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    Pretty sure it was a female human priest. I don't remember name or anything... I just have very vague memories of Elywnn Forest and picking priest because I liked the gear it showed on the character creation screen haha... I don't know what server I created her on or what her name was... the only other toon I remember was a Female Nightelf I called Epica and I THINK she was a druid but she never made it past lvl 8 heh

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    I think/hope I remember.

    First - Tauren Druid: Kohznahr
    Second - Tauren Shaman: Rumblehoof
    Third - Tauren Druid: Wildmane
    Fourth- Orc Hunter: Arlokk

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    Played a hunter and had no idea what I was doing. I was trying to put talent points in to everything.

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    A derpy looking human male priest named Kamedis that I got to level 24, on my brother's account. He had the really weird looking "fabulous" hairstyle for male humans. *shudders*

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    His name is usiris....I made him about 3 months before BC came out, been my main since....
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    Night Elf hunter - Erazon

    Don't play it anymore but still have it for nostalgia

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    Druid in December 2004 in European closed beta, not really my account, just a dude letting us play a bit after gloating about his luck.

    Then again, Druid January 2005 in open beta, then again my druid that still exists in Feb 2005 at launch :P

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    Forsaken Warrior (or as I called him "a zombie fighter") in Dec of 2005 with the trial. Got to level 24 before it was up. Got WoW for Xmas that year. Got to about level 30 before being distracted by other things in life. Plus the warrior just seemed wimpy to me for someone who wielded a 2h sword and heavy armor.

    Returned in the 3-4 months before Burning Crusade and made my Forsaken Warlock.

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    My first WoW character was a Human Paladin way back in 2006 when my cousin showed me the game for the first time. I named him Roxprime as I was playing Diablo II back then and my Paladin there was RoX-Prime - awful name. When I hit level 12 I got bored of autohitting things to death as Ret so I rerolled to a Mage instead, and I haven't looked back.
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    the hunter i raid on to this day was my first toon, true story .was on orc hunter that i took up to 60sumthin back in wrath then rolled DK and he became my main all through wrath and most of cata, then got back into my hunter, lvled him to 85 and havnt looked back. . .

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    Roommate of mine back in university was playing, let me make a toon on his account as a "trial" just to see if I liked it. I did so he gave me his 10 day trial. One day during summer vacation I remembered I had the trial card lying around so I punched it in and made an Undead Rogue named Soulvex. He was my only character until late TBC where I created a warrior, also UD, that wouldn't actually get to any sort of max level until Cata. I don't play anymore, and haven't for a while, but he will always hold a special place in my heart and was always my #1 toon. Also, last time I checked his armory, he was naked or near naked so I'm sure he's been hacked. Oh well, we had a good run .

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    the good ol' days hehe. Back then i was 15 years old starting with a gnome lock (boy do I regret chosing a gnome ). took me half a year to get to 60 , not knowing wtf to do the first 30 lvls haha. altough it was a great experience, Probably the most fun i'll ever have had in this game just because the world was full and not empty (and harder for a tiny stretch).

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    My first character was made on private server named Outofdate, patch 1.8 in june 2006 if I am correct. It was human warrior, I don't remember his name... I didn't knew what the quests are, so I leveled him to 12 by just grinding. And my first character on Blizzard servers was dwarf hunter, Reffan on Agamaggan EU. I made him on december 2007 and leveled him up to 39. I deleted him couple months ago...

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    Human mage, named her magestical got her to level 60 and ran molten core thinking I would never get bored of that raid, lost that account along time ago :*(

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    USA Beta, Phase 1. I made a paladin, and i still remember that Blessing of Might was an offensive spell haha

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    nelf feral druid on a froob account. ended up getting them to 39 before deleting them to restart them with a different name.

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    Orc shaman, made in 2005 the first day I started playing. He was my main all the way up until I stopped playing a few days after MoP released. Except for about three months during WotLK, when my guild needed a druid healer because we didn't have one. So I took a few days off of raids and leveled one up. As soon as LK went down, I went back to the shaman. Because for me, resto shaman is the best healer available. In any expansion. Never had a single issue with how they are played. I'm a very aggressive healer.
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    Thinking that was Azhrael the Human Warrior on Ravencrest-EU back in Feb. 2006... Got to about lvl 21-22 and then I think I quit since I was all alone with no clue what to do (my cousin, who got me into the game, only helped me in the starting area). Got back at the start of Burning Crusade somehow.

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    My current main, a Troll Shaman Engineer, created late March or early April of 2005. Whenever the "Dire Maul" patch came out, I started right after that. I had no idea what I was doing, and hit 60 around June in my "of the Gorilla" pants, blue BOE leather Spirit chest, and epic level 48 2h mace (on which I spent all my gold). My talent tree looked like I threw darts at my screen, and I had no idea what "rotation" was -- I just played by facerolling Frost Shock (and sometimes Chain Lightning).

    160 days /played later, plus 4 realm transfers, a couple server firsts, and 2 years off (I hated Cataclysm), I have a slightly better idea of what the buttons do -- though, only slightly, since I'm elemental.
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    Human paladin.

    Character swapping around for years and now I've favored my mage.

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