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    Back in early tbc made a gnome mage...Still is my main and he will always be till the end of the game

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    A blood elf warlock, I do not remember his name but I levelled him to 4 which took me about 3 hours haha. After that I found out my friend was playing on another realm so I stopped that I rolled a hunter for the remainder of BC.

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    Tauren warrior at the end of TBC, took me a billion years to level! Didnt get it to max level till around ToC in Wrath iirc. Still my main to this day

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    Human rogue back on Thunderhorn-EU I think the name was Lethalia.. Though, I quickly rolled Mooncaller (NE hunter) after that and played her to TBC where I rolled a healadin which I've mained ever since

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    Sept 2006. I made a character that I played a little but couldnt get past level 15ish, so I made a druid. got to 19. made a hunter. got to 54. I thought it was quite the accomplishment (in vanilla)

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    A Tauren warrior around early 2007. My brother made me a 10-day trial account for me to try the game out. Then, a year later I made a Tauren warrior (New account) to play on, but I deleted it a month later and made the mage that is my main today.
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    Same as my current one N'efl Druid.

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    started shortly before BC, rolled human mage and got him to lv 10. Went to another server next day to play with a friend and rolled human rogue.

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    My first toon was a dwarf priest who was regrettably hacked and deleted in vanilla. I never managed to get it back which sucked.

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    tauren druid named firedragon, till lvl 20 at what point my buff did more dmg then my teddy form and i decided to reroll :P since i thought he must be broken, back in classic where guides didn't exist ... good old times had longer till lvl 20 then nowadays till lvl 60

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    Human male paladin named Cheiron, playe him aproximately 3 hours before a RL friend (who was really into MMO, playing hardcore DAoC) told my to come horde with him. I created a tauren druid on his server, he then told me that druid sucked and I should made a shaman.

    He stoped wow near vanilla's end, and I'm still here exploring Azeroth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lora View Post
    My first toon was a dwarf priest who was regrettably hacked and deleted in vanilla. I never managed to get it back which sucked.
    Aww man, that's terrible.

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    My warlock, actually. First made in January 2007.

    I left it half way through TBC, mained my priest, my priest was my main till Cata. Then half way through Cata, went to my druid. Then back to my 'lock.

    So my very first character is my main again!

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    I start every new expansion with my first toon.. NE Druid (tank/resto), but usually try to level up a new toon to max.

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    I've rolled and deleted what feels like thousands of alts since I started playing, but I'm pretty sure my first toon was my undead rogue. She's now on an old server somewhere, gathering dust. I think she, at least, made it to 85.
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    Started with a Human mage, still have the same toon all these years later.
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    The one in my sig.

    Rocking a 90 priest and 90 paladin also, rest are mostly somewhere between 80-87.

    Enjoy tanking with my Paladin but have always preffered Warrior tanking so I guess I should pull my finger out.

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    Undead Warrior on Skullcrusher US named Abaddon. I got to around level 53 before my partner at the time informed me that her aunt and uncle were playing Alliance on US Stormrage and I decided to re-roll there to play with more people I knew (I rolled on Skullcrusher to play with my older brother but he didn't keep playing after he hit 60)
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    First character was a Female Nightelf Hunter. Was, is, and will forever always be my main (if I ever play WoW again that is). Haven't played in a little over a year but still addicted to these forums.

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