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    Bought the 10 day trial with a friend back in 2008 cos we'd heard the game was good.

    Installed it when I got home (my friends computer couldn't run it LOL) and created a human mage named Hawkwind. 2 hours later I had bought the full game.

    Skip to 2013, after many iterations/name changes/server transfers he is still my main

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    Troll Priest.

    Left it at Lvl 32.

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    Yes I've been guilty of levelling a Night Elf Hunter as my very first character and I named him Legolas.

    Well this was actually around the time, the LOTR movies had come out and I got into the LoTR franchise and fell in love with Tolkein's elves. When I started I didn't buy TBC, so didn't have the option to create a blood elf. Was stuck with the alliance. I got to around level 45. However, this was when there were Battlegroups and the one I was in was terrible for Alliance so I had to reroll a couple of times.

    However, I proceeded to create a Paladin during WTLK, before I could pick up the WTLK expansion. My first "hardcore" main was my Death Knight after picking up the expansion. I still have her, but I don't play her any more. MY main is still a Death Knights just that she is on an old server. However, I mained a Paladin and a Hunter for Cataclysm.

    I never knew much about MMOs and WoW in general so I levelled a few characters before I stuck to one I loved. Also this was the time Heirlooms were pretty OP so it was hard competing with certain classes. But I simply admire people that have stuck with their very first characters or at least still have them. I don't even have my first character on my list.

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    Bloodelf Mage.
    My sister described mages to me as "someone who shoots at people from far away and when they come too close, freezes them and runs away". I loved that. And Frost is still my main spec, and hasnt changed since I made him.

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    Undead Priest via a trial account. Oh... the days of not knowing how to equip gear xD
    I left it at like 10 or something and soon after made a real account ^^

    My first non-trial character was a Troll Shaman who I abandoned at like 20-ish to join a friends server and start my Druid ^^

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    A human rogue named Shadowshade on release day. Somehow I changed his name to Spook though, probably through a free realm transfer. Swapped my acc when he was lvl60 with BIS pre-raid gear (Barman Shanker, Devilsaur Set, Stormshroud Shoulders, Wolf Boots etc. ) and Knight-Captain rank for a lvl55 undead rogue to begin raiding with my friends. Leveling was harsh back then so it was worth it!

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    Technically, my first character was a dwarf hunter way back in vanilla. I just made some char fast so I could talk with my friends, but I remembered the name of the realm wrong so I searched for their names and such for like 30 minutes before realizing that

    My first real char was a human priest, which also was my main and my only lvl60 in vanilla. With TBC I switched to rogue and I haven't looked back ever since

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    how old must a thread be to be considerd "necro"?
    since before this shepherd57 posted the one before that was on 2013-01-13

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    Night elf male rogue, which I got to level 11. At level 11 I went to Exodar and I couldn't find my way out from there so I gave a friend my account information. He got me out from the city but he had also changed some settings, which made the game feel strange so I ended up deleting the rogue and making a new char.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Probably some gnome on an Australian trial acc (with the act that I'm Swedish, I am confused over how did happened) but on live it was a human warrior (original #1?)
    Shit man, you must like blood elf females a lot.

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    My very first WoW character is the same one I main today. The same one I had as my main in each other expansion as well. What can I say, I love the class.

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    Undead Warlock, Langua. Started him during a really rough point in my history so I used him as a way to vent out my anger and sadness (hence why I picked the most evil and depressing combination possible for a Horde character, the alliance version being a gnome warrior =P )I still play on the same character, but I race changed him into a female blood elf. And to this day she is still my main.
    A rainbow a day keeps the gloomies away.

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    2 month after the launch of WoW i start playing and i made a Human Warrior but my computer was lagging like hell and i wasn't able to play at all..

    So i delete it and 3 weeks later i came back with a brand new computer and i start with my lovely Dwarf Rogue.

    I still have him.. I'm in love with this little creature !

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    I once made a dwarf hunter called ruffy on a friends account. made it to 7 before i deleted it

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