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    Oh god.

    Female Undead Warrior back in 2005 called Marrowbone. whatwasithinking.jpg

    Played it till about level 24 i think, took me AGES to get there.

    Its long since been deleted, and floated around level 20-40 alts all through Vanilla, wasnt untill BC launch day i created my Blood Elf Mage Luminus and havent looked back (who i still cerimonially think of as my main, even though i barely play him)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palcica View Post
    I started as Dwarf Paladin,can't forgive myself for deleting that char.Now i play bunch of chars,but that one...would give anything to give back,and level.

    Yes i know i can make a new one but...
    You can probably get them back if you make a request through a ticket. I managed to retrieve my hunter and paladin I deleted which were my mains in vanilla and TBC.

    My first character is a dwarf hunter called Nargho with a snow panther as a pet called Narghalla. Even though the pet name is absolutely hideous I will never change her name. Currently my hunter is sitting on level 73 or so. Haven't played this character since the beginning of WotLK.
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    Human Warlock because my brother said Warlocks are good for melee damage and casting -____-. Then I switched to a Night Elf Hunter as I saw one at Northshire and thought it was the most awesome thing ever!

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    I chose a human warrior, as I didn't understand the whole spell casting magic thing. I just wanted to be a normal type of person in WoW. It being my first MMO and all, it was a whole new thing to me. I still level it every expansion, but stopped actively playing it mid TBC.

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    A dwarf hunter that I made a few months before BC dropped. Still play it, tho now I'm worgen.

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    My first was orc shaman. don't remember name but i made him in starter edition back in -06 before BC. After properly buying the game my first and still my main is human warlock. Thought it was easier to get purple mount back then, by just doing the quest line. ... god how wrong i was. BUT i still got my dreadsteed like it was supposed to.
    Feat of Strength you can only find from a minor number of locks still playing today.

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    First ever WoW character wa a Tauren Warrior made just before TBC came out - it's now the last character I bother to level :/ Made a Troll Rogue about 20 minutes after the warrior and it's been my main ever since

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    After I activated my Trial I made a gnome rogue because I always like the little gnomes. I was SO confused by how everything worked, because I had never played an MMO in my life, so I ended up stopping playing the day I started. After a half year or so I tried again and started with a hunter, then a druid, then a rogue, then a druid and eventually a hunter!

    To this day I still have my low level 56 nelf hunter with like 40 days played ._.

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    Mine was a Taruen druid named Headchoppa on Blackwing Lair that I rolled when I started, specifically with the goal of being a tank for my friends guild as they were w/o a tank for their newly formed Kara raid team. I since then have transfered him to the Alliance side of Lightbringer and he is living out his life as a Night Elf. I still play him, but I haven't touched him yet in Pandaria, he will be the next to go to 90 though.

    He has 200+ days on his /played as he was my only character through all of BC and most of Wrath, at that point I caught the Altaholic bug and (as you can see below) I've leveled at least 1 of everything to 85, 2 of most LOL (For anybody looking the 19 priest and 39 rogues are twinks, the 70 warrior I can't bear to delete so I'm going to twink him as I have a 85 warrior on both factions already, the other two lowbies are who I am working on now)
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    First character EVER, not the first character I ever rolled was on a friend's account he let me play to try the game out was a human rogue. I had been playing a lot of other fantasy games and usually played the cunning rogue type so I tried that out.

    Honestly I had clue what I was doing. All I knew how to do was to use the throw weapon ability and this was early vanilla when you had to buy stacks of throwing knives/axes/etc and equip them. I didn't understand the level system either so I didn't even get the first quest, wondered out into the level five or so area and back-peddled away from spiders while throwing knives at them until they killed me.

    My friend suggested I reroll as a mage to get a better grip on the game, suggesting that mages could supply their own food, water and buffs so I wouldn't haven't spend as many resources to level up and quest.

    When I got my own account I tried a warrior for a time. Only got him to level 19 and never left the Westfall-Elwynn-Redridge areas becuase when I tried to go to Duskwood or someplace I got lost and got killed, most often by spiders. I was equally lost with gearing him. Back when quests didn't give you the right gear with the right stats or even a choice I just equipped what looked cool. Ended up stacking all stats with leather and mail gear. Thinking int would help me level weapon skills while spirit would help me recover hp inbetween fights.

    After that I rolled a mage and that was the first character I got to the current cap of sixty.

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    Orc Warlock who I still play, was my first to max level in every expansion. Then I made a Priest and warrior, Priest I still play and warrior I stopped playing around 70.

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    Orc hunter. Ditched it right after I hit 80

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    Blood elf.. Hunter.. That was fun.. you don't know how to play.. but you try lol i got nostalgia of old times.. then was interesting to play wow..

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    When i started my orc shaman in Valley of Trials, i thought there was a different in game place for trial accounts because of the place's name.

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    Back in 2005 or 2007, I made a Undead Warlock, I got her out the beginning zone, then saw a abomination, got scared (I was a wuss!), then returned in 2010 as a Night Elf Warrior, got to 24 then made a hunter instead, who is now my main. =)

    Ooooooooh goly~
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    Tauren Hunter, on a friend's account. He couldn't separate me from the computer screen.

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    Night Elf Hunter right after tbc launch. Even though I have many alts now, I still regard him as my true main and start every new expansion with that char.

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    Wanted a melee class, so I made a human warrior. Died a few times in the starting area, switched to something that can heal itself.

    And so my paladin was born.

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    During the first hours of the game I tried Night Elf Warrior named Fëanaro, but I never leveled them past level 10. This was in 2005, by the way.
    The corruption that was present in Teldrassil kind of shattered the perfect idea I had of the NEs at the time.

    I then eventually rolled a Dwarf Paladin, but when I swichted server to play with friends, I rolled Human Paladin instead. I still play this character to today. And I never got over my warrior, so I leveled one in 2006, which I still play aswell.

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    Troll shaman, named him Guurglash, I loved him so much. I got him to level 27 (I was an alt-oholic, I couldn't keep to one character), then I rerolled blood elf mage in TBC. That mage is a troll now. :0

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