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    The one I'm still playing as my main, my warrior. Going strong now for seven years and counting!
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    a mage i created somewhere in vanilla and havent touched (other than logging in every once in a while) since it reached lvl 35

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    Made Elrith in December 2004. I'd been following WOW's development for several years, as I'd always wanted to get into an MMO but so far all the graphics looked like shit. I'd always dreamed of a game with a seamless world with terrain that looked hand crafted and not mass produced and sterile like Everquest or Starwars Galaxies.

    SWG almost looked decent, but it still suffered from massive sterile voids and the player models and animations were just basic crap compared to the graphics and animation and gameplay that were once reserved for action games only. I had been reading about the first Warhammer Online, and I was raised on Warhammer, so I thought it would be my dream game. WOW looked so interesting though, I loved how Blizzard said they wanted to make every part of their game look like a painting or illustration.

    I'd just built my dream computer so I could run Half life 2 and Doom3, and had just beaten both those titles. Due to a silly accident at work of sorts ( I worked in photoshop and retouching and got caught turning old people into zombie demons on my break) I had a lot of free time on my hands.

    I bought WOW, and usually I always play dwarves, but I loved the Heretic series, Heretic 2 being one of my favorite third person action RPGs, and saw an appeal in the strange and almost savage looking 7 foot tall night elves. So I made a night elf, pale white with white hair, and named him Elrith, inspired by Elric of Melnibone (lame now that I think back but the name is now a part of me soul).

    8 years later and I am amazed this game still holds my heart after all the ups and downs we've had together.

    But WOW in 2004 blew away everything I thought an RPG could be, it was like I could get down and explore inside the warhammer terrain I grew up staring at and daydreaming about walking within.

    I can't believe how much I take for granted now.
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    The warrior I created on EU release, that is still my main (although I didn't play him that much in TBC).
    It took me at least 6 months to get him to 60; Mainly because I leveled him Prot - what I did until Dual Spec was out.

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    first character was a Human Paladin by the name of Maximumg. He still exists but now goes by the name of Voxquantum, to coincide with most of my other games except for my XBL tag. Hes still the main char i have aswell, and i started playing roughly just before there were raining fireballs from the sky (pre TBC world event) have played on and off ever since! (been on and not off since ICC though..........) so i was a total nub at vanilla, lived in nagrand for about 6 months, and then became a wrath baby. cant complain though, good times have been had ever since.

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    my night elf rogue. i'd been a big w3 player and joined mid-vanilla or so i think.

    i actually considered a druid but didnt think i was ready for it yet (ends up, as much as i love druids due to w3 and how they are as a class, i just cant manage the playstyle, it just isnt me despite how much i like the class.)

    I made a rogue instead, i liked the idea of stealth. And oh man, Teldrassil. Lots of people who mained night elves know what iam talking about. The music, the setting, the tree's and ambience and sights.

    First thing i did after killing a few imps was run outside the gates of the starting town grouped with a hunter and attack an owl which promptly slaughtered us...heh.

    she's still my main.

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    Night Elf Hunter. Ewww.. What was I thinking! I failed a lot with that character too. /facepalm

    This was some months after wow's release D:

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    troll mage, which I got to lvl 8 back in 2004, before deciding that casting spells and stuff just weren't cool enough, so I started a night elf druid which I got to 29 before getting bored of that too Then made a warrior and got it to lvl 60. First character I played semi-serious was an undead mage in tbc, which I deleted to play alliance on the same server, but just recently got back via tickets That was a happy day

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    A Tauren Warrior called Bullyboy because I had such poor creativity with names at the time, I levelled with my brother who was playing a Tauren Druid needless to say we got 20 and decided to try out some other races so we moved to Orcs and Trolls. We then briefly tried out Alliance, and then remained as Horde for another year and a bit until the end of Wrath where we decided to go Alliance after realising we preferred their story and aesthetics more.

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    female troll mage back at launch. converted to draenei since I play alliance now.

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    Dwarf Hunter during the beta. My best gaming experience ever, closely followed by playing the game for real several months later (hadn't ordered the game in time and it sold out so I had to wait). Although I never got to 60 with my hunter as I got lost when I entered Stranglethorn Vale (lol) and decided to roll a Human Paladin. He became my first level 60 and raiding character, but after some Molten Core raiding I decided to join some friends on Horde on another realm instead, where I met a bunch of new friends whom I still play with to this day.

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    My 1st ever character was a night elf warrior but I stopped playing and deleted it around level 10 and rerolled a hunter after I bumped into a hunter in the process of taming a pet. I just liked the idea of being able to tame any (just about) beast to fight with me.

    My hunter is and has always been my main. It was originally a night elf in Vanilla before becoming a Draenei in WOTLK (I changed for the 1% hit racial which at one time was a party buff).

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    First toon was a troll hunter at launch on a pve realm my friends all decided upon. Got up to like level 50; lost interest; and when back to AO. When Battlegrounds were released I came back and started and undead rogue and undead warrior, which were my dual mains for the duration of vanilla and tbc. In wrath and cata i switched to my belf mage and belf pali. Now I'm just waiting for the annual pass I regrettably signed up for to be finished.

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    My first one was an orc warrior back at the start of vanilla. Eventually I got bored with questing in Durotar and the Barrens, so I rolled an undead warrior instead. He's still (somewhat) my main today, but I race changed him into a tauren during WotLK. After all those years of playing an undead, I got bored with him and decided to go as a tauren for a new fresh experience.

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    Tauren Hunter named Undagath. Ahh those were the days.

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    I'm not sure if I've already posted here...

    Mine was a night elf druid whose name I can't remember on a server that I can't remember. I got this character to around level 20 I think and then I switched to blackhand, where I've been for 6 years.

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    I still remember reading about WoW beta - people killing enemy faction leaders and it being a massive deal forcing the opposite faction to counter attack, i remember looking at the picture on the back of my WC3 TFT manual and being excited. (just gone 15 a this point in time)

    Back in launch, i got to play my brothers human paladin, enjoying the game myself inspired me to create my own account and play as well.

    I picked a female undead warrior, her name escapes me, i did about 7 levels in tirisfal (back then it took me 10-15 hours). I had picked horde because i liked the races much more (still do), but i ended up moving over to the alliance to play with my dad, thus creating a night elf male warrior named.. illidinus (oh god why - i deeply regretted this later in tbc). I still have the character, but i renamed it and changed it to female (nelf males ewww).

    I've been in the same guild since the first 3 weeks of WoW back in 04, and have gone through many name changes (changing mains each xpac). Its interesting because depending on when a person met me, they call me a different nickname, the oldest of my friends call me illi still, others izzy, others roy and a rare few call me Skarn .

    I still play a warrior tank, as in vanilla, in cata and now in pandaria. As somone who has seen virtually every piece of content this game has offered, this most recent expansion is very very good and for some reason seems to have that bit o magic that vanilla had.

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    I rolled a Tauren Warrior named 'Cheekymonkey' on Echo Isles. He got to 19 or so before I switched characters.


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    Nightelf Druid called Lethee. started on a low populated realm, so I only levelled till lvl 14... and then changed to a mid. populated one and made exactly the same character again :>

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    Human paladin way back when in Pre-TBC on Defias Brotherhood. Rerolled an Orc Rogue on Shadowmoon before it turned into an unofficial Russian server and I still have him today. Happy times.

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