchemist. My main is a troll rogue.

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    First ever created was a nelf druid on my ex's account. I doubt she exists anymore, and to be honest, doesn't really matter. I got to around level 10 with her before I bought a game of my own.

    First character on my own account that I actually played (I created perhaps four characters before logging in to any of them) was a nelf hunter, he's still around. I also had another nelf druid and a draenei pally I created the same day.

    I didn't play them for very long, changed realm and faction due to a number of reasons and started a belf pally who was my main all the way to ICC. Love him to death, but couldn't stand actively playing him anymore.

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    My very first character was a Night Elf Warrior, felt a little bored made a priest..then a hunter and finally a paladin. I stuck sith the paladin because I liked Uther in WC3
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    first char was a female night elf hunter on release. played till 15 or so and switched to male dwarf hunter cause i liked dwarfs. again at like level 15 i switched to a female dwarf priest because the guild i was in didn't have any. played the priest till TBC release and basicly had a different main character for every expension. (shaman in TBC, Death Knight in WotlK, warrior in Cata) rolled a new pandaran Shaman for MOP on alliance and will get a Horde pandaran Monk later as i'm just uber casual now.

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    I created a Human female Paladin back in early 2006. It has been my main ever since. =)

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    Male Night Elf Rogue in EU closed beta. My first character I played seriously was an Male Tauren Shaman in vanilla. First character I raided with was an Female Orc Warlock also in early vanilla. From TBC on I played a Male Blood Elf Holy Paladin as our guild needed Paladins (seeing as Horde had none before TBC).

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    <------ That one. Created day one of EU Vanilla, and it's still my main.
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