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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemons View Post
    "Melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes." What in the hell is this supposed to mean? And thank god we'll be getting a matching set of daggers! I honestly hope that they make sub or assassination the best spec. Combat has been dominant for too long imo.
    It means: "Hello. Melee DPS cannot compete with Ranged DPS in PvE, but it's the reverse in PvP and we can't figure out how to reconcile the two, beyond a stupid bandaid buff in the final raid teir.... because we would rather have DPS unbalanced in PvE than in PvP because ARENAS/TOURNAMENTS/PROGAMING."
    Quote Originally Posted by dexter44
    There is no patch for human stupidity
    Orihank is displeased.

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    Rogues are already competitive.
    They are on of the best dps you can get for Ragnaros hc.
    Their cleave is almost a must to get the scions down (If you wanna push 1 meteor past nerf, or 2 pre nerf) Heroic 25 man raiding | Thargix dk PoV.

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    inb4: Deathwing! DO A BARREL ROLL!

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    Had started leveling a rogue when the rogue legendary thing was first mentionned, guess I'll keep leveling it then. I'm kinda happy with the changes overall (espescially the Northrend leveling time nerf) but I have to say I'm really disappointed with the Dragon Soul being a 7 bosses raid... Like Firelands wasn't small enough already.

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    Wait, wait, wait they are buffing melee in the new raid? What the hell, that makes no sense to me at all.Those fights better favor ranged heavily then.
    How ignorant is that when 80% of the bosses are ranged friendly.....

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    "Endtime" sounds like an awesome idea. I wonder what section of Azeroth we're going to get to see in it. I'd love to see something like Stormwind completely demolished in that future (or... in general).

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    Shame on the legendary but those 5 mans sound awesome ! looking forward to do it with my guild

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    Combat using a dagger MH without a DPS loss? o_O I wonder if it will change from a 1.8 speed to a 2.8 speed weapon based on your spec then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joels View Post
    Ugh for fuck sake blizzard, rogues don't need to feel special. If they did, they can just go into A BG and mess with people. I can only imagine what these daggers are going to do to PvP. This isn't new or exciting its bollox and there needs to not be legendarys limited to 1 class only, its ridiculous. Also, Really... 7/8 Bosses AGAIN in A Raid? FOR THE LAST RAID OF THE EXPANSION AT THAT. Firelands is stupid for only having 7 bosses, I guess they are suiting the raids now for the casuals and the LFR finder so people can finish it in 1 sitting rather then several nights how its suppose to be done. Welcome to World of Warcraft, the Newest game added to Facebook! Chat with your friends while you slay monsters for phat lewtz with little to no effort.
    I know this guy is just being overly sarcastic but that last comment is DEAD ON with what's happened to WoW.

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    LOL this game is trashed, thanks god diablo 3 and guild wars 2 are coming out in the next few months

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    At this point there's really nothing left to respect about this game, honestly. It's enjoyable, sure, but it's not the sort of thing you can even recommend to other people. Not in good conscience anyway, my friends who ask about MMOs to play and want my opinion, I can't actually recommend WoW because the state the game is in is just deplorable.

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    The rogue legendary confirmation's made me headbutt my desk. If a class/spec's lacking numbers then bribing them with a legendary is little more than a band-aid solution.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    So on the first little island they might be fighting one of his tentacles, and then they have to fly to the next island and now they’re fighting a leg and then they fly to the next island and they’re fighting another big tentacle.

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    Rogues, the class that has been top dps for most expansions, need to feel special? I'm glad pvp is so shit in wow at least. All those rogues prancing around with the orange daggers combined with casters with the staff. 2 dps legendaries. Must be fun.

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    So the NDA's finally lifted? That's what the whole farkas about the Escapist's magic dissapearing article was about? Just goes to show how incredibly unprofessional Escapist has gotten..... not even going into how they steal money from/refuse to pay their content producers.

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    Giving them yet another new legendary is like spitting in the face of all the other classes that havent had one yet. Especially feral which never had anything legendary available..
    You speak the truth! Though i'd add enhancers to that list, they never had anything either.

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    lol at pyrite stackers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ungar View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    So on the first little island they might be fighting one of his tentacles, and then they have to fly to the next island and now they’re fighting a leg and then they fly to the next island and they’re fighting another big tentacle.
    Noticed it too.

    So really he's gonna go all tentacle on us. Old god inside as speculated?

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    Sound pretty neat overall: -melee buffs FTW! -Epic deathwing -New 5 mans to run (R.I.P zandalari i hope) -LFR -epic gems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuany View Post
    Man now this means we have to find a rogue for our 10man group.. >.<
    that's true for a lot of 10 mans, class specific is a short sighted design in a game where they also create 10 man raids. if you look at stat right now like 80% of raiding guilds are 10 man now, how many of them don't have a rogue? this move is going to upset a lot. some will just be the "QQ i didn't get it this patcH" but that's not the large concern really, get over it.

    But i do feel the argument of your 10 man not having a rogue at all is a valid one. you can't just assume every 10 man comp is magically gonna be 1 of each of the 10 classes. and if blizz goes down this road, and say next time it is a druid legendary, or warrior or something, it's always gonna screw over the 10 mans, every time. but i guess blizz has to make the mistake to learn from it, instead of putting out the forethought. wait 6 months then they will go "i guess in afterthought that was pretty dumb and narrowminded thing to do to 10 mans".

    oh well.

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