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    A night elf druid named "Blueelf", I played him for about 5 minutes until I got bored and made myself a dwarf hunter named "Nijtman".
    I still play that hunter 7 years after having created him, under a new name though.
    o bby


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    Level 44 Human Protection Warrior, using spirit/agi/int items because they looked cool. But I didn't care because I WAS A WARRIOR!

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    My very first wow character was a Human female Paladin named Valalala on a account trial back in vanilla.
    But when i actually bought an account in TBC, my first character was a BE female mage named Galateya.

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    Night Elf Hunter, I met a guy in Shadowglen, He was a roleplayer, he walked about a journey to stormwind. We journeyed, and I lost him in Theramore. a level eight, in theramore. Then I took a boat to Menethil Harbor.. I was in the Wetlands now, I kept running, I went north, as someone told me Stormwind was in Arathi Highlands, I then found a cave, I was dying alot. I ran to the back of the raptor cave in the north east, and died. I deleted the character and made a human paladin.
    That's real adventure !

    I remember going to Theramore from Wetland on my lvl 20 Paladin with a female human warrior. She wanted to see where the Elves live, once we made it, she was pretty happy, this was in vanilla.
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    Human Pally on my younger brother's account, when I was home for Christmas 05. Can't remember his name.

    I liked Paladins a lot in D2, but classic WoW lowby Paladins quickly bored me to frustration, and he only ever made it to level 6, before I was advised "yeah, that's kind of what Paladins are like in WoW, try a Mage". So, that Troll Mage made it to 25ish over the break, and I wanted to see more, like the Molten Core!

    Mnevis, my Tauren Shaman, was the first on my own account. Liked the nature themes, and thought it just plain smart to be able to heal (not yet knowing about the hybrid tax or how Shaman would be punished indefinitely for Sunwell). He's definitely the first one to make it past 30, 60, 70. And then they made achievements and mounts account-wide. Poor Mnevis.

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    Male draenei arms warrior over on a not bad private server back in the middle of BC..good times until I worked out how keybinds worked and rolled the warlock that has stuck with me through and through
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    A i-can't-remember-the-race warlock on a private server of a friend of mine. Might be human. On official servers it's been a night elf hunter. She was my main character from 3.1 to 4.3 where I rerolled a lock. The huntress became a blood elf and later on an orc.

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    Undead (Shadow) Priest, created on day 1 when the game was released.
    Alive and kicking

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    I think it was 2005 and it was a Tauren Warrior who is still my main.

  9. #749 This guy, he was my first and he was my only character for awhile, made him in 2005. Started up a warrior shortly before TBC and since then have left my hunter on the side. Started the pvp grind on him but then, as I said started levelling my warrior and simply never got round to a higher rank, shame really.

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    That would be my main warlock. He hasn't always been my main, however he was the first character I've made and played on.

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    I was really casually playing at first, created a rogue which was quite fun to play around the world... with TBC I fall in love with blood elfs designs (not only the chars, their music, design, lore...) So I made a horde paladin blood elf (pitty a shit load of peopel did the same with BC hehe). I even raided with it, whole SSC... then I went alliance to my priest Shise and till MoP, now I'm a DK. I find priest healing boring atm. Give holy 13 spells at any time

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    Got the game on May 28th 2005. First character was a nelf hunter named Doombow, got her to level 13 in two days ( I had no idea what I was doing). I was in darkshore when people started talking about something called "The Barrens". They made it sound like a dungeon, so I asked where it was and proceeded to run into Ashenvale, where I got spanked by every mob I passed. Got halfway through until the frustration got the better of me, deleted the character and rolled a human warrior instead (who I deleted at 17 after I jumped off the Dun Morogh dam and couldn't figure how to get my body back haha)

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    My first char when I went from private servers to live server back in 09 was:

    Don't play him anymore but I have kept him around because of 2 things.
    First my first char and second his Imp.
    His Imp is called Pipham and my language that sounds like Pip ham and basicly means driving someone nuts. Which is what A Imp talking will do if you have sound. (/YELL THIS IS NOT IN MY CONTRACT!)
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    Forsaken Rogue back in BC. Was in a guild called <Feeding Frenzy> and was until the beginning of Cata (I always kept checking on him via armory data). Probably deleted now if I actually tried to log on him.
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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
    It was an Undead Mage called Zarcu on Ravenholdt EU back in ancient times.
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    Undead Priest. So much funny memories from leveling 1-14.

    And there he is, still in my account, and sig. <3

    Oh btw, the Hunter on my sig is my second char. :P
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    A looong time ago, it was TBC 2.4.3 on a private server - a female ork rogue
    After I came to official servers during Wotlk, my first was a tauren warrior and I still have him to this day
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    Dwarf Warrior in early TBC, never passed lvl 6 but I never deleted him.

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    I joined in Wrath of the Lich King, and actually made 4 characters before even logging in! A Human Mage called Illumius, a Night Elf Druid called Natrox, a Tauren Shaman called Hornrux, and a Troll Rogue called Tuskon.

    Yeah... I wasn't that creative. :P

    I levelled the mage to 8, but then discovered Druids and he gathered dust as I began levelling my Night Elf. I slowly levelled my other characters on the side, but quickly deleted the Shaman and Rogue. I managed to get the Mage to 23 before deleting him, simply because I rarely played him. The Druid became my main for about 2/3 years. About 2 years after starting out, I remade the Mage as a Blood Elf with the same name and I still have that character!
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    Probably some gnome on an Australian trial acc (with the act that I'm Swedish, I am confused over how did happened) but on live it was a human warrior (original #1?)

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