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    This happy little fellow. Right before the Ahn'Qiraj war effort started up. Been my primary guy up 'til MoP. He has since taken a back seat to my tank toon. But I'll get back to him, one day...

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    About 2 months before BC I rolled a Nelf male Druid named Arnonius EU as my first toon.

    Leveled him up to 85 then rolled a dwarf hunter named peekaboom also on scarshield EU. Was my primary pvp toon.

    Now I'm taking a break for my exams when I'm done I'll level my druid up to 90 same for my hunter to then roll a monk :P

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    I started WoW during cata when the "free to 20" thing was implemented, and I actually don't use that account anymore. The first characters I rolled were shaman and druid. I leveled my shaman to like level 12 and my druid to level cap(20), Druid was the first I got to level 85 and shaman the second.

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    Human Paladin, 2 weeks before the end of the closed beta.

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    human lock bornlande on EU english beta 9. went to l. 14 over a week or so, then beta ended.

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    my first toon was my lock that i still play as my main now ^^ (but she has changed from human, to worgen, to gnome, back to human, and now she's undead)

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    Tauren Shaman, rerolled at lvl14 cause I couldn't see shit with that thing in the way.

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    My first char, made on day 1 of EU servers opening is still my main now - Knight Lieutenant Skalf (dwarf warrior)

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    was a tauren warrior. i had recently just gotten home from the army and a friend of mine suggested we both pick it up and level together. it was my first mmo and we played up until around level 30 and he lost interest and quit. i rerolled an orc warlock and he was my main up until wotlk when i switched to my dk so i could main tank for our guild.

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    name of Geraint, a paladin... oh gawd... takes me back.

    worst memory - buying from the shops in SW as i read the manual and "Green" items were uncommon (it took me 30 levels before a green finally dropped). Didn't even realise there was an AH. My level 29 white item paladin was awesome. Man did i learn quickly after that

    weirdest memory - someone in goldshire asking in general, that he was going to the store for his mum and how to pause the game. Poor guy got so ripped i felt sorry for him... just a little.

    best memory - soloing the paladin quest for the 2 handed mace, it also gave me an introduction in "how far you can get in the dungeon by yourself".. hey i was a paladin back when we had 2 shields (one physical and one all divine without any breaks between them) plus lay on hands. (SoC fun)

    never once used my paladin as a healer... wearing plate and standing back felt cowardly, even got kicked from a guild on Nagrand EU for being one of the first paladins to 70 and being able to tank better than the warrior (Paladins "can't tank", you heal)... oh really.
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    Night Elf Druid which got lost somewhere in Northern Felwood after teleporting to Moonglade for Bear Form. My 2nd druid nearly suffered a similar fate, the journey from Darnassus to Goldshire for Aquatic Form took me over half a day, and over half of azeroth, I have never died so much in 1 journey since.

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    I think it was a Forsaken male warlock on my brother's account. I never played it for more than a few levels, because then I switched to a nelf male druid - also on my bro's account. That one made it to level 20 or so, before I got my own account and made the tauren male druid that I still play. (Although, he later on became a she, and after that a troll.)
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    It was during BC shortly after the launch, I made a trail account I cannot remember the server but I rolled an NE rogue named something along the lines of Nocternia I rolled it to play with a friend and we didn't do a single thing passed that day together, that character never made it to lvl 20 and I ended up switching to horde a week or so afterwards.
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    Undead mage named Dark. He's still my main even thought I dont play right now.

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    Night elf Warrior, in vanilla. God i loved that char. Then i got a UD Warlock that i think i loved even more

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    Human paladin on Scarshield Legion, badly modeled on Arthas from WC3, but without the sad copy of his name (DKARTHASLOL / etc etc)

    Still have him on a old server I played on, not played in a LONG time, but never deleted or forgotten

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    Rolled an Undead Priest in 2006 leveled it to 36 and then left the server to play with friends, but still have the toon, i don't have the heart to delete it.

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    A human male retribution paladin, in classic, on my brother's account. I was hesitant to play the game, since online games were notorious for their boring content and they in-need-of-much-improvement attitude of some of their players, but the world seemed genuinely huge and filled with all sorts of content, while whether by luck or just the way things actually were the people I met were very friendly to the point where I made some friendships that last even up to now.

    Needless to say I played in all kinds of newby ways, buying white-quality armour because it had the most armour points, and weapons because they looked nice and offered the best dps compared to quest rewards, etc. But it was one of the best times I had in the game. So soon afterwards I got my own account and made another similar character and have been playing ever since, with some breaks, but some time during Burning Crusade I switched to Horde just to try out the blood elves for a bit, and the priest I made is now my main.

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    my first char was a troll enhance shaman named Kanbar, and i loved playing him, got to like 45 (in vanilla) and ended up ditching him to play with some RL friends on darkspear-alliance. I really, really wanted to keep playing the shaman, but alas, ally shamans were still like a year away at the time and i dont think you could even do server transfers then, let alone faction changes (i actually remember them saying that faction changes would never be available lol) so I started a NE hunter, who after a xfer to my current realm in wotlk, is still one of my top 3 chars played today.

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